Never Late, Never Away Chapter 997

If Finnick bothered to glance at Paige, he’d realize she was trudging away bleakly. Her desolate figure appealed to all men’s sense of sympathy and love.

Alas, Paige’s efforts were in vain. Finnick didn’t even look up until he heard the door closed behind her. Only after that, he brought Vivian back to the living room. He looked at the glass shards that Paige had tidied up and discarded them in the trash can.

Finnick didn’t have time for others as Vivian had taken up most of his time. Vivian was engrossed with the TV, so he started going through his company’s documents.

Finnick hadn’t been in his office for days. His company was still functioning smoothly as usual, but the profit remained stagnant. He had to find the reason and increase the profit as soon as possible.

As long as I have enough money, Vivian’s condition will get better one day. I don’t want her to regain consciousness and realize I’ve become broke. With that thought in mind, he focused his attention on the files.

Sensing how busy he was, Vivian hugged her plushy and watched the TV program silently. Occasionally, when Finnick raised his head to look at her, her quiet figure would appear in his gaze.

They spent a long time in silence until Paige showed up once again. Looking at Vivian, who was running around with her plushy happily, Paige didn’t show her disgust, opting to cast her eyes at Finnick instead.

“Finnick, I’m serious. She will be a burden to you. Send her to the asylum,” she told Finnick in all seriousness. Even if he wasn’t doing it for her, he should consider his company.

To her utter surprise, Finnick’s rejection came swiftly. “Ms. Litt, Vivian Morrison is my wife. I don’t care who sent you here to change my mind. Stop embarrassing yourself here.”

An awkward smile flitted across Paige’s lips. She wanted to tell him not to joke around, but she couldn’t bring herself to say it out loud and could only freeze awkwardly.

Finnick took Vivian’s hand and headed upstairs so Paige could leave on her own. After all, he had already made things clear. It was up to her to make up her mind now.

Paige watched them going upstairs before she herself left. Since Finnick doesn’t like me, there’s no need for me to stay here. There are plenty of handsome men who like me.

Paige regained her confidence and strode out haughtily. Upstairs, Finnick watched as she left with a smirk.

It looks like I did the right thing. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have left so easily.

“Finnick, look. Little pumpkin is growing up!” Right then, Vivian showed him another bigger plushy. It was blissful to watch one’s kid growing up, and that was something that made Vivian extremely pleased.

It was Finnick who bought the bigger plushy for her so she could experience that herself. Seeing how delighted she was, happiness glowed inside Finnick.

That very night, Vivian had a nightmare.

She dreamt that Larry died in front of her eyes. Of course, she tried to save him, but there was nothing she could do.

She started panicking.

Gradually, she realized she had been holding a plushy all along instead of her beloved little pumpkin. She found herself disgusting without reason.

Luckily, the nightmare didn’t go on for a long time. Soon, it became another scene. Vivian rolled over and slept peacefully.

“Vivian, good morning!” The next morning, Finnick opened his eyes to find an awake Vivian staring ahead blankly like a lifeless puppet.

“Is something wrong, Vivian? Do you feel unwell?” Finnick asked worriedly. His gaze turned wary.

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