Never Late, Never Away Chapter 988

After the brief exchange, Vivian and Paris threw themselves into work.

When it was time to get off work, instead of heading home, Vivian went to visit Rachel.

The moment she pushed the door to Rachel’s ward open, she saw Rachel looking up in surprise.

Suspicion grew in Vivian’s heart. Is there something on my face? Why is Vivian surprised at seeing me?

“I thought you wouldn’t be here.” Rachel’s words cleared Vivian’s doubts immediately.

Sometimes, Vivian does resemble me.

Rachel had that thought in mind when Vivian asked, “Have you eaten? How did you fare last night?”

Warmth engulfed Rachel’s heart when she heard Vivian’s concern.

Should I tell her where Larry is? Look at her dark eye circles and haggard figure. She must be terribly upset at Larry’s passing, right?

Previously, Evelyn had instructed Rachel to kill Larry. However, as Larry had come to visit Rachel a few times, she wasn’t as ruthless as Evelyn to kill the little boy. She ended up hiding him somewhere secluded.

She wasn’t planning on informing Vivian, but right now, she couldn’t help but second-guess herself upon seeing Vivian’s reaction.

“What’s wrong?” Vivian asked upon sensing Rachel’s silence.

Did something bad happen last night? Or is she keeping something from me?

“I’m alright. I’ve taken my meal on time.” After pondering about it, Rachel thought she should wait for a little. Vivian might be showing her concern to trick her into revealing Larry’s current location.

Vivian scrutinized Rachel, who seemed to be faring better than yesterday.

The doctor said that she still had to remain in the hospital for a few days as Rachel could easily get a relapse.

Vivian would bring supplements along to visit Rachel often. She hoped Rachel would recover soon so she wouldn’t have to worry that much.

For the past few days, Rachel had observed Vivian quietly. Vivian’s caring actions caused her to panic silently. Should I listen to my daughter and avenge her? Or should I tell Vivian the truth?

Rachel didn’t have an answer to that, so she decided to wait and see. I’ll tell Vivian the truth when the time comes.

Vivian didn’t sense Rachel’s discomfort and continued visiting the latter every day.

One day, Noah called out Vivian’s name. As Rachel was asleep in her bed, Vivian walked out of her ward. She guessed Noah had something to tell her and waited patiently for the man to speak.

“Mrs. Norton, why are you still taking care of Rachel? Don’t you know what Evelyn had done? Did you forget how she nearly destroyed your family using the bomb? And that you nearly got a divorce?”

Noah found out that Vivian was taking care of Rachel through his girlfriend, Ivana. Rage took over him, so he blurted his thought out without hesitation. Having said his piece, he belatedly realized it was too harsh.

“Mrs. Norton, I’m sorry for acting impulsively.” Vivian was no longer his employer, but he still thought of her as so.

Vivian knew he was furious, so she shook her head to show that she wasn’t bothered.

“No matter what her daughter did to me, she raised me,” explained Vivian. “I can’t forget that.”

Seeing Vivian’s resoluteness, Noah fell silent.

Clearly, she valued her relationship with Rachel. Noah nodded reluctantly. He chatted with her briefly before he left. When Vivian returned to Rachel’s room, the latter was wide awake.

She stared at Rachel silently. It was so quiet that they could hear the sound of each other breathing. Rachel was the one who finally broke the suffocating silence.

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