Never Late, Never Away Chapter 985

Although Rachel’s health condition had worsened, the bodyguard did nothing but watched Rachel lying on the ground since he received no order from Vivian.

There were a lot of people surrounding the place by the time Vivian arrived. They all wished to help, yet they were afraid that might stir up trouble for themselves.

Besides, the place was not a silk-stocking district, and the people in the neighborhood were not rich either. They were not philanthropists who would help any stranger they saw on the road.

Standing amongst them, Vivian watched Rachel lying on her back, her body convulsing in pain.

The woman was sweating profusely in pain. Soon the ground was dampened by her sweat.

With her brows knitted, Vivian fell into deep thoughts. Rachel was rolling around in pain. Suddenly, she caught sight of Vivian, who was standing amongst the crowd.

She knew this would be the end of her the moment her eyes met Vivian’s icy gaze. With her current health condition, death would be her only outcome if she didn’t receive treatment.

When their eyes met, Vivian knew she couldn’t bring herself to leave Rachel for dead. Eventually, she asked the bodyguard to carry Rachel into her car.

She then sat in the backseat next to Rachel. Seeing the woman’s slovenly appearance, Vivian knew she must have been through a rough time lately. Perhaps to Rachel, her nightmare was near its end. Yet, to Vivian, it was just the beginning of her sufferings.

No one could truly understand the pain of her losing her child. It was such unbearable pain, as if someone was cutting her flesh. When Larry went missing, it felt like a part of her was gone.

Her heart ached whenever she thought Larry might be suffering alone in an unknown place. Every breath she took would cause a sharp pain in her chest. Whenever that happened, she must hold her breath and try to calm herself down, for every breath she took felt like a whiff of poison that was slowly killing her.

Meanwhile, Rachel was experiencing enormous pain. Having difficulty speaking, she asked in a barely audible voice, “V-Vivian, why… why would you save me?”

Vivian’s eyes bore straight into Rachel’s as she spoke, “Are you afraid that I am saving your life so that I can torture after that?” She knew what Rachel was worrying merely by looking at the latter’s eyes.

As expected, Rachel fell into silence upon hearing her words.

For a moment, Vivian wanted to vent her hatred and make that woman suffer. Yet, she eventually swallowed her spiteful words and said, “Stop talking now. We’ll arrive at the hospital soon.”

Oh, Vivian, you can’t even be mean. Vivian curled her lips into a self-deprecating smile. Well, at least Evelyn has never cared about Rachel. That alone is enough to make her suffer.

Meanwhile, Rachel remained silent.

After hearing Vivian’s words, she knew she would be fine.

She was the one who raised Vivian, and she knew that young lady well. Vivian wouldn’t let me die. She will send me to the hospital as she said.

With that in mind, she slowly closed her eyes.

At that instant, Vivian was frightened. She asked the bodyguard to speed up.

Then, she brought her finger to Rachel’s nose to feel for the latter’s breath. Luckily, she was still breathing.

Fifteen minutes later, the car pulled up in front of the hospital. Vivian once again waited outside the emergency room. She and the emergency room had some history, and they went way back. In fact, this was the sixth time of her waiting outside an emergency room ever since she met Finnick.

Instead of feeling nervous like all the previous times, this time, Vivian was calm as she sat on the bench while waiting.

It was not because the person inside the emergency room was Rachel. Rather, she couldn’t care less about others anymore, for she had already lost the person she cared most.

Ever since Larry was gone, she had become a cold and unfeeling woman.

Since Vivian was not agitated, she felt that she hadn’t waited for long when Rachel was wheeled out. She went over to ask about Rachel’s condition. The nurse removed her mask before she replied, “The patient is alright now, but she needs a bone marrow transplant as soon as possible, or her chance of survival will be slim.”

Vivian nodded at the nurse. Soon after, a mocking smile appeared on her face. That woman couldn’t find a bone marrow match when her biological daughter was still alive. Now that Evelyn is dead, it seems like it’s her fate to die from leukemia.

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