Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1150

When Samuel stopped, Yan Yu, who was following him in the distance, also stopped. She seemed to be relying on him, which made Samuel feel very helpless.

“Why are you following me?” Samuel could not help but ask Yan Yu.

“I spoke up for you just now, so I can’t continue to follow them anymore,” Yan Yu said.

“Why don’t you go home to find your parents?” Samuel asked.

“They died in a car accident two years ago. I had no home,” said Yan Yu.

Samuel frowned. He did not think that Yan Yu would have such an encounter. It seemed like she had her reasons to be hanging out with that bunch of people.

“Is this why you followed them?” Samuel asked.

“Yes.” Yan Yu nodded and refused to lift her head. Samuel could not see her expression clearly, but he could see that her body was trembling slightly and she seemed to be in great pain.

“Why?” Samuel’s instincts told him that Yan Yu might not be a bad person. There was a reason for her to follow these people. This might be because she was homeless and had to live on her own. It might also have something to do with her parents.

“The other party was drunk driving, but his family was rich, so when my parents died, nothing happened to him at all. I want to avenge my parents.” Yan Yu’s voice trembled as she spoke.

From her tone, Samuel could feel her restrained anger. In order to avenge her parents, she got together with those people. In her opinion, only these people could help her.

“Those people threatened me at my parents’ funeral and told me not to mess around. If not, they would kill me. I was scared, so I had to pretend to be a bad guy. Only when I turned bad could I be unafraid of those bad guys,” Yan Yu said, gnashing her teeth.

“Is it useful?” Samuel asked flatly.

Yan Yu was suddenly stunned.

“Is it useful?”

Yan Yu thought that she had already become a bad person. However, whenever she thought of that person, she would still feel afraid. From this aspect, her transformation did not give her any courage.

“Do you know how to push a wheelchair?” Samuel continued to ask.

Yan Yu hesitated for a moment, and then walked to Samuel’s side. She pushed the wheelchair carefully and said, “Will you avenge me?”

“Why should I help you? I just met you,” Samuel said.

“If you’re that powerful, why didn’t you help me?” Yan Yu asked in confusion.

Samuel smiled helplessly and said, “Do I have to help you just because I’m powerful?”

“Isn’t that right? In the ancient era, heroes would always help the weak in the face of injustice. Don’t tell me you don’t want to be a hero?” Yan Yu said.

Obviously, this was a person who was obsessed with martial arts novels, and this was also her spiritual support. If it weren’t for this belief, she would have collapsed long ago.

It was a pity that the world today was not ancient, and the heroes who held the sword to conquer the world had long disappeared.

“I’m not a hero, nor do I want to be,” Samuel said lightly.

Yan Yu pouted. Obviously, she was dissatisfied with Samuel’s words. Because in her opinion, Samuel was completely qualified to be a hero. Although he was only a lame hero, he was still powerful enough.

After returning home, the living environment here was much better than the place where Yan Yu lived. Hence, when Yan Yu reached home, she stood rooted to the spot, not daring to move, afraid that she would damage the things here.

“You should be rich, right?” Yan Yu couldn’t help but ask.

“If it weren’t for you just now, I wouldn’t have lost 30,000 yuan. This is my living expenses for a year,” Samuel said with a smile.

Yan Yu curled her lips. She did not believe Samuel’s words at all. To be able to live in a place like this, even if he was not a rich person, his economic power was definitely not bad.

“You can sleep here tonight. Tell me who your enemy is tomorrow.” Samuel pushed the door open. Before that, it was Qi Yiyun who had slept here.

“Are you willing to help me?” Compared with having a place to sleep, Yan Yu was more concerned about whether Samuel would be willing to help her take revenge, because this was what she had always wanted to do.

“Let’s talk about it tomorrow. I need to rest.” Samuel said and went back to his room.

Yan Yu carefully walked into the guest room. She enjoyed the fragrance of the guest room very much. It was obvious that this was the smell of a girl. This meant that there used to be a woman living here.

After her parents passed away two years ago, Yan Yu had stayed in the asylum for a period of time. After getting to know those punks, although she had a place to live, the environment was also very dirty. Most of the time, she needed a few people to squeeze in the same bed. Suddenly, there was a comfortable environment. Yan Yu did not dare to sleep because she felt that she was not good enough for this place.

Yan Yu sat on the floor and leaned against the bed. She planned to rest for the night. This kind of careful attitude completely did not match her image as a younger gang. However, this also showed that Yan Yu was not a bad person. She had no choice but to take this path.

Samuel was lying in bed. He had just sent Qi Yiyun away and there was another woman in the family. This was something he had never expected. It seemed that in this life, he was destined to be entangled with all kinds of women. He didn’t know if God was joking.

The next morning, after Samuel got up, he found that Yan Yu was already in the living room. However, she did not sit on the sofa. Instead, she sat on the floor.

“Why are you sitting on the ground?” Samuel asked doubtfully.

Yan Yu quickly stood up, patted her butt, and said, “It’s comfortable on the ground. I’m not used to sitting too soft.”

Samuel did not think too much about it. Perhaps this was just Yan Yu’s habit.

“Do you know how to make breakfast?” Samuel asked.

Yan Yu looked embarrassed. When she had her parents to take care of her, she had no experience cooking. After her parents passed away, she did not even have a home. Naturally, she would not have a chance to cook in the kitchen.

“It doesn’t matter. Let me wash my face and go out for breakfast,” Samuel said.

When Samuel was washing up, Yan Yu walked carefully to the bathroom door and asked, “What’s your name?”


“Can I call you Brother Samuel?” Yan Yu asked.

Given Yan Yu’s age, it was normal for her to address Samuel as Brother Samuel. However, no one had ever addressed Samuel in this manner before. This caused SamuelSamuel to feel a little unaccustomed.

“Why don’t we…”

Before Samuel could finish his words, Yan Yu interrupted him. “That’s a deal. Brother Samuel, my name is Yan Yu. You can call me Yu’er.”

“Even if you try to get close to me, I won’t help you get revenge.” How could Samuel not know what the little girl was thinking? His mouth was full of flattery in the early morning. How could she have no purpose?

Even though she had been seen through by Samuel, Yan Yu didn’t feel embarrassed at all. She said, “I will work hard until the day when Brother Samuel is willing to avenge me.”

This made Samuel stunned. Her straightforwardness had a hint of innocence in it. Even after hanging out with that bunch of gangsters for a long time, it did not seem to change her nature.

After washing up, the two of them went out for breakfast.

For Yan Yu, being able to eat two full meals a day was already a rare thing. Breakfast had almost become something that she did not dare to hope for. Hence, while sitting in the breakfast shop, Yan Yu appeared to be a little nervous for some reason. Looking at the people coming and going, she lowered her head subconsciously.

Samuel could feel Yan Yu’s low self-esteem at a time like this. However, he did not intentionally give Yan Yu advice. To walk out of such low self-esteem, YanYu still had to face the world herself. It was not something that could be changed by just a few words from Samuel.

“Tell me, what’s going on with your parents?” Samuel asked Yan Yu.

Speaking of her parents, Yan Yu’s expression had changed greatly. The expression in her eyes was very painful.

“He is a real estate tycoon, and his family is very rich. Our family of three was taking a walk on the street. He got drunk and drove to the sidewalk. If it weren’t for my father pushing me away, I would have died,” Yan Yu said deeply.

Samuel was shocked. Yan Yu had witnessed the whole process with her own eyes. It was an absolutely cruel thing for her.

“I watched my parents vomit blood, but he drove away. I kept calling for help, hoping that someone could help me, but those people ignored me. They acted as if they didn’t see me. I was very desperate, because I didn’t know what to do. I could only watch them bleed and die slowly.” Yan Yu clenched her fists, as if she had seen the scene of the car accident again.

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