Never Late, Never Away Chapter 969

Finnick felt utterly complicated. He had done everything for Vivian’s sake, yet she felt that he was wrong. Was I really wrong? he asked himself. If time could rewind, I would still choose Vivian. There’s still hope to look for little pumpkin as long as he’s alive. But if Vivian had died due to excessive blood loss that day, then I would’ve lost my wife forever.

After thinking about it, he returned to the hospital to pack his things. He had thought up a plan to sit Vivian down at home and have a heart-to-heart talk with her. We’re a married couple. It’ll be fine. We can talk things through.

Impatient, he sped through the road in his car to get home as soon as possible. However, what greeted him was a chilling breeze that stopped him in his tracks as soon as he pulled up in the driveway. It’s scorching summer. How can it be this cold?

He immediately entered the house and searched through it from room to room. Yet, there was no sight of Vivian. A loud ringing sounded in his head. Did she leave me because I didn’t save little pumpkin in time?

His heart jolted at the thought. He swiftly turned around and ran out toward his car, pulling the car door open. But when he sat on the driver’s seat and started the engine, that was the moment it hit him. Where could she have gone? He slapped against the steering wheel furiously. Think! Where could she be?

In a blink of an eye, the skies had turned dark as he walked the streets aimlessly, but Vivian still hadn’t been found. He sighed. I shouldn’t have bothered about the things on the bed earlier. Otherwise, I could’ve caught up to her a long time ago.

At the same moment, Vivian was admiring the aesthetically pleasing sight of the flashing neon lights while she wandered around aimlessly. Little pumpkin and I have been here before, she thought to herself, feeling slightly comforted being in a place that consisted of her memories with Larry. My little pumpkin isn’t dead. He’s merely hidden in a place where I can’t find him.

As she comforted herself with that thought, she began to notice a back view of a little boy that closely resembled Larry. She sprinted over and turned the boy around in excitement, calling out, “Little pumpkin!”

But when the boy turned around, she froze.

It’s not little pumpkin! They merely look alike from behind…

The boy’s mother was staring at Vivian with contempt in her eyes. “Lunatic,” she muttered, tugging her child away from Vivian. Hearing that, Vivian laughed. “Lunatic?” She laughed so hard tears were rolling down her cheeks. “You’ve never experienced the agony of losing your child! How could you possibly understand the pain I’m going through?” she yelled, uncaring of where she was. “Why don’t you put yourself in my shoes? Would you still be walking so leisurely if you were the one who lost your child?”

The crowd could only remain silent at her words, for they knew there was truth in what she said. Everyone would experience different things in life. Nobody would know how it felt only until they had experienced it for themselves.

It was then that Finnick drove past and noticed a large crowd by the road. Upon closer observation, he realized the person being surrounded resembled Vivian. He immediately pulled over and elbowed his way through the crowd.

It’s her! I’ve finally found her!

He hurried over to Vivian while shooing the passersby off at the same time. Wrapping an arm around Vivian’s shoulder, he said gently, “Vivian, shall we go home? Come home with me.”

He felt distressed seeing how dispirited and listless she was. Neither of them was in a good mental mind after the loss of their son. At that moment, all he wanted was to take Vivian home.

He knew Rachel would certainly be out for revenge since he had killed Evelyn. It wasn’t safe for Vivian to be wandering around the streets in the middle of the night alone.

“Don’t touch me!” Vivian shoved Finnick away from her. “You’re the reason why little pumpkin is missing!” However, as she had exerted too little strength, she fell backward instead. Finnick hurriedly reached out to steady her before she fell back against the tree.

“Be good. Come home with me,” Finnick coaxed. “We’ll talk about it once we’re home.”

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