Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1126

Ma Feihao’s words made Ma Yu suddenly stop.

Seeing the eager look on Ma Feihao’s face, Ma Yu’s face darkened. “This guy has a grudge against Samuel?”

Even he could only take care of Samuel now. How could Ma Feihao still dream of taking revenge on him?

“What grudge do you have?” Ma Yu asked in a deep voice.

Ma Feihao talked about the race with excitement. Of course, he exaggerated himself and said that he was the weaker party. The more he talked about it, the more wronged he looked. He almost cried.

Ma Yu knew very well what kind of person Ma Feihao was, and he also knew how to add fuel to the fire. Even if what he said was true, Ma Yu did not dare to help him take revenge.

“Fortunately, you knelt down to him. If he knelt down to you, you will be finished.” After hearing Ma Feihao’s story, Ma Yu said with a look of relief.

Ma Feihao looked at Ma Yu in confusion. As an uncle, how could he still be so calm when he heard that his nephew was wronged?

“Uncle, leave him to me,” Ma Feihao said.

“From today on, you will be his lackey. Only in this way can you live longer.” Ma Yu said.

“Ah!” Ma Feihao looked at Ma Yu in astonishment and said doubtfully, “Uncle, how could it be possible for me to be a lackey of this good-for-nothing?”

Ma Yu smiled coldly. Although Ma Feihao was his nephew, Ma Feihao’s evaluation of Samuel still made him very unhappy.

This was an apprentice acknowledged by Elder Yi. Even if he was not qualified to judge Samuel, how could Ma Feihao be qualified to do that?

“Hum.” Ma Yu snorted coldly and said, “Do you know who Samuel is now?”

“Who is it?” Ma Feihao was confused. He thought that it was reasonable for Ma Yu to give Samuel to him for revenge. After all, Ma Yu was his uncle, so he couldn’t turn his back on him. However, Ma Yu seemed to be partial to Samuel.

“There is a big shot who wants to take him as a disciple. His status is much higher than mine. If I had come later today, I’m afraid that even my own life would be in danger. Do you think you are still qualified to take revenge? Unless you want the Ma Family to be destroyed,” Ma Yu said indifferently.

Ma Feihao looked at Ma Yu in shock. In his mind, Ma Yu was already a very powerful figure. How could an even more powerful figure accept Samuel as an apprentice?

What kind of luck did this good-for-nothing have to be able to become the disciple of such a big shot?

“Uncle, I don’t have a chance to take revenge?” Ma Feihao said, unwilling to give up. He had been overwhelmed by emotions before, but now he was so nervous that he couldn’t accept it. Moreover, he wanted him to be Samuel’s henchman, which was even more unacceptable to him.

“You’d better not have such a thought. You don’t need it at all. Otherwise, even if I can’t protect you, I will be killed by you.” Ma Yu said seriously.

Looking at Ma Yu’s serious expression, Ma Feihao knew that he was not lying to scare him, which meant that he had no hope of revenge in his life.

“In fact, being his henchman is good for you, because his master’s position is beyond your imagination. Maybe whether the Ma Family can reach the real peak or not depends on whether you can make him happy,” Ma Yu said.

Ma Feihao was used to flattering others, but he couldn’t accept it when he used it on Samuel. After all, he had a grudge against Samuel, which was known to all the children of the rich families in the Chinese District. Moreover, he also left harsh words in front of those people, saying that he must take revenge in person.

In this case, if he became Samuel’s henchman, he would be laughed at.

“I know you value face, but dignity is more important than life. I believe you know it very well.” After saying this, Ma Yu left with Samuel on his shoulder.

Ma Feihao was stunned for a long time. Dignity was important, but his life was even more important. If he lost his life, what was the point of face?

Ma Feihao was not the kind of person who would sacrifice his head and shed blood. It was definitely not something he could do to lose his life for the sake of a little face.

With a sigh, Ma Feihao said to himself, “Just be his henchman. As long as I have a chance to make my status higher, it’s not a big deal to be his henchman.”

After Ma Yu left with Samuel, Qi Yiyun, who cared about Samuel’s condition, followed them from a distance. She didn’t dare to approach them, but she didn’t want to abandon Samuel. After all, Samuel was seriously injured and needed treatment, and Qi Yiyun didn’t know why Ma Yu took him away.

When Ma Yu noticed this, he stopped and waved to Qi Yiyun.

Seeing this, Qi Yiyun forced herself to walk to Ma Yu’s side.

“What’s your relationship with him?” Ma Yu asked Qi Yiyun.

“Friend,” said Qi Yiyun.

Ma Yu smiled faintly. “Friends between men and women? The way Qi Yiyun looked at Samuel was not as simple as a friend.”

“Come with me. We can take care of him,” Ma Yu said.

Qi Yiyun nodded gratefully.

The Hannigan family’s villa incident ended in a very strange way. Except for Han Xiao and Han Tiansheng, no one knew why Ma Yu wanted to protect Samuel. But in their view, Samuel had lost this time and was in a very sorry state. He didn’t even have a chance to fight back.

However, everyone knew very well that this matter had not really come to an end. The coffin was still placed at the door of the Hannigan family’s villa. Samuel would definitely come back again.

Almost everyone was expecting that day to come. They knew that the next time was the time to decide life and death.

At the Hannigan family’s villa.

Han Yan knelt in front of Han Tiansheng, shivering. Samuel exposed what had happened in Cloud City and directly threw Han Yan into a bottomless abyss. Killing a younger brother with her own hands was something that Han Tiansheng could not tolerate. Moreover, Han Li was now dead. He would never allow the position of the Hannigan family leader to fall into the hands of a woman.

Of course, Han Tiansheng knew that the Hannigan family was on its way to extinction. Samuel was a disciple that was personally accepted by Elder Yi. He was a person on a completely different level from the Hannigan family. His attitude toward Samuel would definitely invite Samuel’s revenge.

Perhaps, the day Samuel’s revenge would be the end of the Hannigan family.

But before that, Han Tiansheng still had to try his best to stabilize the Hannigan family’s situation.

“Grandpa, I was wrong. I hope you can give me a chance.” Han Yan knelt down in front of Han Tiansheng and begged for mercy. She was infatuated with the power of the homeowner. But at this time, she could not care about the obsession caused by the power. She only hoped that Han Tiansheng would not punish her.

After Han Tiansheng lost face in front of everyone, he was in a very bad mood at this time. How could he let Han Yan go?

For someone who valued men over women, even though Han Yan was Han Li’s biological daughter, he had never regarded her as a member of the clan. Han Yan’s worth was to marry into a good family in order to form an alliance for the Hannigan family. Now that the news of Han Yan killing her brother had been exposed, who would dare to marry such a vicious woman?

“Break your legs. From today on, you can’t leave the Hannigan family. Just stay at home until you grow old,” Han Tiansheng said with no expression on his face.

Han Yan was so flustered that she kept kowtowing, and her forehead soon bled. She said, “Grandpa, I beg you, please give me a chance. Don’t break my legs, don’t!”

Han Tiansheng glanced at Han Xiao. Obviously, he had no intention of showing mercy.

Han Xiao walked to Han Yan’s side. Without saying a word, he smashed Han Yan’s kneecap with two fists.

Han Yan rolled on the ground in pain. Her miserable screams made everyone in the Hannigan family feel cold on their backs. They all lowered their heads and did not even dare to look at Han Yan.

“From today on, I will temporarily be the householder of the Hannigan family,” Han Tiansheng said.

The Hannigan family was established by Han Tiansheng alone. Naturally, no one dared to object to his words. Moreover, Han Yan’s fate was right in front of them. They did not have the courage to anger Han Tiansheng at this time.

Han Tiansheng took a deep breath and returned to his yard. However, his momentum was obviously weaker than before.

He had never expected that Samuel, such a good-for-nothing, could be so lucky that even a big shot in Tianqi era would accept him as a disciple.

Han Tiansheng was not a person who waited for death. He had to find a way to reverse the situation and not let the Hannigan family be destroyed in this way.

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