Never Late, Never Away Chapter 977

“Vivian, are you okay?” Paris was aware of what happened to Vivian. However, she wasn’t good with her words and had no idea how to approach the topic. Hence, she could only ask in caution.

“I’m fine.” Vivian only realized how long it had been since she last saw Paris when she noticed the worry in her eyes. She forced herself to put on a smile before gently patting Paris’ head.

While Vivian resumed doing her work, on the other side, Finnick had just received notification from the Human Resource Department regarding Shane’s termination. He narrowed his eyes. He hadn’t realized he had slipped through the cracks.

He instructed his subordinates to crack down on Shane, placing his name on a blacklist in the business industry. As the present Finnor Group was ranked in the Top Tens of the country, few companies would dare to go against them.

Since you’ve provoked us, I’ll make you regret it and pay a hefty price for it! Although Shane was only an accomplice, Finnick felt his methods were already considered rather mild.

In the following months to come, aside from spending her day at work, Vivian maintained searching for Larry’s whereabouts, albeit without much hope. Even though she knew she was looking for a needle in a haystack, she couldn’t let herself be discouraged.

“Vivian, would you like to come over to my place for lunch?” Paris asked. Although Benedict was aware of Vivian’s condition, he feared he would bring up the wrong thing and stir up her sadness. Hence, he hadn’t invited her to his place in a while. Ultimately, it was Paris’ insistence that it would cheer her up that Benedict finally agreed to the idea.

“All right.” Vivian nodded. It’s been a long time since I last saw Benedict. However, what she didn’t know was that Benedict had seen her while she wasn’t in the right state of mind. At that time, he felt feeble when he witnessed her in that condition. All he could wish was for the medication to do its magic so that she could recover.

As soon as Paris heard Vivian’s agreement, she happily filled Vivian in about what had been going on with Benedict. Vivian listened to her attentively. Although her mood hadn’t been great, she still maintained a positive attitude before the person who was her friend cum sister-in-law.

After chatting for a while, Paris checked the time and thought it would be too late if they waited to knock off work. Therefore, she dragged Vivian along to skip work together.

If it were in the past, Paris would’ve never acted that way. However, for the sake of Vivian’s safety, she was willing to go all out. Otherwise, accidents could happen if they were to stay out too late.

Vivian knew what Paris was thinking. While they were leaving, she signaled to the Chief Editor through the window. It was better than having to be scolded the next day.

“Vivian, this is my first time skipping work. I didn’t expect it to be this exciting,” Paris said with a giggle. She had always been a studious child. Even when she was a student, she had never had any slip-ups and made it on time to every class.

The first time doing something rebellious was undoubtedly a strange feeling for her. Glancing at Paris’ expression, Vivian chuckled. It had been a long time since she last laughed genuinely. To think it would be Paris who managed to squeeze one out of her. Seeing the smile on her face, Paris happily pulled her along.

“What are you doing?” Vivian saw that Paris was still trying tugging on her arm as they walked.

“Oh! I forgot that you drove.” Paris scratched her head awkwardly before gesturing for Vivian to get her car while she waited.

Looking at the muddle-headed Paris, Vivian couldn’t help but shake her head as she walked to the parking lot to retrieve her vehicle. There, a seemingly brand new SUV caught her attention. She curiously approached to take a closer look but froze as soon as the words written on the car came into view.

It read, For my dearest sister, Vivian.

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