Never Late, Never Away Chapter 982

To Paris’ parents, Vivian looked like a prim and demure young lady. They were happy that she was a friend of their daughter. Without any hesitation, they told her about her daughter’s love relationship and their worries about it.

Although it was the same story as what she heard from Paris, Vivian took every word from them seriously. After that, she said understandingly, “I’ve seen Paris’ boyfriend before. He’s a handsome young man, and he is very nice to Paris. Mr. Houston, Mrs. Houston, you’re worried that people might gossip about Paris marrying into a rich family, or she might be unhappy in her marriage, am I right?”

Vivian knew what was bothering them, so she was now to dispel their worries about it.

Seeing that Albert and Winnie nodded in response, she continued by saying, “Paris’ boyfriend is very nice to her. Actually, you don’t need to care about what other people think. Don’t you want Paris to be happy?”

Their thoughts wavered as Vivian kept convincing them about Benjamin being a nice guy.

Finally, they agreed to give it some thought and reconsider the situation. Vivian decided not to be so pushy, so she ended the conversation.

It was already dark outside by the time Vivian left their house. Albert and Winnie were kind to ask their daughter to walk Vivian to the door.

On their way out, Paris expressed her gratitude for Vivian, “Vivian, you’re awesome! Since my parents have agreed to reconsider it, I believe they will eventually give their consent to me marrying Benedict.”

Vivian was glad that she could be of help. “Well, I’m happy for you. I should be going now. Goodbye!” It’s already late at night. In fact, Vivian was impressed that she could rattle on for such a long time, just like Ben.

Meanwhile, Finnick was starving when Vivian finally arrived home. Vivian, on the other hand, was not hungry at all. She had treated herself with snacks and tea at Paris’ house.

Finnick looked at her with a pitiful expression on his face. “Honey, I’m going to starve to death if you come home a little later.” He then took a seat at the dining table, waiting for Vivian to join him for dinner.

Seeing that, Vivian felt a little awkward. “Actually, I’ve had dinner at Paris’ house.”

Then, she told him the reason for her visiting Paris’ parents.

The man looked dazed and confused. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Well, I’ve sent you a message.”

Hearing that, Finnick grabbed his phone. He immediately saw the message.

It turned out that Vivian had already sent him the message while he was waiting expectantly for her return.

Feeling sorry for the poor guy, Vivian relented, “Fine. I’ll eat with you.” With that, she took a seat and had a second dinner with Finnick.

Since there was not much room for food, she only ate a little.

After dinner, Finnick asked her if she had successfully persuaded Paris’ parents. She answered, “They told me they are going to reconsider it.”

“You’re good at counseling others and giving advice, but why didn’t you try counseling yourself?” As soon as Finnick said that, Vivian’s expression changed.

At that moment, he made up his mind not to tell her about the detective agency’s findings. He thought she couldn’t handle any more stress and disappointment. He would only tell her when he found Larry.

After doing the dishes, the two went to bed.

Yet, lying on the bed, Vivian couldn’t seem to sleep. She was still bothered by Finnick’s words. Larry has always been a taboo topic between us ever since he got kidnapped. Why did he suddenly bring it up? Was he trying to say something? Or was it just a slip of the tongue?

Eventually, she fell asleep without having it figured out.

The next morning, Paris showed up at the office in a better mood than the other day.

Seeing that, Vivian asked if her parents had agreed to her marrying Benedict. The latter nodded in affirmation while looking at her in admiration. “Vivian, you’re awesome! I can’t believe you could successfully persuade my parents!”

Hearing that, Vivian felt shy to claim credit for the events.

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