Never Late, Never Away Chapter 984

Benedict shook his head in resignation. Then, he made a call. “Hey, your employee is squeezing my girlfriend dry. Can you do something about it?”

He ended the call after receiving a satisfying reply. He then cast a glance at Paris before walking out of the office.

A moment later, the chief editor called Paris into her room. Paris stood meekly before the chief editor. She thought the latter was going to berate her since she hadn’t hand in the report.

As she braced herself, she heard the chief editor saying, “You can go home now. Hand in the report tomorrow.”

At that instant, her eyes widened in disbelief. Is this person in front of me a fake? I never thought I would hear something like that from the chief editor.

“That’s it. You can leave now.” With that, the chief editor continued with her work. Paris was still confused when she walked out of the chief editor’s office. What happened to her? What made her suddenly change her mind to let me off early?

Feeling doubtful, she kept casting her gaze at the chief editor’s office while cleaning off her desk before leaving the office.

It turned out that Benedict had called Finnick just now. Or else, it was impossible that the chief editor would let Paris off easily. In fact, the chief editor was as confused as Paris about the latter’s identity. She was surprised when she received the call from Finnick, asking her to go easy on Paris.

Even so, she only agreed to extend the deadline for the report until tomorrow.

Nevertheless, Paris was more than satisfied with the chief editor’s leniency.

“Paris, over here! Get in!” As soon as she walked out of the company building, she was surprised to see Benedict waiting for her in the car. Today is indeed a magical day! Not only did the chief editor show mercy on me, rather, I also get to meet my boyfriend after work.

“Hi,” she greeted. In her daze, she watched as Benedict got out of the car to open the car door for her.

In the car, Paris promptly told Benedict about her day at work.

The latter responded with a smile after hearing her “adventurous” day. The two had dinner together and took a walk along the tree-lined road. Later that night, Benedict drove Paris home.

Before that, Paris was shy around Benedict. Now that the two had become a couple for quite a long time, Paris felt free to tease that man, “See you tomorrow, cutie pie.”

Benedict’s gaze followed the young lady as she entered her house. A smile appeared on his face when he recalled her teasing. Soon, he drove off, heading back home.

Meanwhile, Vivian arrived home to find Finnick sitting on the couch. “Honey,” the man called out.

He was happy that Vivian went home straight away instead of eating out like yesterday.

“Mm,” Vivian impassively uttered a response. She must admit that finding out that Finnick was crying yesterday had had an impact on her.

Yet, she could’ve forgiven anyone but Finnick. He was the man she loved, and that was all the more reason she couldn’t forgive him.

Perhaps people were usually harder on their loved ones than when treating outsiders.

“Let’s have dinner!” Finnick intended to carry Vivian to the dining hall like always, but the latter shunned away from him.

Vivian cast an indifferent glance at him. “I’ll go by myself.” Then, she made her way toward the dining hall.

Finnick let out a bitter smile at her cold attitude.

He actually thought Vivian would’ve forgiven him by now.

Downhearted, he sighed. Regardless, he would patiently wait for Vivian to forgive him and take him back again.

However, misfortunes never came alone. Vivian received the news that Rachel’s health deteriorated, and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Since she kicked Rachel out of the nursing home, she had hired a bodyguard to keep an eye on her. On the one hand, she was hoping she could find Larry’s whereabouts by following Rachel. On the other hand, she wanted to ensure Rachel’s health and safety.

Unfortunately, her worries had come true.

The news had really knocked Vivian sideways. Looking at the message from the bodyguard, she thought she’d better go and check on Rachel.

Soon, she made a call to the chief editor to take the day off tomorrow. Then, she called the bodyguard to get their location.

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