Never Late, Never Away Chapter 972

Hearing Vivian’s words, Finnick felt weirdly reassured. He stopped following behind her and allowed her to leave, choosing to believe that if she said she would return, then she would.

He stared at her back view. Does she have enough money on her? He shook his head. Since she’s left, how could she not bring enough money?

Reminding himself to stop overthinking, Finnick instructed the housemaid to prepare a meal and returned to the company as soon as he was done eating. It had been ages since he last went to work. Although he had been working from home religiously, he felt that it was better to pay a visit to the company since Vivian no longer required his around-the-clock care.

After all, he had been absent for such a long time. He could guess that his employees were probably speculating about it. If he were to remain absent, it would result in his staff feeling insecure.

As soon as he walked into the company and met with the familiar office environment, he recalled Vivian and Larry had once been there. His heart clenched in pain at the memory. I’m a man. I can’t collapse, he reminded himself.

“Mr. Norton,” his assistant greeted, rushing up to him as soon as she saw him at the staircase.

She hadn’t seen her boss in a long time. Although the work documents were delivered to his house, there were plenty of miscellaneous matters she had to handle in his absence. It had been a lot to shoulder on her own. It was no wonder she acted like she’d seen her life’s savior when she saw Finnick return.

“Mm.” Finnick nodded. “How are things in the company?” They began to discuss work matters as they entered his office. His assistant immediately filled him in on the important events to keep him up to speed.

On the other side, Vivian, who had left the house in the morning, went to have her breakfast alone before driving to Rachel’s nursing home. She felt that it was her benevolence that cost her child.

Since the traffic was smooth, she managed to reach her destination in no time. The first thing that greeted her was the sight of Rachel and Shane sitting on a bench, chatting leisurely.

After Finnick wrecked Shane’s main door, the latter moved into the nursing home with Rachel. On the surface, he claimed to stay there to care for Rachel. However, he was only using it as the perfect excuse to move into the facility.

When the pair noticed Vivian’s arrival, the temperature in the room immediately felt a few degrees cooler.

“What are you here for?” Shane asked guardedly.

Since she was capable enough to shoot Evelyn dead, there’s no telling what she could do to us.

But Shane had gotten it completely wrong. Vivian wasn’t the type of person who would dirty her own hands by taking someone’s life. It was Finnick who could. Moreover, it was Evelyn who had reaped what she had sown. Even if she were dead, the police wouldn’t have much to say about it either.

However, if Vivian were to go after Shane, she would undoubtedly have to face the law. It wouldn’t be worth it to sacrifice her future for scums like them. Instead, she planned to use the cruelest method to torture both of them, for living in misery was a far better punishment than for them to die a quick death.

Vivian wanted them to know precisely what “an eye for an eye” meant. She was no longer a merciful person. Everything that they owed her, she was determined to make them pay her back.

“Why am I here? Why don’t you ask yourself what you did? Otherwise, why would I be here?” Vivian raised a brow, feeling amused at their question.

Even though the two of you are staying here, I’m the one who’s footing the bill! Excluding that small bed, everything from the nursing home to Rachel’s medication is paid for by me. What rights do you have to interrogate me?

“We didn’t do anything other than to uphold justice,” Shane said egoistically, holding his head upright.

Vivian’s expression swiftly turned from indifference into one of mockery. “Oh? Upholding justice? How noble of you.” Looking at their faces, Vivian could no longer be bothered to speak glibly with them. For she knew, it was better to put words into action.

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