Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1084

In the small island.

Nangong Boling was sitting in his study with a smile of satisfaction on his face.

From Yuan Ling’s message, Samuel seemed to be immersed in the magic of money. As he thought, how could there be a man who didn’t love money and women in the world?

Anyone who faced a huge amount of money temptation would end up losing himself. Even Samuel was no exception.

“Money is a good thing. It can help you obtain anything you want. Spend as much as you want. Our Nangong clan has an endless supply of money,” Nangong Boling said to himself with a smile.

In Nangong Boling’s eyes, Nangong Yan was the only one who was qualified to lead the Nangong family to an even more glorious stage. But now, with the appearance of Samuel, Nangong Yan was already a chicken rib for Nangong Boling. It was tasteless to eat.

Nangong Sun, who could control Samuel, was a non-essential person in Nangong Boling’s eyes. After all, this kind of control was an unstable factor in Nangong Boling’s eyes no matter what. The only way to make him truly regard himself as a member of the Nangong family and sacrifice for the Nangong family was to support him.

Nangong Boling would not care Samuel’s blood was not pure. As long as he could see the Nangong family enter that level in his life, it would not be a pity for him to pay any price.

The blood relationship was nothing more than a fetter to Nangong Boling.

After standing up and walking out of the study, Nangong Boling came to the room where Nangong Sun lived.

During this period of time, Nangong Sun had been mentally and physically exhausted. He had never thought that the helper he had found would now surpass him in Nangong Boling’s mind. Moreover, in the future, the master of the Nangong family would probably fall into Samuel’s hands.

This was something that Nangong Sun could not accept, so he racked his brains in an attempt to stop this from happening.

However, Nangong Boling was very strict with him and Nangong Yan. Once Nangong Boling knew that he was secretly dealing with Samuel, the consequences would be even more serious. Hence, Nangong Sun didn’t have the courage to act rashly.

Upon hearing the knock on the door, Nangong Sun mistakenly thought that Nangong Yan had come to him again and wanted to use him as a weapon.

After opening the door with an impatient look on his face, Nangong Sun froze for a while. Then, he put away the annoyance on her face.

“Grandpa, why are you here?” Nangong Sun asked in surprise.

Nangong Boling walked straight into the room. Before he could speak, Nangong Sun had a strong ominous feeling in his heart.

He could control Samuel because Han Nian was in his hands. If Nangong Boling asked him to hand in Han Nian, he would lose the final guarantee.

“Do you know what Samuel means to the Nangong family?” Nangong Boling asked calmly.

Nangong Sun lowered his head. He didn’t have to think to know what Nangong Boling was going to say, but he couldn’t accept it. Samuel was controlled by him, and he had the ability to let the Nangong family enter that level. Why should he promote Samuel?

“Grandpa, do you want the future head of the Nangong family to be surnamed Hannigan?” Nangong Sun asked.

“The name of the master of the Nangong family doesn’t matter to me. What matters is what he can bring to the Nangong family. You and Nangong Yan can’t do it, but can he do it just because his surname is Han? Am I going to give up this opportunity?” Nangong Boling’s obsession for this matter had exceeded everything because his time was getting shorter and shorter. If he couldn’t get it done as soon as possible, he would never see the glory of the Nangong family in his lifetime.

“Grandpa, I can also make it to the pool by myself,” Nangong Sun said.

Nangong Boling smiled disdainfully and said, “You can control him for a while, but can you control him for a lifetime? Also, if you want him to truly work for the Nangong family, you can’t use this kind of threat. Otherwise, you will never be able to get his heart.”

After a pause, Nangong Boling continued, “And when he enters that level, do you think you have any right to threaten him? His words can even destroy the entire Nangong family.”

Nangong Sun was silent. Destroy the entire Nangong family? He didn’t believe this kind of frightening words. People at that level were really powerful, but once the power of the Nangong family was put on the table, it would shock the whole world. Even people at that level wouldn’t dare to deal with the Nangong family easily, let alone the extermination of the family.

“Tell me, what on earth do you use to threaten him?” asked Nangong Boling. This was the reason he had come to find Nangong Sun.

Nangong Sun took a deep breath and braced himself to say, “Grandpa, what if I don’t want to tell you?”

“The dungeon once locked one of my sons up until he died. Do you think you’re qualified to bargain with me?” Nangong Boling said indifferently.

Cold sweat broke out on Nangong Sun’s back. He knew that the words that Nangong Boling could say were not simply threatening. He could do it completely. After all, this was not the first time Nangong Boling had done such a thing.

“Grandpa, his daughter is in my hands,” Nangong Sun said reluctantly. In the face of the threat of the dungeon, he could only compromise. Otherwise, the dark dungeon would be the end of his life.

“Daughter, he’s already married and had children?” Nangong Boling asked in surprise. He didn’t know much about Samuel’s previous life. In his opinion, Samuel’s age was the same as that of a promiscuous man. He didn’t expect that he would get married and even have a child.

“That’s right,” Nangong Sun said.

“No wonder. He didn’t resist even after you told him to admit that he was a dog. How old is his daughter?” asked Nangong Boling.

“It’s just been a month,” Nangong Sun said.

A month!

Nangong Boling suddenly stood up and walked up to Nangong Sun. He looked at him coldly and asked, “Is she dead or alive?”

Once Nangong Sun didn’t take good care of his daughter and let Samuel’s daughter die, the whole Nangong family would bear the consequences. Now that Samuel had stepped into that level, the Nangong family would definitely bleed. Nangong Boling was very afraid at this moment. He was afraid that Nangong Sun would kill the baby for convenience.

“Grandpa, don’t worry. She’s living well. I caught a nanny in Samuel’s house to take care of his daughter,” Nangong Sun said.

Nangong Boling wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and let out a long sigh of relief. Fortunately, Nangong Sun had not done something irreparable. Otherwise, this would have been a big problem.

“Where is she?” asked Nangong Boling.

Nangong Sun lowered his head and refused to speak. After all, this was the only thing he could rely on to get the position of the homeowner. If he handed it over to Nangong Boling, he would have nothing left.

“I’ll ask you again where she is,” Nangong Boling said, gnashing his teeth. This state showed that he was already very angry.

“Grandpa, please give me a chance. I’ll definitely be able to satisfy you,” Nangong Sun said.

Nangong Boling kicked at Nangong Sun’s belly.

After taking a few steps back, Nangong Sun fell to the ground with a pained look on his face.

Nangong Boling took a few steps forward and walked in front of Nangong Sun again. He looked down and said, “I won’t allow anyone to make an accident happen. I can tell you that you, trash, will never have a chance to be the master of the Nangong family. If you still want to continue to enjoy the glory and wealth brought by the Nangong family, I advise you not to waste my time. Otherwise, you will end up in an iron cage.”

Nangong Sun covered his stomach and broke out in a cold sweat because of the pain.

Nangong Boling’s words had cut off all his hopes.

Nangong Feng was dead, and he didn’t want to die.

“She’s in Cloud City. Grandpa, I’ll give you the address right away,” Nangong Sun said.

Nangong Boling snorted coldly and said, “Although you are my grandson, you should know that I never take this blood relationship into consideration. So before you do anything, you’d better think about the consequences. I won’t show you mercy because you are my grandson.”

“I know, I know, grandpa,” Nangong Sun said.

After Nangong Boling got the address, he left the room.

Nangong Sun walked to the sofa with a face full of anger and sat down. Now Nangong Boling’s attitude was very obvious. Both Nangong Yan and he were not qualified to get the position of the homeowner. If they continued to accept their fate like this, the Nangong family would really fall into Samuel’s hands in the future.

Nangong Sun had no choice but to call Nangong Yan.

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