Never Late, Never Away Chapter 987

Vivian realized she didn’t know how to bring herself to face Rachel and Finnick.

They both used to be important to her but disappointed her greatly because of what they did.

Her mind was in a whirl as she tried to process those thoughts.

Coming to the dining table, she glanced at Finnick and hinted. I’m starving. If you’re not joining me, I’ll go ahead without you.

Instantly, Finnick understood her and joined her at the table. When Larry was here, he would be sitting across from them. Now that he wasn’t here, the house felt empty.

“How is it going now?” Finnick asked. Vivian was initially confused by Finnick’s question, but she soon realized it was about Rachel.

Vivian relayed the nurse’s words to Finnick and returned to being focused on her meal.

As she had starved for the entire day, Finnick said nothing so that she could enjoy her meal.

Vivian had taken her dinner too late, so she couldn’t go to bed yet. Otherwise, it would be bad for her digestive system. She sat on the couch in the living room and turned on the TV.

Previously, she was too preoccupied with work and Larry to watch any dramas. She was either working hard in her office or taking care of her child at home.

Now that Larry wasn’t around, she felt lonely.

A romantic scene appeared on screen immediately. Frowning, Vivian switched channels. Finnick found her reaction amusing, but he said nothing.

Vivian scrolled through every channel available, but she couldn’t find any interesting drama to watch. Well, I guess the producers don’t really care about the content they produce. Vivian raised her brows at the thought and went upstairs to wash herself up before going to bed.

Finnick trailed behind her and washed up alongside her.

Back then, they agreed to install two sinks and mirrors in the bathroom, so they could wash up together.

Vivian couldn’t help but roll her eyes at how Finnick followed her actions. He had already squeezed the toothpaste out, though, so she couldn’t kick him out of the bathroom.

The next day, Vivian arrived at work and greeted Paris. Seeing Paris trying to tamp her excitement down, she asked her what had happened.

Paris promptly told her about yesterday’s events.

Vivian had left earlier than usual yesterday. At noon, Paris bought some stuff and went to visit her parents. Her parents were pleased with the elegant-looking Benedict. Delighted, they started urging for the couple to get married soon.

When Paris explained how Vivian and Benedict were related, her parents were both stunned, but they soon realized it made sense. After all, they adored Vivian. Naturally, it was normal for her to have a gentlemanly brother such as Benedict.

When Benedict met them, he didn’t show off his wealth. Instead, he started chatting with them warmly. He showed no signs of looking down on them.

Anyway, Mr. and Mrs. Houston were pleased with their future son-in-law.

When Benedict was about to leave, they even told him to come to visit them often.

As Paris explained everything, she herself found it unbelievable.

Meanwhile, Vivian wasn’t surprised at all.

When she talked to Paris’ parents, she found them welcoming.

Of course, they would be delighted at Paris’ boyfriend. Ben has met her parents. Does that mean they are getting married soon? When Vivian posed that question to Paris, the latter gave her a vague answer.

“Er, I’m not sure. We’ll see when the time comes,” was her answer.

Vivian nodded silently. It was none of her business, anyway.

No matter what, she was glad to see the couple, which she had brought together, progressing ahead steadily.

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