Never Late, Never Away Chapter 973

“Rachel William, don’t blame me for this. Your deceased daughter is the one to blame,” Vivian said, no longer caring about the mother-daughter bond they shared. Vivian had given her chances after chances on the account that she raised her. However, since she was an accomplice to what happened to Larry, she would simply return in kind.

Having said that, Vivian called for the director and began to ask a couple of questions.

“I’d like to ask, how much money does Rachel William still have?” Usually, nursing homes would request payment monthly. However, as Vivian found it troublesome, she paid a year’s worth of payment in advance. Let’s see how much is left.

“Approximately ten thousand,” the director answered. As the nursing home was located in a secluded location, equipped with top-notch facilities, and most of all, the luxurious suite Rachel was living in—the charges were sky-high.

“In that case, please refund me. I’m terminating the stay. Whatever happens after is her own business.” Vivian wanted to take away everything she’d given to Rachel and watch how she could survive without them.

In the past, you wanted to rely on your biological daughter, but she turned out to be unreliable. You even sacrifice me, the one who’s paying for your materialistic lifestyle, in exchange for your daughter. In that case, it’s time for you to have a taste of how life will be without me.

Hearing that, Shane knew he was doomed. I’ve only recently graduated. Now that there’s nowhere else for me to live, what am I supposed to do? Where do I go? Am I supposed to return home? He shook his head. No! That is too embarrassing.

“I’ll place your medications here. Once you’ve finished them, you’ll have to figure it out on your own. If you can, have your biological daughter buy some for you then.” I provided you with everything, yet you prefer your biological daughter. If that’s so, then don’t blame me for being merciless!

“No! You can’t do that!” Rachel yelled, feeling extremely demoralized having everything taken from her. “Vivian Morrison, you’ve completely lost your rationale! You’ll receive retribution for this! As she couldn’t beg Vivian, she could only use verbal abuse, hoping Vivian would regret it.

Shane was slumped on the floor with no right to make an opinion. It was neither his property nor did he pay any rent. He had only managed to live there with some excuses.

“Oh? I’ll receive retribution? Fine. Hand me the medications then.” Vivian stretched out a palm and stared at the medication Rachel was holding. She knew Rachel couldn’t live without them.

Rachel hugged the bottle of medicine tightly as if her life depended on it. Seeing that, Vivian sneered. Humans are indeed selfish.

She laughed before turning around to leave with her car keys in hand. Shane and Rachel watched as the car drove off into the distance, unable to return to their senses for a long time. It had all been too abrupt and caught them completely off-guard.

At that moment, Shane decided to leave. Back then, he only fawned over Rachel because he needed a roof over his head. Since Rachel was left with nothing, there was no reason for him to stay anymore. After all, Evelyn never liked her mother while she was alive either.

“Where are you going, Shane?” Rachel had a bad premonition as she watched Shane leave. Her heart pounded against her chest. Is he abandoning me?

“I’m leaving. Good luck to you,” Shane announced plainly. He couldn’t even be bothered to turn around, merely waving a hand as he walked away. Seeing the drastic change in his attitude, Rachel was stunned, feeling like she could hardly catch a breath.

Where else can I go with my mobility difficulties? I’d spent my last cent buying Evelyn a bed and now have nothing to my name. I can’t even afford my next meal!

Seeing as Rachel was still kneeling at the entrance, the other residents of the nursing home felt it was ill-omened. They couldn’t wait to chase her off.

She had already caused a storm in the nursing home when her daughter died a few days ago. Even though they were discontented, they couldn’t do anything for she was a paying resident like everyone else. However, things had changed. The residents smiled as they shared a look. They could finally get rid of her.

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