Never Late, Never Away Chapter 976

But Vivian’s mood immediately soured the moment she entered the company. She saw someone who made her feel incredibly disgusted—a painful reminder of her grief. That person was Shane Teslar, who had been made homeless after meeting with her the night before.

With nowhere to turn to, he had spent the night at an internet café before making his way to the company in the morning.

No matter how arrogant you are, you’re merely an insignificant employee. So what if you’re my mentor? He directed a silly face at Vivian as she walked past him. Vivian smirked, seeing the pompous look on his face. Most people in the magazine company knew Finnick was their boss. How Shane was ignorant of that fact, she truly had no clue. Maybe because he’s new? She ignored him, heading directly to the Chief Editor’s office, and knocked on the door.

She glanced at the watch on her wrist, knowing the Chief Editor would’ve arrived at work at that hour. It was the perfect time to look for her. When she pushed the door open, the cold gaze in her eyes immediately made the Chief Editor flinch.

“What happened, Vivian?” the Chief Editor asked, glancing at her warily. Vivian was typically gentle and considerate. But ever since she stopped going to the company, it seemed as if she had transformed into another person.

“Fire Shane Teslar. Right now!” Vivian commanded. Having said that, she turned around to leave, adding, “Call me once he’s gone.”

Shane happened to be hovering nearby and heard her words clearly. He glared scornfully at Vivian.

“Who do you think you are? Are you dreaming? Do you think you can order the Chief Editor around?” Shane yelled. I can forget about you chasing me out of the nursing home since you paid for it. But who do you think you are to come for my job?

“Shane Teslar, come in,” the Chief Editor ordered before he could shoot his mouth off.

Shane froze for a moment. How could the Chief Editor possibly know who I am? He entered the office perplexedly.

“You’re fired; effective immediately,” the Chief Editor announced. “Go to the Human Resource Department to handle the related matters.” It was the first time Vivian used her authority as the lady boss of the company. Even though she was usually compliant at work, she still had her rights when it came to who she wanted to hire.

“What? Why?” Shane was in disbelief. “All because of that bitch?”

The Chief Editor shook her head. She finally understood why Vivian ordered her to do so. How can anyone speak with such a lack of class? ”Is the President’s wife someone you can scold?” She stared coldly at him. She truly admired Vivian and the President from the bottom of her heart. Hence, whenever she heard someone badmouthing Vivian, she couldn’t help but feel indignant and stand up for her.

“President’s wife?” Shane froze. No wonder she dared to behave as if everyone owes her a living. It’s all because she’s the president’s wife! Shane was still dumbfounded even as he walked toward the company’s entrance.

“Vivian, Shane Teslar has been fired. You can return any time now,” the Chief Editor informed. Although she didn’t speak in a fawning tone, it was comparably gentler than how she usually spoke.

“All right. Thank you, Chief Editor.” Vivian hung up the phone and went upstairs. She had been spending her time at the café below the office, confident that the Chief Editor would handle the matter expeditiously.

However, it was a small world. They bumped into each other right as Vivian was on her way back. Pretending as if he didn’t exist, she straightened her back and walked past him, but heard him muttering, “Vivian, I’ve underestimated you.”

She merely raised a brow, making no comments, as she headed upstairs. When she returned, everyone was looking at her with scrutinizing eyes. But she wasn’t one to cower at that. She made sure to stare every one of them right back in the eye until they looked away.

It was only until she sat back at her desk that she realized the amount of time she had wasted. Right as she was about to begin her work, Paris’ voice sounded.

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