Never Late, Never Away Chapter 995

“Finnick, look. Our son is very obedient, right?” Vivian gazed at him and waited for his answer earnestly. Finnick gave her a nod and ruffled her hair affectionately.

He hadn’t seen her smile this joyfully since Larry’s disappearance. Sometimes, he wished Vivian would stay this way forever.

But soon, something shocking occurred—Vivian nearly fell to her death off the escalator!

She had dashed out without warning and was already on the ground before Finnick could react. It wasn’t because he wasn’t paying attention. It was because Vivian was too swift for him to react in time.

“Vivian, are you alright?” He immediately rushed to her and helped her up before glaring at the lady who had just shoved Vivian away rudely. Everyone who had hurt Vivian deserved to be punished.

“S-She took my little pumpkin away!” Vivian pointed at the lady angrily. Finnick followed her gaze and realized the lady was holding a plushy in her arms.

Instantly, he stopped in his tracks awkwardly. That lady had bought a plushy for her son, but Vivian thought it was Larry.

At once, Finnick apologized to the lady, who snorted and spun on her heels to leave.

The matter should be over by now, but Vivian broke down completely when she saw the lady leaving with the plushy. Sprinting ahead, she grabbed the plushy from the lady like a madwoman.

“Are you crazy? What the heck are you doing?” the lady scowled and demanded furiously. Finnick strode forward and came to a stop in between them. He whipped out one hundred from his wallet and gave it to the lady.

“I’ve apologized earlier. Here is one hundred for that plushy. You can get another one easily.” Finnick’s voice showed no room for negotiation. The lady had bought the plushy at a cheap price, so she was delighted upon receiving the hundred bill.

She promptly forgot about the previous unhappy incident and rushed home, afraid Finnick would change his mind.

After she left, Finnick took Vivian’s arm and helped her up. “Look, our son is back. Are you happy now?”

He tidied her fringe as she stared at him quietly.

Bending down, he pressed a kiss on her lips. Shortly after, they both returned home. Each had a plushy in their arms.

It was now late after they spent the day strolling around in the mall. To Finnick’s shock, Vivian puked her guts out before she entered the car, which worried him immensely, so he immediately brought her to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor told him Vivian had vomited because of her fall earlier. He reminded her to get a good rest and didn’t prescribe any medicine.

It was too minor an illness to take any medicine. Vivian could recover on her own. It wasn’t too good to over-rely on drugs, after all.

Finnick nodded in acknowledgment and brought her back home. They had just entered the house when an elderly man’s voice rang out. “Finnick, you’re back?”

It took Finnick a while to recognize the voice. The elderly man was Palmer Lochlan, an old friend of Samuel Norton’s. Palmer used to adore him a lot in the past.

Why is he here? Finnick wondered.

He pulled Vivian along and they both sat on the couch across from Palmer. After greeting the old man briefly, he turned to see Vivian sitting with her hands folded in her lap.

“Finnick, your wife…” Palmer trailed off, waiting for his explanation. Finnick then proceeded to explain the entire situation to him.

As a matter of fact, Palmer knew exactly what had happened, but he wanted to hear what Finnick had to say. He also wanted to know if Finnick had changed his mind.

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