Never Late, Never Away Chapter 965

Vivian had just been discharged from the hospital. Her overall physical condition was unclear, so Finnick hoped that she would not push herself too hard.

Time passed, and they soon arrived at their intended location. Finnick carefully helped Vivian out of the car, under the watchful eye of the four bodyguards. They stood by, on high alert as they waited for both of them to sort themselves out.

The pair first observed their surroundings and noticed that the area was not too different from the address they were at previously. It was quite remote and desolate, with overgrown weeds strewn about. Vivian tried to avoid stepping on too many of the weeds and promptly dragged Finnick in.

Evelyn sat in a chair on the top floor of a very tall building. She held her head between her hands to shield her eyes from the light. Occasionally, her hands would reach over to the fruit platter in front of her as she popped grapes into her mouth one by one. It was a very comfortable existence. She did not sense that there was danger coming for her at all.

In her hubris, she assumed that this location was untraceable. However, arrogant people would not always run out of luck in the long run.

Vivian and Finnick tried their best to sneak around to avoid rousing anyone’s attention. In due time, they made their way up and found the person they had been searching for.

At last! They finally found Evelyn.

It should have come as no surprise since Vivian and Finnick had put in so much effort to look for her. Vivian was feeling agitated but did her best to remain calm. However, she still saw no sign of Larry. All she wanted to do then was rush forth and question Evelyn.

A moment’s deliberation later, Vivian called out Evelyn’s name. The woman was caught completely off guard. Evelyn’s first instinct was to run but was stopped by a bodyguard who aimed a gun directly against her head.

She thought of running in the opposite direction but realized that she was cornered. Evelyn was in a panic. She had not expected them to find her, let alone come prepared.

Even with the guns pointed at her, Evelyn looked at Vivian head-on. Her eyes were ablaze with anger, which did little to conceal with hatred Evelyn felt. Evelyn hated Vivian with all her heart. Why is she not dead yet?

At the time, Evelyn saw Vivian cut her wrist right before her eyes. But now, Vivian was standing before her in the flesh, as if nothing had happened. Evelyn sorely wished that she could just march forward and end Vivian’s life but could not.

She knew that any rash movements from her would spell her death. Hatred would mark the end of her life, of all things. The same hatred had also completely marred Evelyn’s face. She no longer resembled the person that she was before.

‘Vivian Morrison! Why are you not dead? Why won’t you just die?” Tears of rage and loathing poured from Evelyn’s eyes. She hated Vivian’s luck and serendipity. Evelyn regretted not being able to see Vivian dead before her own life ended.

“Sorry to disappoint. Where is little pumpkin? Be quick about it.”

Vivian looked at Evelyn’s state and believed that she could save Larry. Such was the confidence she had.

What she was not expecting, however, was the answer Evelyn gave her. “Larry is dead.”

Vivian paused briefly upon hearing these words but broke into a smile. “Do you take me for a fool? If little pumpkin is dead, why are you not showing off? Where is the anxiousness coming from?”

Vivian’s retort stunned Evelyn into silence, who did not know how to answer her. It took a while for Evelyn to compose herself again.

“Well, there’s nothing I can do if you don’t believe me. Watching little pumpkin slit his wrist, the blood trickling down afterwards… It was infinitely more comforting to watch than seeing you gut yourself like a pig.” Evelyn watched as Vivian’s facial expression slowly changed before she finished with a frantic flourish.

The imagery made Vivian go cold. She had gone into a shocked silence. Finnick, who was holding Vivian, felt her anxiety. Immediately, he pulled her behind him and looked at Evelyn.

“Evelyn, don’t make this any harder on yourself. Tell us where Larry is, and I’ll grant you a merciful death.” Evelyn had to die for sure. But if she was willing to cooperate, then Finnick was not going to behave like a savage.

“I’ve told you that already. Larry is dead. Come on over, Vivian. Why don’t I tell you where the body is?” Evelyn beckoned at Vivian eagerly with an anxious giggle.

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