Never Late, Never Away Chapter 971

“What is it?” Finnick asked, uncertain what Vivian meant by her look. He thought she was feeling unwell somewhere, but her answer made him freeze. “Little pumpkin,” she prompted.

Finnick was momentarily stumped. He looked at her and said as convincingly as he could, “Little pumpkin isn’t here. As long as you’re obedient, he’ll come home.”

Dr. Foster had told him to coax her like he would a child, even if she asked for something impossible. It was the only solution to keep her emotions calm and improve her mental state hopefully.

Finnick was left with no choice other than to heed the doctor’s advice. His only wish was for Vivian to get herself together. While he took care of Vivian at home, he continued sending people to investigate Larry’s whereabouts.

Although she communicated with Finnick with an intelligence of a child and often had to be coaxed by him, she was no longer having any breakdowns ever since she began taking her medications. It was half a month later when what Finnick feared most happened.

He had unintentionally allowed her to wander into a restricted place—Larry’s room. I thought she’ll get better after half a month of medications. It seems like it is only my wishful thinking.

“Vivian.” Finnick reached out a hand to stop her, but the hem of her shirt slipped through his palm instead.

“Little pumpkin… little pumpkin is dead,” she cried, laying on Larry’s bed. “Little pumpkin, how could you leave me behind?”

When she finally got up from the bed a long time later, her eyes were too swollen for her to keep them open. Finnick couldn’t bear seeing her in that state. He attempted to carry her out of the room, only to be stopped by her cold utterance.

“Don’t touch me.” Finnick froze. It had been more than a month since she last spoke to him in that icy tone. If she’s speaking to me this way again, does that mean she has recovered?

He studied her every move, hoping to find out if his speculation was right. However, what met his eyes was her frosty gaze instead.

“Can I help you?” Vivian asked.

Finnick shook his head, secretly feeling euphoric on the inside. It seems she’s truly recovered! The medications worked! But at the thought of her leaving him again, he quickly followed behind her.

“Nothing,” Finnick answered, facing the blatant hostility in her eyes. He was aware the Vivian standing before him was still mad. Hence, he didn’t dare to say too much in case it would cause her to regress.

“Are you hungry? Should I make you something to eat?” he questioned. He had been feeding her meals while she was incapacitated. Since she had recovered, he wouldn’t have to do that any longer.

Seeing as she had been awake since the early morning without having a single meal, he assumed she had to be hungry.

“There’s no need. I’m leaving,” Vivian said, taking a glance at Finnick. His goodwill reminded her of Larry, which made her very uncomfortable. That was also why she rejected him and planned to eat elsewhere instead.

Finnick reached out to grab her arm, looking at her worriedly. “Where are you going?” He feared that if she were to leave him again, he might not be able to find her for the second time. Therefore, he mustn’t let her leave him.

“What does that have to do with you?” She shook off his grasp and turned around to leave.

Watching her retreating figure, Finnick decided to follow behind her. Even if he couldn’t be in close contact with her, seeing her from a distance would suffice.

However, she keenly felt his presence and turned around to say, “Don’t follow me. I want to be alone. I’ll come back.”

Perhaps because Larry had lived in the house and his presence lingered in the air, Vivian couldn’t abandon the house despite her refusal to be with Finnick.

She took a final glance at him before walking out the door.

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