Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1107

“I’ve said all of them, of course Ma Feihao is included,” Samuel said, taking it for granted.

Qi Yiyun was so scared that her mouth opened wide. She was dumbfounded, and the grapes in her hands unconsciously fell to the ground.

Samuel didn’t notice that Qi Yiyun had put it in her mouth just now. He thought that it had accidentally fallen to the ground, so he picked it up, wiped the dust casually, and put it into his mouth.

“Are you surprised?” Samuel said absent-mindedly.

Qi Yiyun suddenly stood up and said, “It’s more than surprise. It’s incredible. Do you know that even Han Yan has to give him some face? You actually asked him to kneel down!”

“Han Yan is just one of my dogs,” Samuel said coolly. “She gave face to Ma Feihao, does that mean I’m going to do it?”

“This…” Qi Yiyun was speechless. These words were very reasonable and there was no place for her to refute them, but she still felt it unbelievable. After all, she knew Ma Feihao’s temper very well. He was domineering and arrogant, and he did not put anyone in the Chinese District in his eyes.

He even stabbed Shu Yang in the back for his own benefit. How could such an arrogant person be willing to kneel down to Samuel?

“You’re really amazing. You can actually force Ma Feihao to kneel down.” Qi Yiyun sighed and sat back on the sofa.

“Is this amazing?”

To Samuel, this was just a small matter. He did not even care about it at all.

“Women are really short-sighted. Isn’t that awesome?” Samuel said disdainfully.

Qi Yiyun did not care about Samuel’s sarcasm. Instead, she asked, “What on earth do you want to do? Do you know what will happen if you offend so many people?”

Samuel had also asked himself this question, but at this stage, he could only force himself to set a goal and find one thing to do.

Samuel didn’t know what Nangong Boling wanted him to do.

Samuel didn’t know how long he would stay in the United States.

So during this boring time, Samuel had to find something to deal with.

To change the situation in Chinese District was just a way for Samuel to pass the time, because he himself was a man who couldn’t afford to be idle.

Samuel used to take Yvonne to work and cook for her, which made him feel very satisfied. He did not need to care about worldly affairs, but now, without Yvonne by his side, he could only find other things to kill time.

“There is nothing special about it,” Samuel said. “It’s just that I’m bored. I plan to establish some of my own power here. For me, either don’t do it, if I want to do it, I have to do it inthe best way.”

Qi Yiyun could not help rolling her eyes. From Samuel’s words, it seemed that he was bored, so he had to wave his flag in the Chinese District and do his best to gain his power.

This method of killing time was likely something that Samuel would be able to do. If it was someone else, it was likely that they would not even dare to think about it.

“If I hadn’t known you for a long time, I would have thought you were bragging,” said Qi Yiyun. No one would believe such words if they were heard by anyone.

“What? Is such a trivial matter too exaggerated for you?” Samuel said with a smile.

“Don’t you know that you’ll be struck by lightning if you pretend to be strong?” Qi Yiyun said helplessly.

Samuel clapped his hands, stood up, and said, “It’s almost time. What would you like to eat tonight? I’ll cook for you.”

Qi Yiyun was full of joy, and she couldn’t help but show a charming smile on her face. She said, “Whatever you cook, I’ll eat it. Anyway, you’re good at cooking and it’s delicious no matter what you cook.”

Samuel shrugged helplessly and went to the kitchen.

The Hannigan family’s villa area.

Although those people were embarrassed by what had happened on the race track, some people still couldn’t help but reveal what had happened. Han Yan, who had received the news, sat on the sofa in the living room with a frown.

Even from Han Yan’s point of view, she did not dare to do such a thing.

Samuel had made countless enemies and almost offended the whole Chinese region. She couldn’t imagine what he was going to do. His arrogance was reasonable in Cloud City, but this was the Chinese District, which was not a place where he could control. So Han Yan couldn’t figure out why he would do these things.

“What do you want to do? Are you going to hurt me on purpose?” Han Yan said to herself. In her opinion, it was likely that Samuel had left this mess for her on purpose. After all, Samuel had no foundation and attachment here. He could leave at any time. Once this responsibility fell on the Hannigan family, it would be a fatal blow to the Hannigan family.

Han Yan took a deep breath, stood up, and walked toward a small building in the deepest part of the villa area.

This place could be said to be the forbidden zone of the Hannigan family. Even the relatives of the Hannigan family did not dare to set foot here easily.

Even if Han Li came here, he had to inform him in advance.

This was because the one who lived here was Han Tiansheng, who had single-handedly established the Hannigan family empire!

The old man, who was getting older, no longer asked about business affairs. Instead, he lived a leisurely life of raising fish and stalling birds in his yard and did not want to be disturbed by anyone.

In those days, Han Tiansheng looked down on Han Tianyang very much. He thought that Han Tianyang had no ability at all. He followed him to eat and drink, so he completely treated Han Tianyang as a servant, which caused Han Tianyang to return to the country angrily, and the grudge between the two brothers was formed.

After so many years, Han Tiansheng still thought that it was stupid for Han Tianyang to return to the country. In his bones, this old man looked down on his own brother.

Han Tiansheng sat on a rattan chair and played with the caged sparrow. When Han Yan appeared, his face showed a very unhappy expression.

“What are you doing here?” Han Tiansheng asked coldly, as if this granddaughter was an outsider.

“Grandpa.” Han Yan lowered her head and greeted him respectfully. She was very clear that Han Tiansheng valued blood ties very little, to the point where he didn’t care at all. Unless it was absolutely necessary, she wouldn’t want to see Han Tiansheng.

“Get out of here if there’s nothing else. I don’t want to see anyone,” Han Tiansheng said mercilessly.

“Grandpa, there’s one thing I don’t understand. I hope I can get your answer,” Han Yan said.

Han Tiansheng snorted coldly and said, “You have now become the householder of the Hannigan family. If you can’t even handle a small matter, what qualifications do you have?”

Han Yan gritted her teeth. She had no feelings for her grandfather. After all, she had never received Han Tiansheng’s care since she was a child. But now, there was a huge potential danger in the Hannigan family, so she had to ask him for help.

“Grandpa, this trouble is not a small matter. If not, I will not trouble you. Moreover, it is related to the Hannigan family in Swallow City,” Han Yan said.

Han Tiansheng frowned and his expression became even more unhappy. He said, “Are the younger generation of the Hannigan family so incompetent that they can’t even deal with such a good-for-nothing?”

In Han Tiansheng’s eyes, no matter what accomplishments the Hannigan family had in Swallow City, they were all good-for-nothings and did not deserve his attention at all.

“The descendant of the Hannigan family in Swallow City Samuel has already arrived at the Chinese District of the U.S,” Han Yan said.

“I have already given these fools a way out, and they still dare to come to the U.S.? Are they going to shamelessly return to the Hannigan family?” Han Tiansheng sneered disdainfully.

“This man is called Samuel. He did one thing today and asked all the descendants of the Chinese family to kneel down to him. Now, he has set up many enemies,” Han Yan continued.

“This kind of good-for-nothing is really looking for death. Even my Hannigan family doesn’t dare to do this. He is so bold. Since he wants to die, let him go,” Han Tiansheng said.

“Grandpa, I don’t think it’s that simple. He deliberately offended these people. It’s impossible that there is no reason. In my opinion, he deliberately wanted to leave the mess for us to clean up and put all the responsibilities on us,” Han Yan said.

After hearing this, Han Tiansheng’s expression finally became serious. He also knew that if this responsibility fell on the Hannigan family in the US, it would lead to a serious consequence.

The Hannigan family had a foothold in the Chinese area and had even become the first family, but it did not mean that the Hannigan family could compete with all the well-known families in the Chinese District.

“This kind of incompetent junior only knows how to use such shameless means. Han Tianyang, you’ve really taught him how to be a talent.” Han Tiansheng said disdainfully.

“Grandpa, what should we do?” Han Yan asked. This was why she had come to find Han Tiansheng.

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