Never Late, Never Away Chapter 980

Seeing that Finnick was ready to go, Vivian stood up and then left the office. Finnick’s eyes followed the woman as she walked out of the office and shook his head. It looks like this time, Vivian has found out about me crying.

Yet, he didn’t regret it, for he knew Vivian’s attitude had softened after finding out about him crying.

Meanwhile, Vivian had reached her car and gotten behind the wheel. Just as she was about to drive off, Finnick slid into the passenger seat. Seeing that, Vivian furrowed her brows but didn’t say anything. The car drove off and soon vanished into the streams of traffic.

The next day, Finnick arrived at his office to see a report on his desk. It was the investigation report from the detective agency he established to search for Larry.

They must have found something, or they wouldn’t send him a report early in the morning. Finnick immediately flipped open the report and started reading it, not missing a single word as he went along.

On the other hand, Vivian arrived at the magazine company to see Paris, who seemed troubled. The latter came up to her and grumbled about her parents. It turned out that Paris’ parents didn’t want their daughter to marry into the purple, and they asked Paris to break up with Benedict.

Vivian was surprised by Paris’ parents’ reaction. I thought all parents would hope for their daughter to marry into a decent family and live a good life. Why are Paris’ parents so different from others?

When she asked Paris about it, the latter answered, “Actually, we came from a small village. My parents only moved to the city to take care of me. They are against the idea of me marrying a rich man, afraid that people might think that I’m doing that to climb the social ladder.”

Although she still couldn’t understand Paris’ parents’ mindset, she respected their opinion. Yet, she would try her best to help Paris out.

Vivian knew Paris accepted Benedict as her boyfriend not because of his wealth but out of love for him. She thought Paris’ parents were thinking too much, putting their daughter in a difficult position.

“Why don’t I visit your parents after work? Let me talk to them.” Vivian believed the only way out was to communicate and persuade Paris’ parents.

It would only make the matter worse if Paris got tough with her parents. Although Paris was a mild-mannered person, Vivian was afraid she might lose her temper and end up quarreling with her parents.

“Alright.” Paris thought it was not a bad idea for the persuasive Vivian to talk to her parents. Although Vivian was not in a fit state, Paris believed she could deal with her parents well. Her parents might be a tough nut to crack, yet she knew Vivian was tactful enough to deal with them.

“Your parents’ objection must have bothered you a lot. I see you were scolded by the chief editor just now?” Vivian asked. She believed Paris’ conflict with her parents alone was not enough to make her lose her cool.

Vivian knew the chief editor must have bawled Paris out after seeing the latter’s document being hurled onto the ground. The poor Paris eventually lost it after being severely criticized.

“Yeah.” In a bad mood, Paris whimpered, “Ugh! I want to be with Benedict so badly! I don’t want us to break up!” Instantly, she regretted her words the moment they emerged. She knew Vivian’s relationship with Finnick had turned sour lately, and it was inappropriate of her to say something like that in front of Vivian.

“It’s okay. Everything will be fine,” Vivian comforted her. That was when she suddenly thought of Larry. Is it true that everything will be fine? Can we really find Larry?

Paris soon fell into silence, knowing that Vivian must be thinking about her son. She had confidence in Vivian. The latter was a tough woman who could overcome whatever life threw at her.

Later, Vivian sent a message to the chief editor and got off work early. They went to a mall to buy some of Paris’ parents’ favorite snacks. After all, it would be inappropriate of Vivian to visit them empty-handed.

The two looked around the mall. “Paris, which should I buy?” Vivian asked. Paris followed Vivian’s gaze and saw she was looking at some expensive health supplements.

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