Never Late, Never Away Chapter 994

The housemaid, who had received Finnick’s text earlier, had prepared a spread for them.

Vivian took her seat and started eating quietly.

Clearly, she was starving.

Finnick knew she would continue being mentally unstable after filling her tummy.

Even so, he piled her plate with nutritious food good for her health.

Vivian ate her dinner without any complaints. Contrary to Finnick’s expectations, Vivian returned to their bedroom, lay on their bed, and immediately dozed off.

Finnick wanted to wake her up as she hadn’t brushed her teeth, but seeing how she was sleeping contently, he let her be. Let her sleep. She must’ve been exhausted from today’s events.

The next day, Vivian woke up early in the morning. Immediately, she made her way to Larry’s room and hugged his Doraemon plushy tightly.

“You’re up my little pumpkin. I thought you would still be asleep,” she uttered in delight and patted Doraemon’s head.

Finnick stood aside silently. Yesterday, she thought the air was Larry. Now, she thinks the plushie’s Larry? Well, at least now it’s something that exists. It looks like the doctor’s medications worked. I believe if she takes them regularly and stays calm, she will recover one day.

With that thought in mind, Finnick gazed at Vivian, whose attention was focused on Doraemon.

She looks like a loving mother.

It was a beautiful sight. If Vivian were sane, Finnick would be very much in love with her. Shaking his head, he berated himself for being too greedy and got rid of that thought.

After glancing at his watch, he brought her to wash up and had breakfast. He would be bringing her out to have some fun today.

Vivian didn’t kick up a fuss during breakfast, so they finished their breakfast in no time. Finnick helped her changed into new clothes. They then headed out.

Before leaving the house, Vivian took one last look at Larry’s room.

As she wanted to have fun, she left Larry at home for the time being. Instead of acting like a mentally unstable patient, she was acting like a child.

Finnick planned to bring her to the mall to buy some clothes. After she fell sick, she hadn’t managed to buy any new clothes. The weather was great, so Finnick decided to bring her out to let off steam.

To his surprise, Vivian remained obedient until she saw something which triggered her emotions.

When she spotted a claw machine full of plushies, she went over and tried to get them out, but the clear glass in between stopped her from doing so. Immediately, she gazed at Finnick in dejection. Seeing her reaction, Finnick got some change and started trying his luck.

Finnick had no experience with the claw machine. As it was his first time, plus it wasn’t that easy to win a prize, Finnick failed on his first try.

Disappointment shone in Vivian’s gaze. Finnick plucked up his courage and decided to give it another try. I must win this time! He focused his gaze on the claw and made sure it was in the right position before dropping the claw. Indeed, the claw landed on a plushy and hooked it up.

When the plushy was dropped into the hole, Vivian picked it up in delight. “Little pumpkin, look how awesome your daddy is!”

Hearing her words, the joy in Finnick died away.

So she thinks every plushy is Larry? However, seeing how excited Vivian was, Finnick thought his efforts had paid off.

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