Never Late, Never Away Chapter 975

“What are you looking at?” Finnick flipped and rolled above her in one swift move, staring down at her. He had been awake for quite some time and had felt her piercing gaze.

Although he knew the delicate woman in his embrace had been feeling aggrieved partially because of him, he was happy to be in that position with her once again.

Hardship was part and parcel of life. It was unavoidable.

“Nothing.” Vivian shook her head. Finnick watched as she got up from bed and began to get dressed. It’s time to go back to work, she thought. Perhaps if I keep myself busy enough, I won’t have the time to be drowning in my grief.

That was something she had personally experienced when she had left Finnick back then.

“Vivian, don’t go to work. Rest at home.” Finnick knew she was planning to go to work, but he didn’t want her to give herself unnecessary pressure.

His heart ached, knowing that was her way of keeping herself functioning. Although he wished she wouldn’t try to suppress her feelings, he knew that there was no way he could change her mind once she had a goal in sight.

Therefore, he stopped persuading her and silently hoped she could learn to be stronger. Even though it was equally difficult for him to forget about Larry, they needed to learn to move on with their lives.

After breakfast, Vivian intended to drive herself to work. When she walked to the front door, she saw a car parked before her; the window rolling down to reveal Finnick’s face.

It was then she understood why he skipped breakfast. Finnick stared at the unmoving Vivian and honked the car, signaling for her to get in.

Despite her refusal to be driven by him, her heart softened when she was reminded that he had skipped his meal for her sake. She sighed, walking up to the passenger side, and took the front seat.

“How was breakfast?” he asked to make small talk. He had deliberately woken up earlier to prepare it for her. Seeing as she had licked her plate clean, he was on cloud nine.

She merely took a glance at him and nodded in response. Even though he didn’t mention it, she could tell the breakfast was made by him. However, seeing that he hadn’t taken a bite of it, she couldn’t help but feel guilty.

Finnick didn’t bring it up either. Perhaps, she’ll start feeling sorry for me, and I’ll be able to appear in her mind more frequently from now onward! Then as time goes by, I may even be able to find my way back into her heart. The mere thought about that made him grin as he stared at Vivian.

The latter, having no idea what was on his mind, could only remain silent.

Lately, whenever she didn’t feel like speaking, silence was her best answer. However, it was also one of the reasons two people often grow apart.

It’s all right. I’ll always be waiting for her to come back to me. No matter how cold she is, how long it’s been, or how tired I am—I’ll keep waiting.

“I’ve reached. You’d better get going,” Vivian said as soon as she saw the company’s entrance coming into view. She took an inquisitive glance at Finnick and left without waiting for his reply.

Was she checking whether I was fine without eating breakfast? Skipping breakfast was a bad habit. She had always been concerned ever since she found out he had developed stomach troubles in those years he spent carving out his career.

Realizing that she hadn’t stopped worrying for him, he was elated. He drove to a nearby restaurant and ate his meal alone, staring at a photograph of her on his phone.

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