Never Late, Never Away Chapter 998

Something felt amiss to Finnick. Vivian seemed like a completely different person now. She refused to utter a word no matter how he called out her name.

“Vivian, don’t scare me. Should we go to the hospital?” Vivian used to be sensitive toward the word “hospital.” Previously, when he told her they would be going to the hospital, she would escape without hesitation.

Yet, Vivian remained expressionless when he mentioned the hospital. Finnick tugged her arm anxiously, hoping she would reply to his question. However, Vivian didn’t move an inch.

Finnick got out of bed and washed up hurriedly. After changing clothes, he helped Vivian to wash up. They would definitely be heading to the hospital later. If something had indeed happened to Vivian, he wouldn’t be able to find a solution at home.

No matter what he did to her, she remained silent and stared ahead blankly. Every time they reached a corner, Finnick would have to steer her in the right direction lest she walked straight into the wall.

He was wondering if they should have breakfast, but the housemaid had already prepared a spread. Finnick brought her to the dining table and began feeding her carefully. This scene caused the housemaid to let out a sigh.

Mr. and Mrs. Norton used to be a loving couple. They could be living together happily now, but life was harsh to them. One of them is sane, but the other had lost her mind. Mr. Norton must be suffering a great deal more than Mrs. Norton, as he is the sane one in this relationship. I can’t imagine seeing my loved one going mad.

She wanted to say something but thought the better as she was afraid of offending Finnick with her words. I’ll just do my job and prepare their meals on time.

Vivian’s chin was stained with gravy, so Finnick wanted to wipe it off with a napkin. The housemaid immediately handed him a clean handkerchief.

“You can use this to wipe off the stain on Mrs. Norton’s chin. The material is softer,” she explained when Finnick glanced at her. She had been working for Finnick for some time, so she knew what his look meant.

Hearing her answer, Finnick gave her a nod and wiped Vivian’s chin gently with the handkerchief. Soon, her dirty chin was wiped clean.

Finnick chuckled and discarded the handkerchief on the table before taking Vivian’s hand. As they left the house, Vivian didn’t demand to bring Larry along. Clearly, something was wrong with her.

On the way to the hospital, Vivian kept her mouth zipped. Whenever Finnick tried to start a conversation, she’d stop him with an icy glare.

Finally, they arrived at the hospital. As Vivian showed no signs of improving, Finnick shook his head and brought her to his friend’s office.

Upon reaching the doctor’s office, he knocked on the door and went in. “Please take a look at my wife. She’s been quiet the whole morning.”

Immediately, the doctor stood up to examine her. He had seen patients who would either fall silent or go berserk. Therefore, Vivian didn’t seem like she was ill.

After examining her, the doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Frowning, he wondered what it could be.

“Oh, where is your son?” he asked after noticing Vivian hadn’t brought the plushy along today. Could it be related to that plushy?

“I don’t know. She hadn’t mentioned Larry all morning,” came Finnick’s helpless reply. Upon hearing his words, Vivian rose to her feet and stared at him.

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