Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1145

For Qi Yiyun, the more powerful Samuel was, the greater the distance would be between them. Qi Yiyun was afraid that one day, she would not even have the right to appear by Samuel’s side. She did not even have the right to be his friend.

The only way to improve their relationship was to take that step forward. Perhaps only in this way could their relationship be severed. Unfortunately, such an opportunity was almost impossible for Qi Yiyun.

The reason why she was able to stay by Samuel’s side now was that she had a lie. And this lie would be exposed in at most one month.

There was less time left for Qi Yiyun. She could not help but feel anxious, almost to the brink of madness.

As long as she were given a bed, she would jump on Samuel without hesitation.

In front of the Hannigan family’s villa.

Ma Yu was still resting on the coffin. Such a scene had become a classic scene in the Chinese District.

Every family was very clear about the number of bodyguards in the Hannigan family, and the strength of the bodyguards in the Hannigan family was recognized by the whole Chinese District. However, Ma Yu alone showed an imposing manner of ten thousand people. How could people not be impressed by such a scene?

“Why don’t you rest more?” Seeing Samuel, Ma Yu sat up and asked.

“Why did you save me?” Samuel went straight to the point, because he didn’t want to waste time talking nonsense. He couldn’t wait to solve the doubts in his heart.

“I was ordered to do that. Someone think highly of you, but he was delayed by some things and couldn’t come in person, so he sent me here.” Ma Yu didn’t hide anything from Samuel, because sooner or later he would know about it, and it was meaningless to hide it. On the contrary, Samuel would be dissatisfied with him.

Although Samuel was no match for Ma Yu, it did not mean that Ma Yu had the guts to look down upon him. After all, he would become Elder Yi’s disciple and might even take over his position in the four sects. How could Ma Yu dare to look down upon such a person?

Moreover, Ma Yu had an idea. The four gates belonged to the core circle of Tianqi. It was almost impossible for him to enter the four gates. However, with the appearance of Samuel, this opportunity fell before Ma Yu. As long as he could build a good relationship with Samuel, perhaps Samuel would be able to bring him into the four gates. Hence, he must seize this opportunity.

“Who is he?” Samuel asked.

“Elder Yi, you can’t imagine how high his status is. He wants to take you as his disciple, so Han Tiansheng fears you so much,” Ma Yu said.

Elder Yi?

An unimaginable position!

Samuel did not doubt Ma Yu’s words at all. To him, that level was shrouded in a thick fog. Since he could not see it clearly, he naturally could not imagine what kind of existence Ma Yu was.

However, Samuel rejected the idea of taking him in as a disciple.

In Samuel’s heart, only Yan Jun was his real master. Perhaps Yan Jun’s skills and status could not be compared with this self-disciplined old man, but Samuel was not an ungrateful person. He would never betray his loyalty in order to get something.

“I didn’t say I wanted to be his disciple,” Samuel said flatly.

Ma Yu jumped down from the coffin cover and said incredulously, “What did you say?”

Ma Yu was not the only one who was astonished. Ma Feihao and Qi Yiyun were exactly the same.

Although Qi Yiyun did not know how powerful this Elder Yi was, from Ma Yu’s words, she could guess that he was an extraordinary figure. It should be an honor for such a big shot to accept Samuel as an apprentice, but she did not expect that he would show a hint of refusal!

“I already have a master,” Samuel explained.

After Ma Yu was shocked, he took a deep breath and said, “Your current master is incomparable to Elder Yi. You can just retake him as your master.”

“I won’t do that,” Samuel said firmly with a calm expression.

Ma Yu almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Although this silly boy did not understand who Elder Yi was, he should be able to think of what the characters at that level meant.

No matter how powerful his master was, he was just a master in the secular world. How could he compare with a master in the Tianqi realm, not to mention Elder Yi in the four sects!

“Boy, I advise you to think it over before you speak. Do you know how many people in Tianqi want to become the disciples of Elder Yi but are not allowed to enter? You should feel lucky that you have such an honor.” Ma Yu reminded him.


So that level of address was the ‘Tianqi’ written on the jade pendant. Could it be that this was an organization?

Seeing Samuel’s furrowed brows as if deep in thought, Ma Yu could not help reminding him again, “If you don’t grasp this opportunity, I’m sure you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”

The reason why Ma Yu was so nervous was that Samuel was the only chance for him to enter the center of the Tianqi Realm. He did not want this silly boy to give up and affect him. Otherwise, this trip back to the U.S. would have been a waste of time.

“I have a master, so I won’t take him as my master anymore,” Samuel said.

Ma Yu looked as if his heart was being torn by a knife. “This guy is really a psycho. Elder Yi wants to accept him as his disciple, but he still refused. Such a good opportunity is rare every day. If the people in the Tianqi realm know Samuel’s choice, they will all call him an idiot!”

“You, you, ah, do you know what you are talking about?” Ma Yu was so angry that he stuttered.

At that moment, even Qi Yiyun could not help but say, “You’d better think about it again. You don’t have to make a decision so quickly.”

Samuel shook his head. Even ten bulls would not be able to pull him back when he was one-track minded. Moreover, to Samuel, as long as it was something that he had made up his mind, he would never change it. No matter how much time he had to think about it, the result would not change.

“There’s no need. I’ve already decided,” Samuel said.

Qi Yiyun couldn’t help rolling her eyes. He didn’t leave any room for himself. If Ma Yu hadn’t appeared, and if it hadn’t been for the person named Elder Yi who protected him, he would have died in Han Xiao’s hands. Now he had a chance to be apprenticed to Ma Yu, but he still didn’t cherish it.

Without Elder Yi, how could he fight with Han Tiansheng?

Ma Yu gasped. If it were the people of the Ma Family, he would have slapped them to death. He didn’t know how to cherish such a heaven-sent opportunity. Why was he still alive?

“This is not something you can decide. Elder Yi will come to the U.S. in person. You can tell him these words directly. But I think you need to think about what you will end up with because of these words,” Ma Yu said. Elder Yi was respectable figure in the Four Sects. He wanted to accept disciples. If Samuel dared to refuse, in Ma Yu’s opinion, Samuel was doomed to die.

Without respect for Elder Yi, what right did he have to live on?

“I will thank him for saving my life,” Samuel said.

Seeing the stubborn look on Samuel’s face, Ma Yu felt helpless. He could not help but ask curiously, “Who is your master? How powerful is he? Is he worthy of you giving up such a good opportunity?”

“My teacher is definitely not a master to this Elder Yi.” Samuel smiled faintly. Yan Jun had never met anyone at the level of the Tianqi Realm. Naturally, his strength could not be compared to that of Elder Yi. However, Samuel did not place much importance on strength. Instead, it was about how Yan Jun treated him.

Ever since Han Tianyang had disappeared, only Yan Jun in the entire Hannigan family would concern himself with regards to him. This favor would not change because of profit. It would also not become a stepping stone for Samuel to rise to his position.

One day as a teacher, one life as a teacher.

“Then why are you so persistent?” Ma Yu asked in confusion.

“Because the relationship between me and him is not something that can be crossed by strength,” Samuel said.

Ma Yu pointed to the spies of the nearby families and said, “Do you know why these people are here?”

Samuel looked at Ma Yu in confusion. He did not understand what he was trying to say.

Ma Yu did not keep him guessing and said directly, “It’s because they want to see how you will defeat Han Tiansheng, and the reason why you can live to this day is not because of affection, but because of the strength of Elder Yi.”

Samuel raised his eyebrows. He had to admit that strength could bring more benefits than emotion in terms of value, but Samuel was a man who valued relationships.

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