Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1010

“There’s nothing strange about the yellow people. With his body, he would be beaten badly,” Guan Yong curled his lip and said.

“I really can’t refute what you just said,” Di Rat said.

Not only Di Rat and Guan Yong were disappointed in the tournament, but the other prisoners also showed their disappointment. Some of the more irascible people even knocked on the iron cage and scolded Samuel, who was wearing a headgear.

“What do you mean? Even such a person is qualified to enter the ring.”

“Let him come out. I’ll go. Why should I let such a person waste our time?”

“Get the fu*k out. Let’s get someone else done.”

“Change someone else. Change someone else.”

The voice of dissatisfaction soon resonated with all the people present. The reason for this phenomenon was that those who could win the Challenge Tournament could enjoy special treatment brought by the Earth Core Prison.

Although prison was a place where one did not need to worry about food or clothes, a woman was a luxurious dream of these prisoners. If one were to win a competition, one would be able to get a woman. This was an extremely great temptation to any prisoner in the Earth Core Prison. Unfortunately, not everyone had the qualification to step onto the arena. Hence, various dissatisfied voices would only erupt when they saw Samuel.

Prisoners were knocking on iron cages on three stories in all directions, producing ear-splitting clanging sounds.

At this time, a slender woman in thin clothes walked into the iron cage. She was the trophy of this challenge tournament.

For a prison with only men, the sudden appearance of a woman could be imagined.

All kinds of howls were heard, and each prisoner’s male hormones were stimulated to the greatest extent.

“Let this good-for-nothing get out. What right does he have to go to the arena?”

“Damn it, how could such a good opportunity be wasted on a good-for-nothing like him? I can’t accept it.”

“Hurry up and let him come out. Let me go, don’t give this kind of opportunity to such a good-for-nothing.”

The shouts became louder and fiercer and even Guan Yong couldn’t help swallowing his throat.

“This woman’s figure is too good. After watching so many Challenge Tournaments, she is considered the most beautiful.” Guan Yong’s appetite was greatly aroused, and his eyes were reluctant to leave the woman’s body for a moment, hoping to leave the biggest influence in his mind.

“Yeah, even I can’t help but be moved.” Di Rat couldn’t help but shake his head. No wonder so many dissatisfied voices burst forth. As long as it was a woman, it could make these prisoners restless, let alone such a beautiful woman.

“By the way, if he makes so many people dissatisfied, he will be very sad in prison in the future,” Guan Yong said.

Although he was wearing a headgear now, there was always a time to uncover it. Moreover, his figure was very easy to recognize. Once he was integrated into this new environment, he would inevitably attract a lot of trouble because of this matter.

“There must be a lot of physical pain, but there is one thing you can rest assured that he won’t die. He will definitely be safe in the Earth Core Prison,” Di Rat said. This was the strictest rule of the Earth Core Prison. They didn’t want anyone to die in the Earth Core Prison because these prisoners were clients to the Earth Core Prison.

At this moment, the noisy arena suddenly became eerily quiet. Everyone looked in horror at the man who had appeared in front of Samuel.

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