Never Late, Never Away Chapter 966

This seemed like a fair offer. She had to see some sort of proof, after all. Vivian could not possibly just let Larry die like that. She then decided to walk over and listen to what Evelyn had to say.

“Don’t go, Vivian.” Finnick sensed that this was a ruse and cautioned her against it.

However, Vivian shook off Finnick, who was about to hold her closer to him. She stepped forward, absolutely resolute.

Evelyn looked at Vivian who was slowly approaching, step by step. She was ready to make a move. Finnick immediately issued orders for the bodyguards to shoot on sight at the slightest hint of trouble. The four bodyguards mouthed their understanding.

Vivian was now walking at an elevated pace, anxious to know the whereabouts of Larry. She broke into a near sprint and eventually reached Evelyn. “I’m here. Speak.”

“Well, little pumpkin’s corpse…” Vivian found herself unable to focus as she tried her best not to cry. She was not even asking for much. All she wanted to know was her son’s whereabouts and sincerely hoped that Evelyn would not deceive her.

Just as Vivian leaned in, Evelyn quickly spun her around and pressed a small knife to Vivian’s neck. Finnick immediately raised his gun and pointed it at Evelyn, staring at both of them in shock.

“Evelyn, just what do you think you’re doing?” Finnick looked at Vivian, who stood there shaking like a leaf. One wrong move from him could spell the end of Vivian. The four bodyguards also followed Finnick’s previous instructions, staring at Evelyn intently.

“You’re asking me, Finnick? I should be the one asking you that. We were happy together, weren’t we? Why did you end up choosing this b*tch in the end? Why? Where did I go wrong?”

Evelyn’s words were unpleasant, but there were no tears in her eyes. Perhaps she couldn’t bring herself to cry anymore.

The only thing that fuelled her now was revenge. She had long since given up on her love for Finnick.

“Do you remember how you walked away from me? How you framed me? This was all your own doing,” retorted Finnick. His gaze remained fixed on Evelyn’s hands.

“You want me to take the blame? This is somehow my fault? So be it then! I’ll die with Vivian today.” Finnick had, in fact, repeatedly expressed that it was her fault, but Evelyn never heeded his words.

Now that Evelyn had expressed her intent, she decided to act on it. Seeing that the knife was about to slash Vivian’s neck open, Finnick immediately went on high alert. He was stopped by Vivian who shook her head at him slowly in a silent plea to not be hasty.

Because if Evelyn died, it would be even more difficult to find their son.

Finnick definitely noticed the expression on Vivian’s face. No matter what the danger was, Vivian’s life was still a priority.

Without warning, the sound of a gunshot pierced the air. Before Vivian could react, Evelyn had already fallen to the ground, motionless and bleeding. His eyes were wide open. Her final thoughts were that of betrayal. Evelyn could not believe that Finnick would kill her so easily.

Even till her last moments, she maintained the same, righteous thought that Finnick still loved her.

It would seem that she dwelled on past sentiments a little too much. Finnick no longer cared for her, that was certain. Vivian was all he cared about, and Vivian was the one who caused this.

Evelyn felt her body bleed out slowly, and her vision began to blur. She could feel someone prop her up and ask her gently, “Where is little pumpkin?”

Evelyn smiled, said two words, and her eyes closed. She was gone.

“He’s…dead.” Upon hearing those words, Vivian slumped onto the ground, not caring how bloody it was. Her eyes were blank. She then curled up into a tight ball and began to weep.

Her son is dead. Truly dead. Why? Why are the heavens so cruel?

The more she thought about it, the more she reminisced about the days she spent with Larry. Her little pumpkin. The tears that she shed refused to stop.

Finnick hurried over and looked at the weeping woman on the ground. All he could do was hold her.

It did not take long for Vivian to collapse from exhaustion. Fortunately, Finnick had gotten there on time. His quick reflexes prevented any injuries to her head when she fell.

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