Never Late, Never Away Chapter 986

For a brief moment, Vivian’s heart was overwhelmed with mixed feelings when she heard Rachel was going to die soon.

Yet, those feelings soon faded away, leaving no trace at all.

When Vivian entered the ward, Rachel had regained consciousness. It seemed like the latter had become more resistant to the effect of anesthesia since she could wake up within such a short time.

Vivian made her way toward the woman. “Are you hungry? Do you want to eat?” she asked.

Gazing at Rachel coldly, Vivian knew she must be hungry right now.

Rachel nodded meekly under her cold stare. Seeing that, Vivian turned and left the ward. As for Rachel, she was lying on the bed, deep in her thoughts.

Vivian was back in no time, and her speed floored Rachel.

Rachel knew where the canteen was located. She never thought Vivian would be back with the food so quickly.

Is she worried that I might be hungry? Still, she doubted if Vivian would really be that kind to her. All the while, she kept staring at Vivian, not saying a word.

Meanwhile, Vivian had adjusted the overbed table. She helped Rachel up and put a pillow behind her back so she could sit up comfortably. Then, she handed her the disposable fork.

Rachel couldn’t help feeling warmth in her heart seeing Vivian taking care of her.

In fact, even Evelyn had never treated her with such care before.

“What, are you scared that I would poison you?” Vivian thought Rachel was suspecting her when the latter kept staring at her, so she grabbed another fork and tasted all the food to prove that they were safe for consumption.

Seeing that, Rachel quickly explained, “No. I don’t mean that.”

With that, she started digging in.

It was the best meal she had ever had over the past fifteen days.

As she gorged herself on the food, she choked and started coughing violently. Vivian immediately handed her a glass of water and then patted her back. When she finally stopped coughing, Vivian took the glass from her, placing it on the table.

Rachel said earnestly, “Thank you.” Vivian nodded before she went to sit on the couch opposite the bed.

She couldn’t bring herself to dump Rachel alone in the hospital. So, she had no choice but to take care of her.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” Rachel noticed Vivian hadn’t eaten anything since she started taking care of her.

She saw Vivian shook her head in reply.

Vivian stayed in the hospital taking care of Rachel until eight at night.

“I’ll be going now. Press the call bell if you need anything. The nurse will attend to you.” With that, she turned and made her way toward the exit.

Just then, she heard Rachel’s voice from behind, “Why are you so nice to me? Why did you save me after abandoning me?” Her voice was hoarse since she hadn’t talked for a long time, which sounded sorrowful to Vivian.

“Because you raised me,” was Vivian’s reply before she left.

Vivian had no idea what she would say if the conversation continued. Also, she was reluctant to hear Rachel’s mushy words.

So far, she had no intention of forgiving Rachel.

The only reason she took care of Rachel was that she couldn’t bring herself to see her die.

It was late at night when she arrived home. Having needed to take care of Rachel, she had only eaten breakfast all day long.

As expected, she saw Finnick looking at her with resentment. “Where did you go?” he asked.

At that moment, Vivian felt as if she was a husband coming home late while Finnick, as her wife, was sulking.

“Rachel’s health condition has worsened, and I took care of her today,” she answered seriously.

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