Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1137

At the Swallow City Airport.

Han Tianyang’s appearance caused an uproar in Swallow City.

After all, for Swallow City, Han Tianyang was already a dead man. Now he suddenly “resurrected from the dead”, which was bound to arouse the shock of many people.

For Han Tiansheng, Han Tianyang was a good-for-nothing forever in his eyes.

But for Swallow City, Han Tianyang was a devil-like person. No one was qualified to look down on the turmoil that he had caused in Swallow City. At this time, those families who had been against the Hannigan family, after knowing that Han Tianyang had been back, trembled with fear, for fear that the devil would come to find them and blame them.

However, when Han Tianyang came back this time, he didn’t want to get even with others. He had no intention of fighting for power now, and his status was even less worth it for Han Tianyang.

As long as Samuel was able to enter that level, the so-called authority within the secular world was nothing more than drifting clouds.

“I wonder how many people will be afraid now.” Yan Jun said with a face filled with a sigh.

Han Tianyang smiled calmly and said, “For me, everything here is meaningless. It’s worth than the garden on Cloudridge.”

Yan Jun knew that Han Tianyang’s entire attention was now focused on Samuel. He did not care about anything in Swallow City at all.

“However, this does not hinder the impact of your return. Those that ought to be afraid must not sleep at night during this period of time.” Said Yan Jun.

“Maybe.” Han Tianyang stopped a taxi.

After they got in the car, Yan Jun told the driver the address they were going to.

The driver was a native of Swallow City, so he knew the Hannigan family quite well. Wasn’t this address used to be a big family?

Unfortunately, with the death of Han Tianyang and Han Cheng, the Hannigan family had fallen in Swallow City.

“You are from another city. This place used to have a very famous family.” The driver began to chat.

After Han Tianyang and Yan Jun looked at each other, Yan Jun smiled and asked the driver, “An extremely famous family. Is it very powerful?”

“Of course.” Speaking of this, the driver looked proud, as if he were a Hannigan family. He bragged, “You outsiders don’t know the power of the Hannigan Family, but the locals know it very well. A few years ago, Han Tianyang was in Swallow City, and he was one of the most powerful people there. I heard that even a lot of top people had a good relationship with him.”

As he spoke, the driver suddenly began to sigh. He sighed and said, “It’s a pity that the world is changing. The Hannigan family has suffered this year. A few years ago, after Han Tianyang died, the Hannigan family still had Han Cheng to hold on, but now even Han Cheng is dead. I heard the Old Lady of the Hannigan family is also dead. One of the two younger generations of the Hannigan family died young, and the other is still in jail. It’s really miserable.”

“They are so miserable? It seems that they had done something cruel,” Han Tianyang said with a smile.

Hearing this, the driver looked dissatisfied. He stepped on the brake, as if he wanted to argue with Han Tianyang.

“Old man, I don’t like to hear your words. The Hannigan family has done a lot of charity work. I heard that the annual donation is more than one billion yuan. How can they do something so cruel?” The driver turned to Han Tianyang and said.

“You can only see the surface of the matter. Who knows if they have done something bad in secret? Otherwise, how could there be such retribution?” Han Tianyang said.

The driver seemed to have some feelings for the Hannigan family. The anger on his face was obvious as he said, “Old man, get out of the car. I don’t want to do this business anymore.”

Yan Jun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. When did the Hannigan Family become so popular in Swallow City? Even a taxi driver had to speak up for the Hannigan Family.

“What benefits did the Hannigan family give you? Is it worth it for you to speak up for them like this?” Yan Jun could not resist asking.

“My son’s illness was funded by the Hannigan Family’s charity fund. You outsiders don’t know anything and talk nonsense. Get out of the car quickly and don’t stop me from doing business.” The driver was obviously a little angry and wanted to drive the two out of the car.

Yan Jun didn’t expect to run into such a coincidence. However, even if he told the driver that the person beside him was Han Tianyang, the driver wouldn’t believe him. After all, to outsiders, Han Tianyang had been dead for many years.

“We truly do not understand anything. Please bear with us and send us over first. If you are not satisfied with the words that we have just said, then I will offer you an apology.” Said Yan Jun.

Seeing Yan Jun’s sincere attitude, the driver’s anger eased considerably.

“Forget it, forget it. I don’t want to argue with you guys, but you don’t know anything about it in the future, you’d better not judge others indiscriminately.” After saying that, the driver finally drove.

Along the way, Han Tianyang sighed with emotion. This place, which he used to be very familiar with, had become very strange now, and there were even many places that had changed greatly.

Finally, the car stopped in front of the Hannigan family’s courtyard. The driver reminded the two, “Just look at this place from afar. I heard that there is no one in the Hannigan family recently. There are surveillance cameras all around. If anything is lost, you can’t run away.”

Yan Jun did not know whether to laugh or cry. The driver was reminding them not to be thieves. Looks like his feelings for the Hannigan family were truly deep.

“Do you want to go in and drink some tea?” Yan Jun asked the driver.

“Go in?” The driver was stunned, then rolled his eyes and said, “You’ve blown the cow to the sky. Do you know where it is? It’s not a place that can be entered easily.”

Yan Jun did not say anything else. He followed Han Tianyang’s footsteps and walked towards the entrance of the courtyard.

The driver was going to leave directly, but he was afraid that the two men were thieves, so he waited there to see what they were going to do.

When Yan Jun took out the key and opened the door, the driver’s eyes were about to fall to the ground. Furthermore, he couldn’t even close his mouth.

Being able to open the door of the Hannigan family with a key. The driver was very clear about what it meant.

“These… these two people are actually Hannigan family!” The driver was shocked to the extreme, and he was even more regretful of what he had just said.

No matter who they were from the Hannigan family, for him, they were still his benefactors. He almost drove the two of them out of the car.

The strong sense of guilt rose in the driver’s heart. He opened the door. After getting out of the car, the driver bowed deeply to the door of the Hannigan family’s courtyard.

This was an apology for what had just happened, as well as a gratitude to the Hannigan family for saving his son’s life.

“Thank you, thank you,” the driver said gratefully.

After entering the courtyard, the layout of the house was the same as before. There was no change, but the garden was full of weeds. Obviously, no one had tidied it up for a long time.

“It’s been so many years. It’s still the place I’m familiar with,” Han Tianyang sighed.

“Bring me to Samuel’s residence,” Han Tianyang said to Yan Jun.

Yan Jun nodded his head and walked towards the courtyard.

The place Samuel lived was a small room in the side yard. He lived with the old servants of the Hannigan family. However, the environment of the room was not as good as that of the servants.

The small room was covered with dust, and the furniture was very old. Just from this point, he could feel the hardship Samuel had suffered before.

“I have no achievements in the world, and I can be the master of Hengshan Mountain.” Looking at the crooked carving words on the bedside, Han Tianyang read with a smile on his face.

This was something Samuel had left behind when he had lived here. From that moment on, Samuel had expressed his intense desire to prove himself.

“This youngster’s toughness is extremely strong. I have never seen this on other people before.” Yan Jun said with a face filled with admiration.

“He was able to secretly operate the business world and establish his own force at such a young age. He is indeed not simple.” Han Tianyang said with a smile.

“He is secretly controlling a company called Feng Qian. Can you guess what the two words ‘Feng Qian’ mean?” Yan Jun kept him guessing.

“Feng Qian?” Han Tianyang frowned. It was obvious that the two words were meant to hide the word “Samuel”. But what did this vertical mean? According to Samuel’s character, there was absolutely some meaning in his name.

“You won’t be able to guess, right?” Said Yan Jun with a smile.

Han Tianyang glared at Yan Jun and said, “Are you very pleased with yourself?”

Yan Jun hurriedly put on a serious expression and said, “No, I just think that this name is very interesting. I want you to take a guess.”

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