Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1100

Back home, Yuan Ling tried to help Samuel with her own methods. It was indeed effective, but it would take some time before Samuel could fully recover. Then, Yuan Ling went to help Tang Zong find a house.

She was very concerned about Tang Zong’s affairs and didn’t want to be careless. Even if there was a house to sell, she would look at the living environment from her own point of view.

Love at first sight was supposed to be an impossible thing in Yuan Ling’s eyes, but this kind of impossible thing seemed to have happened little by little.

It’s a pity that the flower falls for the water, but the water is heartless. Tang Zong himself doesn’t have that kind of thoughts. All of his thoughts are on Samuel.

“Brother Samuel, before I came here, I’ve already investigated the company you mentioned. What do you want me to do?” Tang Zong asked Samuel.

“All the middle and senior leaders of the company have to be replaced. You need to train your own confidants in the U.S.,” Samuel said. If he wanted to establish a foothold in the U.S., he had to have his own power. Now he could take advantage of the power to let Tang Zong develop and spend Nangong Boling’s money to do his own business. This was a win-win situation for Samuel.

Tang Zong nodded his head. Although he didn’t know what Samuel’s plan was, since Samuel had given him a mission, he would do it according to what he said.

“I want you to be at the peak position in the Chinese District of the US. What do you think?” Samuel said.

Although Tang Zong had achieved a certain level in Bin County, it was just a small county after all. He never felt proud of himself, nor did he think that he was as powerful as the rumors said.

This place was the U.S., also known as the world’s most powerful economy. Although it was only a Chinese District, in Tang Zong’s view, it was still an incredible thing.

But would Tang Zong be suspicious of Samuel’s words?

Of course not!

In Tang Zong’s heart, Samuel was an omnipotent god. As long as he said it, he would definitely be able to do it!

Tang Zong stood up and said sternly and firmly, “Brother Samuel, I won’t let you down for anything you want me to do.”

“Yuan Ling is a good assistant. You can talk to her more. I’m going to rest.” Samuel closed his eyes. He felt a headache, as if someone was drilling his temples with a drill.

Tang Zong silently left Samuel’s room and came to the living room. After a while, Yuan Ling came back with some information.

Quite a few houses nearby were sold. After Yuan Ling’s screening, there were only two houses left. She had already checked these two houses and found that the environment was very good and suitable for living.

“I’ve already found two houses for you. Which one do you like?” Yuan Ling said to Tang Zong with a slight blush on her face, as if she was a little shy in front of Tang Zong.

“There’s no need to look at it. It’s fine as long as it’s the closest to Brother Samuel,” Tang Zong said. It was meaningless to him what kind of environment he would live in. Since he had come to Samuel’s side, he wouldn’t care about such a small matter. As long as he was close enough to Samueland he would be able to appear in front of Samuel in the shortest amount of time when Samuel was looking for him, that would be ok.

“Don’t you think about the environment and the layout of the houses?” Yuan Ling asked in confusion. Living comfortably in a house was the first requirement, but Tang Zong didn’t seem to care at all.

“For me, it’s enough as long as I have a bed to sleep on. I’m not here for a vacation,” Tang Zong said.

“Samuel won’t oppress you on purpose, will he?” Yuan Ling said discontentedly, for Tang Zong’s sake.

“Oppress me?” Tang Zong smiled and said, “Brother Samuel will only give me chances. How can he coerce me? If you don’t understand, don’t talk nonsense.”

Yuan Ling had felt that Tang Zong’s attitude towards Samuel was very strict when they first met. However, in her eyes, it was obvious that Tang Zong was more outstanding. Although Samuel was capable, he couldn’t compare with Tang Zong in character. So she couldn’t understand why Tang Zong treated Samuel like this. Even if they were a boss and a subordinate, he wouldn’t be like this.

Could it be that he was just a flatterer?

“He’s not here. Do you need to flatter him? Even if you do so, he won’t be able to see it.” Yuan Ling said unhappily. After all, she was doing this for Tang Zong’s good, but he didn’t appreciate it at all.

“Whatever you want to think is your own business. I don’t want to explain. Just give me a house nearest to Brother Samuel,” Tang Zong said calmly.

Yuan Ling gritted her teeth and said indignantly, “The doghouse is near. Do you want to live there?”

“If I can live here, I don’t care.” Tang Zong said.

Yuan Ling was furious. “This guy is really a flatterer. He is willing to live in a dog’s den as long as he is closer to Samuel.”

“I really misjudged you. I didn’t expect you to be the reincarnation of a flatterer,” Yuan Ling said disdainfully.

Tang Zong couldn’t be bothered to explain, nor did he need to. He didn’t care what Yuan Ling thought of him at all.

But Yuan Ling was different. She was looking forward to hearing what Tang Zong would say so that she could have an excuse to change her view of Tang Zong.

However, Yuan Ling was doomed to be disappointed. She could not understand the kind of gratitude of the man, who was so down on the street, had shown to Samuel.

This wasn’t flattery, it was Tang Zong’s gratitude for Samuel’s kindness.

Yuan Ling looked at Tang Zong with disappointment. Her love for the first time turned into calm water again.

“I’ll help you find it,” Yuan Ling said indifferently.

“Thank you,” Tang Zong said.

Yuan Ling shook her head in disdain and left home.

After resting at home for a whole day, Samuel finally returned to normal. But obviously, the thing that happened last night with Qi Yiyun would not go away with the drunkenness of alcohol. For a man like Samuel, who had a strong sense of responsibility, he had been trying to make up for Qi Yiyun. Even if he could not let it go, he would try his best to make up for it.

The next day, Samuel brought Tang Zong to the company.

Yesterday Yuan Ling’s performance was obvious to Samuel. For someone like him who was proficient in the love between men and women, he could already feel Yuan Ling’s adoration for Tang Zong. But today, he felt it was a little strange. Yuan Ling’s gaze towards Tang Zong had a hint of coldness in it. What was going on?

Could it be that Yuan Ling is such a heartbreaker that she has lost interest in Tang Zong so quickly?

“Give Tang Zong a detailed introduction of the company’s situation. Then, call up all the middle and upper echelons for a meeting,” Samuel said to Yuan Ling.

Yuan Ling nodded and did what she was supposed to do. She didn’t have any personal relationships because in her heart, her affection for Tang Zong had turned into contempt for him. She even thought that the reason why Tang Zong was entrusted with such an important position was that he would suck up to Samuel. However, people like him didn’t have any ability to speak of.

After introducing the company’s situation, the three of them walked toward the conference room.

All the middle and high-level officials were there, and they were all trembling with fear. After all, Sun Yi had been driven out of the company, and they used to be in cahoots with Sun Yi. No one knew what kind of bad luck would fall on them.

“Hello, President Hannigan.”

“Hello, President Hannigan.”

“Hello, President Hannigan.”

Everyone stood up and shouted at Samuel respectfully. This had not happened during the last meeting. At that time, everyone looked at Samuel with disdain in their eyes. They were not as afraid as they were now.

“His name is Tang Zong. From today onwards, he will take over Sun Yi’s position. Do you have any objections?” Samuel asked faintly.

“No, of course not. President Hannigan’s appointment is definitely wise.”

“That’s right. Under President Tang’s leadership, the company will definitely have a better development.”

“President Hannigan’s eyes are really extraordinary. Mr. Tang is a top talent at first glance. It’s our good fortune to be led by him.”

The group of people made great efforts to get on Samuel’s side. Even Samuel felt a little disgusted, not to mention Yuan Ling. At this time, Yuan Ling’s eyes were almost rolling across the sky.

In Yuan Ling’s opinion, the company would be finished sooner or later, because he was a person who relied on flattery and had a group of flatterers as his subordinates.

“Tang Zong, I’ll leave the matters of the company to you. You can make decisions on your own. You don’t have to inform me on purpose,” Samuel said to Tang Zong. His words gave Tang Zong the greatest authority.

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