Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1113

Ever since Yuan Ling became Tang Zong’s assistant, she hadn’t seen Samuel for several days. This made her feel that her world was cleaner, because when she faced this playboy, there would be an unforgettable sense of rejection in her heart.

It’s a pity that in the face of Tang Zong, Yuan Ling was not very good now, because in her eyes, Tang Zong was a person who relied on flattery to get a promotion, and such a person was not likable in her heart. The original good impression of Tang Zong also disappeared because of this thought.

Yuan Ling really couldn’t understand why there was always such a shortcuted person in this world. They didn’t have the ability, but with just their mouths, they could really ascend to the throne.

But there was one thing that Yuan Ling couldn’t deny—when Tang Zong had devoted himself to his work, she hadn’t seen anyone else’s energy was better. Moreover, under Tang Zong’s simple reorganization, the company had indeed lost a lot of mouse shit. His powerful methods had forced high-level personnel to leave one after another, and it was those people who had taken the initiative to leave. They didn’t have to worry about the impact of the action.

At this time, Yuan Ling was in a daze when her cell phone suddenly rang.

Seeing the caller ID, Yuan Ling was in high spirits.

“Boss.” Yuan Ling picked up the phone and called him cautiously.

“Help me deliver a message to Samuel. No matter who you face, you don’t need to be merciful,” said Nangong Boling.

Yuan Ling didn’t quite understand what he meant. She could only nod and say, “Boss, don’t worry. I’ll go find him right away.”

After hanging up, Yuan Ling knocked on Tang Zong’s office door.

Tang Zong raised his head in displeasure and said, “Didn’t I tell you not to disturb me?”

“President Tang, I’m going to find President Hannigan. If you need anything, please let the others know,” Yuan Ling said.

Speaking of Samuel, Tang Zong’s expression immediately changed. He said, “Be careful on the way.”

This kind of concern did not cause Yuan Ling to appreciate it. On the contrary, in her heart, she mercilessly looked down on Tang Zong.

If it weren’t for Samuel, why would he care so much about her? This guy was afraid that the horses would be ripe, so he wouldn’t let go of any chance.

She took a taxi to Samuel’s house. There was only Qi Yiyun at home, so she could only sit on the sofa and wait for Samuel.

The more Yuan Ling looked at Qi Yiyun, the more unfair she felt for her. “Such a beautiful goddess, so many young talents want to pursue her, but she just has to be with Samuel. I really can’t figure it out.”

If it were her, she wouldn’t even look at Samuel a second time.

“Miss Qi, are you and Samuel a couple?” Yuan Ling could not help asking.

“To me unilaterally, I’m willing to think so, but he won’t admit it,” Qi Yiyun said frankly. She didn’t need to deliberately hide her feelings now, because she wasn’t in Cloud City. If she needed to be careful, it would be too painful for Qi Yiyun.

Yuan Ling controlled the urge to roll her eyes. What kind of virtue did Samuel have to make Qi Yiyun have an unrequited love? It was unbelievable.

“Miss Qi, there are so many people wooing you. What’s so good about Samuel?” Yuan Ling asked in confusion.

“If you really understand him, perhaps you will like him too.” Qi Yiyun said with a smile. Samuel was a very strange person. The more she understood him, the more she would be addicted to his charm. Back then, Qi Yiyun had only wanted to use him. At that time, she would never have dreamed of falling in love with him and would not be able to extricate herself.

Now, Qi Yiyun didn’t even know why she loved Samuel so deeply. She didn’t even care about her family for him.

However, love was something that could not be explained.

“Hey.” Yuan Ling scoffed at these words. How could she fall in love with a playboy like Samuel? She hated men like Samuel, who treated women as playthings the most.

“I don’t like playboys like them. In the eyes of such people, women are playthings. As long as they get tired of you, you will be kicked away by them,” Yuan Ling said.

“Playboy?” Qi Yiyun laughed. Samuel was actually a playboy in Yuan Ling’s heart?

If he could be called a playboy, who in this world would dare to say that he was not a playboy?

In Samuel’s mind, Yvonne had always been the only one. No other girl was worthy of his attention. Even today, when Qi Yiyun deliberately dressed sexily at home, Samuel would not take a second look at her.

Other than Samuel, there was probably no other man who was the most upright and honest man in the world.

He was definitely an existence as rare as a phoenix feather or a unicorn horn among men.

“Isn’t that the case?” Yuan Ling said.

“Your misunderstanding of him is too deep. It means that you don’t know him at all,” said Qi Yiyun.

Yuan Ling felt that Qi Yiyun must have been possessed or poisoned. Otherwise, why would she protect Samuel so much?

She did not know what spirit pills and miraculous medicines Samuel had that could make Qi Yiyun so unable to extricate herself.

“Miss Qi, I’ll say something disrespectful. Looking at you, you’re already crazy. You actually think Samuel is a good man,” said Yuan Ling. She was not afraid that Qi Yiyun would turn against her.In that case, she would be doom..

“He’s actually married,” said Qi Yiyun with a smile.

Yuan Ling’s eyes widened. “This playboy is married!”

However, he was already married. Wouldn’t he be a scumbag?

“He even has a wife, but he’s still fooling around outside!”

“His wife is a famous young lady in China, but her status in the family is not high and she is at the mercy of others. At the beginning, when he married into this young lady’s family, he suffered all kinds of insults, but he never had any dissatisfaction for this woman. Do you know how it feels to marry a Young Master of Swallow City who is willing to marry into a second-rate family in Cloud City? Moreover, he is willing to do laundry and cook for this woman and is also willing to be insulted to be a good-for-nothing. Can you imagine how deep his feelings for this woman are?”

At this time, the envy on Qi Yiyun’s face had unconsciously flowed out. After a pause, she continued, “He has been scolded as a good-for-nothing for three years and looked down upon for three years because of this woman. He is willing to protect this woman silently. Even if his family is much better than the so-called League of Strong Families, he never has resentment. Do you know what his happiest thing is?”

Yuan Ling was stunned. Samuel was a live-in son-in-law. In Yuan Ling’s opinion, it was very strange to have a live-in son-in-law in a family whose status was lower than that of a family.

However, since that was the case, there must be a reason. Yuan Ling did not ask, but she was very curious about what the so-called happiness of Samuel was.

“What is it?” Yuan Ling could not help but ask.

“He once said that when he was happiest, he would take that woman to work and cook for her.” Qi Yiyun smiled and shed tears of envy.

Yuan Ling was shocked. It seemed to be completely different from the Samuel that she knew.

“Since he loves that woman so much, why, why did he do it with you…” Yuan Ling didn’t finish her words, but the meaning of her words was very clear.

Qi Yiyun shook her head bitterly and said, “In your eyes, he and I have an affair, but nothing happened between us. I just wanted to share some care with her, so I pestered Samuel.”

These words completely subverted Yuan Ling’s values. Qi Yiyun could not help but cling to Samuel, and Samuel did not accept it. More importantly, what Qi Yiyun wanted was just some care.

However, even if Samuel was a good man, Yuan Ling could not understand Qi Yiyun’s mentality. She knew that there was no result, why would she force it?

“Miss Qi, if that’s the case, why don’t you give up?” Yuan Ling asked in confusion.

“There are some people who love each other. No matter what they do, they can’t be changed. Do you think I’m willing to do that? I just can’t extricate myself.” Qi Yiyun lowered her head and her cheeks were full of tears.

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