Never Late, Never Away Chapter 989

“Tell me what Evelyn did to harm you,” Rachel stated calmly. Hearing that, Vivian immediately realized Rachel had overheard her conversation with Noah just now.

Since Rachel had said it out loud, there was no need for her to keep Evelyn’s doings a secret anymore. Initially, Vivian thought Rachel knew about her daughter’s evildoings, but evidently, Evelyn had tricked her.

At once, Vivian revealed everything that Evelyn had ever done to her. Rachel was stunned into silence. I can’t believe Evelyn lied to me! I even helped her to do something despicable!

For a very long while, she was unable to calm down. Turns out I was wrong all the while. Vivian is the victim, not Evelyn.

Right now, Rachel wanted to hug Vivian and tell her, “You must’ve suffered a lot, child.”

Alas, she knew the moment she trusted Evelyn, she no longer had the right to comfort Vivian.

Rachel’s emotions were a complex mixture. She had no clue how to console Vivian. She also knew Vivian did not need her comfort at all.

Seeing Rachel’s reaction, something occurred to Vivian. Evelyn must’ve lied to her and twisted the truth. Well, well. Evelyn is indeed capable. She must’ve lied to Shane, too. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have gone down the wrong path.

Vivian let out a bitter laugh. It’s too late to dwell on the past now.

“Vivian,” called out Rachel. She wanted to apologize for the harm that she caused Vivian. All the while, she had always favored Evelyn and refused to trust Vivian.

However, nothing came out of her mouth.

I’ve loved my daughter dearly and gave her everything she had ever wanted, but she used me and nearly caused my death.

She slumped back in her bed, defeated. Vivian passed her a napkin and went out.

Vivian knew it must be hard for Rachel to accept the truth, so she gave the latter some time alone to come to her senses and vent her frustrations out if needed. It would be difficult for Rachel to do so if she remained there by her side.

Meanwhile, Rachel was grateful that Vivian had left her alone. At least she wouldn’t be reminded of how pathetic her life had been. Vivian strolled around the hospital and arrived at a shop.

Rachel must be parched after she cries her heart out. I’ll buy some milk for her. Vivian did just that.

An hour had passed, so she thought that Rachel must’ve calmed down by now.

Vivian came to a stop outside the room and pressed her ear to the door. There was no sound inside, so she knocked on the door and entered.

Indeed, Rachel was calm once again, her face showing no sign of tears. Vivian went to her and gave her the milk she bought at the shop earlier. She then sat down on the couch.

It was already close to five in the afternoon, and Rachel was about to be discharged from the hospital, so Vivian decided to take the day off to take care of her. If Rachel suffered from a relapse again, her previous efforts would be in vain.

As Rachel was staring at the milk blankly, Vivian didn’t urge her. She’ll drink it when she feels like it. I don’t have to remind her.

Vivian relaxed on the couch and toyed with her phone while Vivian lay in her bed silently. None of them spoke for a long while.

Finally, Rachel decided to tell Vivian where Larry was. “Vivian,” she uttered, but Vivian’s phone started ringing.

“What is it?” Vivian returned. She wanted to listen to what Rachel had to say before answering her phone.

However, Rachel waved her hand and gestured for her to answer the call. It didn’t seem to be urgent, so Vivian headed outside to pick up the call. The call was from Finnick. Something must’ve happened.

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