Never Late, Never Away Chapter 981

She uttered frankly, “Actually, my parents have never taken health supplements before. I can’t afford them with my financial ability.”

Although Paris was Benedict’s girlfriend, she never asked for a single penny from that man.

Hearing that, Vivian made her own decision and picked some that she had previously bought for Samuel.

Paris took a look at the price tag. A small bottle of supplements cost as much as her family’s monthly living expenses. “Vivian, you don’t need to buy these. They’re too expensive!”

Vivian shot her a reassuring gaze. After making payment, they headed straight away to Paris’ house. In fact, Paris had constantly tried to persuade her parents over the past few days, yet her effort was in vain.

Since Benedict was busy, she was reluctant to trouble him. She would only tell him about it if she really couldn’t solve it.

Since Paris’ house was located rather far away from the city center, the whole journey took up quite some time. In the car, Vivian cast her eyes at Paris, who remained silent. She soon fell into deep thought.

Meanwhile, at the Finnor Group, Finnick had just finished reading the report. He was now looking at a deserted place on the map. According to the detective agency’s findings, that was the place where Larry last appeared.

Also, according to the report, there was a possibility that Larry was still alive. The boy had appeared at that place after Evelyn died, though it was unsure whether there was anyone with him. However, if Larry was alone, the possibility of his survival was slim.

Finnick thought that there was a high possibility Larry was still alive. It was impossible that a little boy could travel all the way to that deserted place on foot. Thus, there must be someone with him.

Finnick wanted to call Vivian to share the good news with her. Yet, he hesitated the moment he took out his phone. He was unsure whether Larry was still alive.

If he gave Vivian hope and later destroyed it, like what he did last time, he was afraid that the overwhelming disappointment might cause her to break down. Finnick was in a dilemma. Should I tell her the good news now? Or should I wait until I find Larry?

Finnick still couldn’t make up his mind by the time he arrived home. He sat on the couch while waiting for Vivian’s return. I guess I’ll know what to do when she comes back.

Meanwhile, both Vivian and Paris had arrived at their destination. It was the first time Vivian visited Paris’ house. She never thought Paris’ family was living in poverty, to the extent that even the door was in poor maintenance.

Yet, Vivian didn’t show her surprise. She understood that different people had different ways of living. It would be unwise to judge people by their economic status.

With a sheepish smile, Paris spoke up, “Vivian, our house is a little shabby. Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay. Let go in.” Vivian followed suit as Paris entered the house. Although it was small, it had a homely atmosphere. Vivian might have a huge house, yet it felt empty and cold. All she needed most was a homey and warm home.

It felt nice to be in Paris’ house. There, she met Paris’ parents, Albert and Winnie.

She greeted them and introduced herself, “Hi, Mr. Houston, Mrs. Houston, I’m Paris’ colleague, Vivian.”

Both Albert and Winnie seemed to like Vivian a lot. The smiles never left their faces since they saw her. They made her sit on the couch and then brought her snacks and tea. Vivian was not used to such hospitality, yet it warmed her heart.

It had been a long time since she felt so cozy and at home.

With a heartfelt smile, she spoke up, “Actually, I noticed Paris looked a little upset in the office today, so I decided to drive her home and pay you a visit. Do you mind telling me what happened to her?”

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