Never Late, Never Away Chapter 990

“What’s wrong?” Vivian answered the call and spoke. Immediately, Finnick’s anxious voice rang out, causing her heart to sink. “Vivian, they’ve found Larry’s body. We need to identify it.”

“Stay in the hospital,” he told her. “I’ll come and pick you up.” Yet, Vivian was already at a loss for words.

Little pumpkin’s body? It looks like we aren’t fated to be mother and son. He has already left me. I’m not fit to be a mother.

Vivian let out a self-deprecating chuckle as her body slid down the wall slowly. She held her head and began sobbing.

I’ve always thought Evelyn was lying about my little pumpkin being dead. It turns out she really did the deed.

At that thought, Vivian shook her head profusely and told herself, “No, it can’t be.”

Looking up, she saw Finnick walking toward her. She rose to her feet promptly and rushed to him.

Shaking him in desperation, she demanded, “Why did Larry die? He shouldn’t have died. Am I right, Finnick?” Tears blurred her vision.

Finnick’s here. As long as he’s here, I will find a way out. At that thought, she started questioning him.

After all, everything had happened because of Finnick.

Nevertheless, there was no time to blame him right now. She had to identify the body and see if it was indeed Larry. There might be a possibility that the police had gotten it wrong.

Holding on to that last string of hope, Vivian allowed Finnick to lead her out of the hospital and into the car. Meanwhile, Finnick’s brows furrowed up when he saw how worn out Vivian was.

Previously, he was wondering if he should inform Vivian. In the end, he decided on telling her everything. Larry was also her son, so she had the right to be informed.

Yet, he couldn’t help but regret his decision upon seeing how upset Vivian was. What if Vivian breaks down and history repeats itself? Well, it’s too late now. Let’s just hope the police had gotten it wrong.

While Finnick was driving, Vivian kept urging him to speed up. However, Finnick couldn’t exceed the speed limit, though he wished he could.

Finally, they arrived at the destination after Vivian’s incessant urging.

There, Vivian realized why they were asked to identify Larry’s body. That was the last place he was seen alive.

The police didn’t know Larry had appeared elsewhere, so they concluded that the body was Larry’s corpse based on the little evidence they had.

“Hello. Are you Mr. Norton?” asked the police officer.

Finnick nodded, so the police officer brought them to the corpse.

As Finnick was worried about Vivian’s reaction, he kept holding her. Vivian’s attention was focused on Larry, so she didn’t notice her surroundings.

The moment the body appeared in her sight, she froze on the spot.

The corpse was severely burnt and charred. There was also sulfuric acid all over it. Most people wouldn’t dare to lay a finger on the corpse.

Finnick’s instincts told him this wasn’t Larry. He wanted to run a DNA test at the hospital, but the body was drenched in sulfuric acid. It might bring trouble to the doctor if they were careless.

After careful deliberation, he decided not to run a DNA test.

The detective agency claimed to have seen Larry earlier, so there was no way this would be his son. He would wait for their news.

Finnick had made up his mind. He was clear-headed, but Vivian panicked instantly. She collapsed on the ground and broke into tears.

Finnick was at a loss seeing Vivian’s emotional breakdown. He had already told Vivian this wasn’t Larry, but she thought he was lying to her.

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