Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1045

Nangong Sun looked at Samuel with a smile on his face, and his eyes were full of playfulness.

So what if he was an expert?

So what if he managed to pierce through the Earth Core Prison?

In front of him, he could only be an honest wagging dog, which was very enjoyable to Nangong Sun.

He liked to control people like Samuel. The stronger he was, the more he would have a sense of conquest.

There were too many men who said that he looked like a woman. When his appearance couldn’t be changed, Nangong Sun’s heart became distorted.

He wanted to let those guys, who called him a woman, see that even a strong man like Samuel could only kneel in front of him.

“I’m on my knees!” Saber Twelve suddenly said. He walked up to Nangong Sun and knelt down without hesitation.

“And me.” Di Rat walked in front of Nangong Sun almost at the same time.

They would rather be humiliated than see Samuel kneel down to Nangong Sun.

In the hearts of Saber Twelve and Di Rat, Samuel was a true expert. Experts were not allowed to be humiliated.

Nangong Sun smiled coldly and said disdainfully, “Who do you think you are? You don’t even have the right to kneel to me. Do you still want to replace him?”

“Don’t go too far!” Saber Twelve said to Nangong Sun through gritted teeth. He was indeed controlling Samuel’s weakness, but that didn’t mean he could fool Samuel. At least Saber Twelve wouldn’t allow him to do so.

“Too far?” Nangong Sun kicked on Saber Twelve’s shoulder and scolded in a cold voice, “Am I going too far? Ask him, do you think I’m going too far?”

At this moment, Samuel bent his legs.

Saber Twelve and Di Rat looked surprised when they saw this.

“Brother Samuel, don’t!”

“Brother Samuel!”

The two exclaimed at the same time, but they did not stop Samuel from kneeling down.

It was just a small life force for a few days. Samuel had not been able to accompany her when she descended, and now he had brought such a great danger to her. To Samuel, he felt an intense sense of guilt toward Han Nian. To him, kneeling down was nothing at all.

Samuel was willing to do anything as long as Han Nian was safe.

“Hahahahahaha.” Nangong Sun threw his head back and laughed. Her pride was beyond words. He said in a loud voice, “So what if you’re strong? You still have to bow down in front of me.”

“What will it take for you to let her go?” Samuel asked, gritting his teeth.

Nangong Sun stopped laughing, walked to Samuel, and said condescendingly, “From now on, you’re going to be my dog. I’ll let you go west, but you can’t go east. Do you understand?”

Samuel lowered his head and continued to ask, “What will it take for you to be willing to let her go?”

Nangong Sun suddenly reached out and grabbed Samuel’s hair and said, “You’re just a dog. You’re not qualified to bargain with me.”

Samuel stared at Nangong Sun like a torch. He knew that his repeated compromises could not really make Han Nian safe. Being a dog for Nangong Sun was just giving him the capital to go too far.

He had to have a clear answer. He had to let Nangong Sun know that even if he wanted to make use of him, he had to pay the price.

“What will it take for you to let her go?” Samuel asked for the third time.

His icy gaze sent chills down Nangong Sun’s spine. Under his gaze, he felt like he could die at any moment.

Although he had Han Nian as a threat, Nangong Sun was afraid that he would irritate Samuel and make him lose his mind.

Nangong Sun didn’t want to bury a child with him in less than a few days.

His life was above everything else. How could he let such a person kill him?

“Do a few things for me. As long as I’m satisfied, I’ll let you go,” Nangong Sun said.

“I want them to return to Cloud City safely,” Samuel said, glancing at Saber Twelve and the others.

“Do you know that I hate it when others bargain with me?” Nangong Sun said with a gloomy face.

Samuel did not speak. Instead, he stared at Nangong Sun, who felt a strong and inexplicable pressure from him. However, since Nangong Sun treated him like a dog, how could he be willing to compromise with him?

“Only one of the three is alive. You can choose.” Nangong Sun said. He wanted to teach Samuel a lesson and teach him a lesson. He wanted him to know the consequences of disobedience.

His words stunned Saber Twelve and Di Rat. They could only live one. The only one who could survive was naturally Han Tianyang. After all, Samuel came to the Earth Core to save him.

“Brother Samuel, I can die,” Saber Twelve said without hesitation. Before coming to Earth Core Realm, he had already held the will to die. Moreover, Tang Qingwan’s life had already been planned. He could have nothing to worry about. Besides, he wanted to die, so there was no need to make a choice for Samuel.

Di Rat was not as determined as Saber Twelve, so he appeared to be in a dilemma and hesitant. He had only emerged from the Earth Core Prison after much difficulty, and he wasn’t willing to die just like that.

“What are you thinking? Do you want me to kill you?” Saber Twelve asked Di Rat.

Di Rat lowered his head and didn’t dare to speak. He couldn’t go against his heart and say something that was willing to die, but he didn’t dare to say that he wanted to live. He knew very well that there was no way to compare between him and Han Tianyang.

Samuel suddenly took out an inch-long dagger.

Nangong Sun thought Samuel was going to hurt him. He took a few steps back and said to Samuel, “Samuel, don’t forget that your daughter is still in my hands.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Samuel raised his knife and stabbed it directly into his thigh.

This scene stunned everyone. No one knew why Samuel was doing this.

“What… what are you doing?” Nangong Sun asked in fear. “Is this guy crazy? Why did he stab himself?”

“You’ve arranged so many things. I think I’m of great value to you. If I’m hurt, will it delay your plan?” Samuel said calmly without even a frown. After that, he pulled out his dagger again.

Nangong Sun’s heart sank. Samuel’s value to him was indeed very great. Otherwise, how could he destroy the entire Earth Core Region because of Samuel?

It was precisely because Samuel’s appearance that the Earth Core had lost its original meaning.

Everyone in the world regarded the Earth Core as a profitable business, but only the core of the Nangong clan knew the significance of the Earth Core. It was for the purpose of finding experts for the Nangong family.

The Nangong family was rich and powerful, but there was another circle in the world. It was not a circle that could be entered by money. It had to have strong military strength. That was the real top circle. It was unknown to the public, but it was crowded by the secular upper-class society.

“I want the three of them to leave unharmed.” Samuel once again swung his blade after speaking. He pierced it into another thigh.

“Samuel!” Han Tianyang exclaimed.

“Brother Samuel!” Saber Twelve cried out in pain.

Di Rat lowered his head and trembled with fear. He didn’t dare to say a word.

He didn’t expect Samuel to do such a thing for the sake of their survival. It wasn’t until this moment that Di Rat seemed to understand why Saber Twelve was willing to die for him.

Samuel’s face remained unchanged. Although his legs were blood-red, he seemed to feel no pain at all.

“Are you f**king crazy?” Nangong Sun gritted his teeth and cursed. This guy was willing to hurt himself in order to save two unrelated persons. Nangong Sun couldn’t imagine what was in Samuel’s mind.

“They are just two subordinates. It’s not a big deal that they died.”

Samuel drew his saber again. He didn’t dare to kill Nangong Sun because he was still holding Han Nian hostage. He didn’t want to see the two of them die here either, so this was his only option.

His value lay in his strong skills, which was also a point that Nangong Sun wanted to take advantage of. If he was injured, his value would be reduced.

He was betting that Nangong Sun was unwilling to see him get injured. Although the odds were slim, he had no choice but to give it a try.

“If I don’t go crazy, what’s the point of living?” Samuel said faintly.

Nangong Sun was not willing to compromise with Samuel for this matter. However, the look in Samuel’s eyes seemed to tell him that if he did not agree, this matter would continue.

If Samuel continued to get hurt, his value would be reduced.

He destroyed the entire Earth Core. If he only exchanged for a piece of trash, how could he explain this to the others in the clan?

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