Never Late, Never Away Chapter 993

Finnick then took the time to analyze the situation before deciding to bring Vivian home with him.

As Vivian had lost her mind, he had to search for Larry himself.

After retrieving the medications, he returned to find Benedict waiting at the door with a seemingly excited Vivian. The corners of Finnick’s mouth turned up in a smile as he reached out and caressed Vivian’s cheek.

Turning to Benedict, he said, “Ben, I broke my promise. Instead of taking good care of Vivian, I let her suffer.” Back then, when Finnick came to plead for Vivian’s return, he gave Benedict his word that he would take good care of Vivian.

Guilt crept across Finnick at the sight of Vivian’s predicament. Benedict seemed unperturbed. He knew how upset Finnick was.

“Back then, I wasn’t in love. But now, I know how hard it is to protect someone you love. You don’t have to apologize, for you have done your best. Think about your next step carefully,” Benedict concluded.

After patting Finnick’s shoulder, he bade goodbye to the former and walked away.

He wasn’t needed here anymore. Plus, they needed their alone time.

Spotting Vivian’s chapped lips, Finnick rushed to the water dispenser and filled up a cup of water for her. Instead of drinking it, Vivian poured it onto the ground while mumbling, “Little pumpkin, have some water. You must be parched.”

Finnick could only watch as she emptied the cup’s content onto the floor. He promptly refilled the cup and brought it to her lips.

“Vivian, your lips are chapped, too.” After Vivian gulped down the water obediently, she wrapped her arms around Finnick.

“Larry’s such a good boy, Finnick. But why isn’t he as cheerful as before?” she declared. “Never mind. As long as he remains by my side.” She started giggling happily.

At her words, despair welled up in his chest.

Vivian must’ve missed Larry dearly to have conjured him out of thin air.

He stared at the ceiling blankly. That’s why she started having visual hallucinations. Back then, when I was separated from Vivian, I poured myself into work. I remember how unbearable it was whenever I thought of Vivian. She must be suffering greatly as she thought Larry was dead. Whenever I imagine Larry dead, my heart would constrict painfully. However, I believe Larry is still alive. He can’t die yet. He still has to grow to be a man just like me.

Finnick had only spaced out for a brief moment. When he snapped back to reality, Vivian was jumping on the bed. Vivian imagined herself having fun with Larry on the trampoline.

Finnick couldn’t bring himself to stop her, so he started cleaning up. When he was done, Vivian had calmed down and was resting on the couch.

He took her hand. “Vivian, let’s go home with our little pumpkin.”

Vivian beamed happily and took his arm to head out.

Gazing at a mentally unstable Vivian, Finnick couldn’t help but think she was much likable now. A clear-headed Vivian would only glare at him icily, while a mentally unstable Vivian would hold his arm intimately.

It felt good, but Finnick still wished she could recover as soon as possible.

Back home, Vivian went to Larry’s room and lay on his bed.

Finnick knew she was putting the imaginary Larry to bed as it was close to bedtime.

Vivian hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so she couldn’t go to bed. He pulled her up and helped her to wash up before leading her to the dining room.

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