Never Late, Never Away Chapter 983

In actual fact, Vivian did nothing except share her opinion with Paris’ parents.

Back then, Finnick was willing to marry her even when she had no citizenship. Thus, love was what brought a couple together. Likewise, no one could separate them as long as they loved each other.

When Vivian told Paris about it, the latter only smiled at her. In her heart, Paris couldn’t be more grateful to Vivian. The two ended the conversation and soon dove into work.

When the chief editor arrived at work, she called Vivian and Paris into her office. The atmosphere in the room was depressing as she kept staring at the two, not saying a word.

Just as Vivian thought the chief editor was going to stare at them forever, the latter finally broke the silence, “So, tell me, why did you skip work yesterday?”

Although she saw Vivian’s message yesterday, she was still angry at them.

After working for so many years, it was the first time she saw employees flagrantly skipping work. Even though Vivian was the president’s wife, that should not be a justified reason for her violation of the company’s rules.

Vivian kept her head down at the chief editor’s question. After a while, she looked up at the latter and admitted their mistakes, “Actually, we had an emergency yesterday. We’re sorry for violating the company’s regulations, and we’ll accept punishment for skipping work.”

“Fine then. I want both of you to send me a ten thousand words self-reflection report.” With that, the chief editor threw them out of her office. That was when Paris finally came back to her senses. It was an intimidating experience to be scolded by the chief editor. “Vivian, I’m sorry. It was all my fault. I…”

Vivian stopped her from apologizing, “No. I should be responsible as well. Now, let’s start working on our reports.”

With that, she started writing her report. As for Paris, she would work on it later since she still had other work at hand.

The two were required to complete the reports before they were allowed to leave the office. If they failed to do so, their salary would be deducted. To the chief editor, it was an awful offense to skip work.

One could imagine how disastrous it could be if an interviewer suddenly disappeared when interviewing a prominent figure.

Hence, the chief editor would not tolerate anyone who dared skip work. Such a bad attitude deserved severe punishment.

When Benedict arrived to fetch Paris from work, he saw the two young ladies busy working on their self-reflection reports.

He was amused seeing Paris sprawling over the table, writing her report with a pitiful expression on her face.

He made his way to Vivian’s cubicle and poked on her shoulder.

Vivian spun around when somebody touched her, her face full of disgust.

When she saw it was Benedict, the coldness in her eyes disappeared, and her expression softened.

Upon receiving Benjamin’s gaze signal, Vivian lowered her voice as she asked, “Ben, why are you here?”

Benjamin then led his sister to the pantry as not to disturb Paris.

“What happened to Paris?” Benedict once again recalled Paris’ pitiful look. Inexplicably, he found her all the more adorable.

Vivian whispered, “The chief editor scolded us for skipping work yesterday.”

She felt a little embarrassed talking about it, especially when there were other people in the pantry.

“Why did you and Paris skip work?” Benjamin asked.

Vivian was at a loss for words, not knowing how to respond.

She knew Paris didn’t want Benedict to know about her conflict with her parents. Although everything was solved now, she was unsure whether she should tell Benedict about it.

Seeing Vivian’s reaction, Benedict knew the ladies were hiding something from him. Vivian’s eyes darted from side to side.

Finally, she came up with an excuse, “Ben, it’s time to get off work. I gotta go now!” With that, she scurried off and left the office with other colleagues.

In the past, Vivian would have joked around with Benedict to put him off. Yet, after having been through so much, she was no longer the sprightly and cheeky Vivian.

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