Never Late, Never Away Chapter 979

Vivian planned to head back home. As she was driving, her mind was bothered with racing thoughts. Before she had even realized it, she had arrived at Finnick’s company. She took a glance at her watch. It was ten minutes before the employees clocked out.

Since both the Finnor Group and the magazine company were under Finnick, they had the same knock-off time. Vivian got out of the car and entered the company building. The receptionist was one of the few who knew she was the president’s wife.

Seeing Vivian’s cold expression, she asked meekly, “Mrs. Norton, may I help you?” It seems like Mrs. Norton is in a bad mood.

All of the employees were aware that the president’s office was surrounded by a gloomy atmosphere lately. Yet, they had no idea what happened.

Vivian cast a glance at the receptionist. “There is no need. Thank you.” With that, she headed upstairs. Her presence didn’t draw much attention in the office. The employees only knew that Vivian was a frequent visitor to their company, yet they had not the slightest idea of her identity.

Thus, they only took a casual glance at Vivian before they continued with their work at hand. Inexplicably, it triggered Vivian’s negative emotions. Finnick could manage such a huge company and discipline his employees well, but he couldn’t even take good care of his family. Our family life is a mess now!

Just then, Finnick’s assistant came up to her and greeted, “Hello, Mrs. Norton.”

Vivian nodded. “Hi. I’m waiting for Finnick.”

Having studied psychology before, the assistant could tell that Vivian seemed reluctant to go to Norton’s office. Thus, instead of leading her straight away to the office, she asked, “Do you need me to bring you to Mr. Norton’s office?”

“There is no need. I don’t want to disturb him, so I’ll wait for him here.” Hearing that, the assistant fetched her a glass of water before she clocked off. As the employers got off work, the office space soon became empty.

Vivian had waited for quite a while, yet Finnick was still nowhere to be seen. Finnick usually leaves the office on time. What’s he doing upstairs in his office?

Feeling doubtful, she went upstairs and pressed her ears against the door of the president’s office. Yet, she didn’t hear any sound at all.

Vivian started to doubt if there was anyone in the office. After thinking for a while, she pushed open the door and found no one. Right then, she heard a sound coming from inside the resting room, barely audible.

She entered the room and was immediately overwhelmed with awkwardness to see Finnick changing his clothes. Before she could leave, the man had grabbed hold of her waist and pinned her against the bed. “Vivian, are you here because you missed me?”

Vivian’s heart was thumping wildly at the warmth of the man’s body. Meanwhile, Finnick buried his face against her neck and breathed in her body fragrance, waiting for her answer.

“Finnick, get up.” Vivian felt awkward. It was as if she was caught in the act while peeking. Finnick did as she said, knowing that she might get mad if he didn’t.

That was when Vivian noticed the man’s bloodshot eyes, yet she said nothing about it. Casting her eyes over the room, she said, “You can change your clothes. I’ll wait for you outside.” With that, she left the man alone.

In fact, she saw Larry’s toy just now, the one that the boy lost when the two of them were hiding in the resting room in the past.

She supposed the toy must have reminded Finnick of Larry.

As a man, Finnick was unwilling to show weakness in front of her. That man must be hiding in the room just now, crying. Perhaps he never thought Vivian would barge in. Vivian felt complicated right now, for she knew she still had feelings for that man.

Yet, she was unwilling to get close to him, afraid it would remind her of Larry. She knew that Finnick was suffering no less agony than her. It was just that the man never showed his sadness.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t bring herself to be with him like how they used to be in the past, pretending as if nothing had happened. Meanwhile, Finnick came out of the resting room to see Vivian deep in thought.

“What’s wrong? What are you thinking right now?” asked Finnick, wrapping his arms around her. Vivian looked up, fixing her eyes at him while trying hard to suppress her sadness.

It seemed like the man had collected himself as the redness around his eyes had disappeared. Still, as Vivian looked at his face, she could find traces of him having cried before. I’ve misunderstood him all the while. This man would never cry in front of me, but he is as sad and miserable as I am.

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