Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1089

Yuan Ling knew that there were many people in Chinese District who were pursuing Qi Yiyun. Those people were like locusts and they wished they could eat Qi Yiyun alive. Moreover, they were all young men of high status. If Qi Yiyun chose any one of them, she was sure that the other party would definitely be loyal to her.

But… but from the looks of it, she seemed to be in love with the playboy Samuel!

“How could this be?”

With Qi Yiyun’s talent, how could Samuel deserve her?

“Miss Qi, did I hear you correctly?” Yuan Ling asked in disbelief.

“You didn’t hear wrong, but it’s a pity that he doesn’t like me,” Qi Yiyun said helplessly.

Yuan Ling’s eyes widened as if she was playing mahjong.

Qi Yiyun was so beautiful that she even took the initiative to like Samuel, but Samuel did not like her!

“Miss Qi, he doesn’t like you. Then, you… what did you do that night?” Yuan Ling’s head was buzzing. How could a goddess like Qi Yiyun be willing to take the initiative to throw herself at Samuel?

“That night?” Qi Yiyun sighed heavily and said, “If something really happened that night, that would be good. Unfortunately, there was nothing.”

Yuan Ling only felt that her worldview had been destroyed because of Qi Yiyun’s attitude. She wanted to have a relationship with Samuel, but Samuel was unwilling.

What the hell was this!?

Isn’t Samuel a pervert?

This guy didn’t even let the company’s receptionist go. In the face of such a beautiful woman like Qi Yiyun, he could remain indifferent. Wasn’t it a joke?

“Miss Qi, are you telling the truth?” Yuan Ling asked in disbelief.

Qi Yiyun dared to face her feelings for Samuel directly. She was not afraid of outsiders knowing her situation. However, this kind of thing was over. There was no need to go on.

“Just wait for dinner. His cooking skills will definitely amaze you.” Qi Yiyun changed the topic.

When Yuan Ling saw that Qi Yiyun didn’t mention it again, she could only treat what she said as a joke. Maybe it was just a kind of ridicule to Samuel. How could a goddess like her like Samuel? And how could she want to take the initiative to climb into his bed? This was even more absurd.

As the fragrance kept coming from the kitchen, Yuan Ling, who was watching TV in the living room, couldn’t remain calm anymore.

She did not believe Samuel’s culinary skills. Nor did she believe that he could make delicious food. But what was wrong with the smell?

Yuan Ling could not help but swallow and ask Qi Yiyun, “Is he really that good?”

“There are many things about him that are more powerful. It’s just that you have never seen them.” In Qi Yiyun’s heart, Samuel was almost a perfect man. She could not find any flaws in him. Otherwise, she would not have been unable to extricate herself.

Yuan Ling curled her lips. She did not have a good first impression of Samuel, so even until now, she did not want to admit that Samuel was excellent, but there were some facts that could not be denied.

After the four dishes and one soup were cooked, Yuan Ling sat at the dining table. She asked Samuel incredulously, “Did you cook all these? Did you secretly order a takeaway behind our backs?”

“Put down your name. You don’t need me to remind you,” Samuel said with a smile.

Yuan Ling pouted. She was so full of herself that it was too late for regrets. Moreover, the so-called takeaway was just a struggle. She was sitting in the living room. If there was really a takeaway, unless the takeaway had the function of invisibility, how could she not see it?

“When did I say something like that? You must have misheard,” Yuan Ling said with her head lowered.

“Eat quickly. When you’re done, go home quickly. Qi Yiyun and I still have matters to discuss,” Samuel reminded Yuan Ling.

Yuan Ling was stunned. She despised Samuel in her heart.

“Something to discuss?”

There was nothing wrong with a man and a woman living together in the same room.

“Sure enough, he is a pervert.”

When Yuan Ling despised Samuel, Qi Yiyun was praying in her heart. She hoped that something could happen to Samuel tonight. Just like what she thought, if she couldn’t get the heart, at least she had to get the man. This kind of life would not have too much regrets.

Yuan Ling took a bite of the food made by Samuel and couldn’t stop eating. She was completely immersed in the charm of the food and ate without any image.

Qi Yiyun was very careful in the process of eating, for fear that she would destroy the makeup. She had to maintain a perfect image in front of Samuel.

After lunch, Yuan Ling propped up her belly and left. Samuel cleaned up the mess and washed the dishes before walking into the living room.

Qi Yiyun appeared a little nervous. After all, this was something she had never experienced in her life. Although she had been looking forward to it for a long time, she still felt a little afraid.

“Don’t be so nervous. I’m not going to do anything to you. I’m asking you to come here because I want you to give me some ideas. How can I spend my money?” Samuel said to Qi Yiyun.

“Spend the money?” Qi Yiyun raised her head and looked at Samuel in confusion.

“Yes, I’m going to squander. I’m going to squander like a spendthrift,” Samuel said.

Although Samuel was born in a famous family, he was not as lucky as those rich second generations. Because he was excluded, he had never tried to live a luxurious life. For a while, he could not figure out how to spend money so that he could be more like a prodigal son.

Samuel didn’t know the purpose of Nangong Boling sending him to the U.S., but he wanted to build a image for Nangong Boling, but he accidentally caught the core.

Nangong Boling hoped Samuel would be lost in money.

As for Samuel, he wanted to use his lust and prodigalism to make Nangong Boling think that he was very easy to control.

Of course, spending money was a simple thing, but it should be spent as much as spending for a domineering second generation. This was a learning method.

“Are you crazy or are you money from heaven?” Qi Yiyun asked in doubt.

“You don’t have to worry about the reason. Just teach me how to spend money,” Samuel said.

“I don’t know.” Qi Yiyun said angrily. She had come with other hopes. She did not expect Samuel to make such a request, which made her very angry.

“You’re the eldest daughter of the Qi family. How can you not do that?” Samuel said, “You’re the only one who can help me with this.”

“Sure. You need my help. Help me first,” said Qi Yiyun.

“What’s the matter?” Samuel asked curiously.

Qi Yiyun stood up, stretched out her slender hand, and said, “Take me back to the room.”

Samuel’s eyelids jumped. This woman was so explicit that she made such a request directly.

Although Samuel had once been blocked in the bathroom by Qi Yiyun, he had rejected Qi Yiyun many times. He didn’t expect that she would have such an idea now.

“You know that I will not do anything bad to Yvonne.” Samuel said faintly.

“Then I can’t help you,” said Qi Yiyun through gritted teeth.

Samuel didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He said, “You must have made a lot of friends in the Chinese District. Just introduce me to a circle.”

“In what name? Are you my boyfriend?” Qi Yiyun said persistently.

“I’m married and I still have a child. You’re very likely to be Han Nian’s godmother,” Samuel said lightly.

Qi Yiyun was so anxious that her eyes turned red and tears instantly rolled down her cheeks.

She didn’t want to be Han Nian’s godmother.

“Who wants to be her godmother? Be a stepmother!” Qi Yiyun blurted out in desperation.

Samuel could not bring himself to laugh when he heard that. He tugged Qi Yiyun’s hand and gestured for her to sit down.

Qi Yiyun felt the warmth coming from Samuel’s palm. She burst into tears and threw herself into Samuel’s arms, hugging him tightly.

Samuel spread out his hands and did not push Qi Yiyun away, nor did he make a gesture of hugging her.

“Do you know how much I love you? Why are you unwilling to give me a chance?” Qi Yiyun wailed.

Samuel sighed and said, “I don’t have a chance to give you. I’m married.”

“There are still countries that allow polyhusband and multi-wife in the world. Can’t you immigrate?” Qi Yiyun said, hitting Samuel’s chest with her hammer.

This ridiculous idea had never crossed Samuel’s mind, because it was not a problem of the system. It was because his feelings for Yvonne could not be mixed with Qi Yiyun’s existence.

“It’s impossible for us to do that,” Samuel said firmly.

Qi Yiyun, who was close in his arms, suddenly trembled, and her whole body became stiff.

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