Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1103

Fang Shuo was obviously overcome by hatred. His whole body was trembling slightly, which showed that he was already extremely angry.

Samuel wanted him to do it, and he wanted that he could bring everyone to do it. In this way, they would be at loggerheads.

However, an inopportune voice suddenly rang out at this moment.

“I didn’t expect that there would still be a lively scene. It seems that I really came at the right time.” As the voice fell, Fang Shuo and the others all looked towards the owner of the voice.

To Samuel, this was a strange face. However, to the other party, this face obviously held a higher status.

“Brother Hao.”

“Brother Hao.”

“Brother Hao.”

Being able to make this group of rich second generations obediently call him “brother” and even full of respect, Samuel probably guessed who he was.

At this time, Shu Yang walked to Samuel and whispered, “He is Ma Feihao.”

Although Shu Yang had tried his best to control his emotions, Samuel could still hear the anger in his voice.

However, it was normal for Shu Yang to be angry. After all, Shu Yang’s situation today was Ma Feihao’s fault. When enemies met, their eyes would naturally turn red with envy.

“Brother Hao, you came at the right time.” Fang Shuo looked at Samuel with a sinister smile. He had called Ma Feihao on purpose. He knew that he couldn’t beat Samuel, so he had to ask Ma Feihao to help.

Ma Feihao nodded and looked at Shu Yang scornfully.

“Shu Yang, how dare you come back? You’re bold.” A woman with red hair stood beside Ma Feihao. She was tall and sexy. When she said this, Ma Feihao deliberately held her in his arms.

This woman had once been Shu Yang’s girlfriend. He had even thought that she was his lifelong object. However, he had never expected that his beloved woman would give him a fatal blow at a critical moment.

“Shu Yang, do you still think you haven’t lost enough face? Isn’t it good to guard your damaged repair factory?” The woman said impatiently to Shu Yang.

“It’s none of your business whether I lost my face or not,” said Shu Yang in a deep voice.

“Anyway, we used to be a couple in name. I’m thinking for you. Don’t be ungrateful.” The woman looked at him with disgust.

“Ungrateful?” A cold smile appeared at the corners of Shu Yang’s mouth. He said, “You’re really kind. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have ended up like this.”

“Shu Yang, are you blaming me? You’ve been with me for almost three years. You don’t dare to do anything except holding my hand. I even suspect that you’re not a man at all. If I’m with a good-for-nothing, won’t I be satisfied for the rest of my life?” the woman said with a mocking smile.

Shu Yang was different from other rich second generations. He put most of his mind on racing. He was very sincere when it came to women and relationships. He would never do anything irresponsible to those women. He thought that his inaction was because of his respect for her, but he didn’t expect that she would think that he was incompetent.

“Shu Yang, I didn’t expect you to have such a hidden illness.”

“No wonder I’ve never heard of your florist news. It’s not that you don’t want to play, but that you don’t have the ability to play at all.”

“Tut-tut, I didn’t expect you to be a modern eunuch.”

The few of them also started laughing at Shu Yang.

Samuel was the one who understood what was going on in Shu Yang’s heart. That was because he had the same experience. Although the reason was different from that of Shu Yang, he had also been mocked by the people around him.

At this time, Ma Feihao patted the woman’s butt and said with a smile, “You can’t underestimate my former brother. He has found a backer now.”

“Humph.” The woman snorted scornfully and said, “I don’t know where this contemptible scoundrel comes from. Is he really Shu Yang’s backer?”

When she said this, the woman looked at Samuel from head to toe. For her, people without brands were trash.

Ma Feihao laughed and turned to Shu Yang and asked, “I’m curious too. Why did you find such a good-for-nothing to help you turn the situation around? What ability does he have? Or do you want to struggle for a while and refuse to accept your fate?”

After Ma Feihao arrived, Samuel just glanced at him and focused on the man next to Ma Feihao.

He should be Ma Feihao’s bodyguard. A good-for-nothing like Ma Feihao didn’t deserve Samuel’s attention at all. He had to know if he was a match for Ma Feihao’s bodyguard. If he couldn’t beat Ma Feihao’s guard, there was no need to show off. However, if Ma Feihao’s bodyguard was weak in the outside and weak in the inside, Samuel would teach him a lesson today.

The posture of the bodyguard’s arms were crossed over his chest, and his head was slightly raised. This subconscious action also represented his pride, but unfortunately, his strength was not too strong.

A real master would carry a powerful aura. For example, when he met Gong Tian in the Nangong clan, he would have a strong aura. Even if he didn’t fight, he would give people a strong sense of oppression, but this bodyguard didn’t.

“Ma Feihao, I advise you to be respectful to Brother Hannigan,” said Shu Yang.

“Respect? Ha, ha, ha, ha.” Ma Feihao burst out laughing and said, “Why should I respect such a good-for-nothing?”

Although Ma Feihao had heard the bald man talk about Samuel’s power, he wouldn’t believe it if he didn’t see it with his own eyes.

And at this moment, the person standing beside him was the strongest one among his family’s bodyguards. Even if there was an Earth-level bodyguard of the Hannigan family, he had never lost before, so Ma Feihao was completely fearless.

“Ma Feihao, you are so arrogant. Is this bodyguard your capital?” Samuel asked lightly.

Ma Feihao raised his eyebrows and looked at Samuel. He said, “That’s right. If you have the ability, do you dare to fight with him?”

Hearing Ma Feihao’s words, the others couldn’t help laughing. They were very clear about Ma Feihao’s bodyguard’s strength. Five people had failed to defeat him together. How could Samuel be a match for him?

“Brother Hao, are you kidding? How dare a good-for-nothing like him fight with your bodyguards?”

“Yeah, I remember that the blind guy from last time is still lying in the hospital.”

“More than just lying down. I heard that he hasn’t left ICU yet.”

Hearing these words, Ma Feihao smiled proudly and said, “Don’t scare him. What if he wet his pants? I don’t want to smell his urine.”

If someone else said something like that, Fang Shuo would definitely bear a grudge against him. However, Ma Feihao said that, Fang Wei could only smile.

“You find two more people, I’m afraid that your bodyguard can’t help but being beaten,” Samuel said lightly.

“Dude, you’re really good at boasting. Why don’t you kneel down? I’ll take you as a flatterer. From now on, I promise you that you won’t have to worry about food or clothing. You have too many women to play with. Why do you have to stand up for a piece of trash like Shu Yang?” Ma Feihao said with a smile. Of course, he was just teasing Samuel. Even if Samuel really knelt down, he would not let go of him.

However, would Samuel kneel down?

It was obviously impossible.

In this world, only Yvonne had the right to make him kneel on one knee. Han Tianyang had the right to make him kneel on two knees. Samuel’s knees would not bend for anyone.

“Since you’re courting death, I might as well give you this chance.” Samuel’s smile gradually disappeared, and his face darkened.

When the bodyguard saw this, the corner of his mouth rose slightly. With a contemptuous expression, he said to Ma Feihao, “Young master, stay away from me. I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.”

Hearing this, Ma Feihao said coldly, “Don’t beat him to death. I have to play with this good-for-nothing.”

The bodyguard nodded confidently.

Seeing Ma Feihao’s back, the others also followed him, for fear of being implicated.

“You took the money to get rid of the disaster on behalf of others. You must have thought that this day would come sooner or later, so don’t blame me,” Samuel said to the bodyguard.

His words seemed to be inexplicable to the others, but the bodyguards understood what he meant.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone as arrogant as you. It’s a pity that you kicked the iron plate today,” the bodyguard said coldly.

The corners of Samuel’s mouth lifted. He squatted down slightly and was ready to go.

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