Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1152

These words made Samuel sneer. As expected, there were domineering sons and domineering parents. The arrogant attitude of this noblewoman had been completely passed down to Li Shanfeng.

At this time, the noblewoman noticed that Yan Yu was familiar. She frowned and asked, “Little girl, I seem to have seen you somewhere before.”

Yan Yu lowered her head, not daring to look straight into the noblewoman’s eyes.

Samuel said, “Two years ago, when your drunken husband was driving and hit someone, her parents were killed.”

Hearing this, the noblewoman was not worried at all. On the contrary, she showed a disdainful smile and said, “It turns out to be you, the damn girl. What’s wrong? Are you here to avenge your parents today? If you want to find helpers, you should find a decent one, too. You actually found a cripple. You look down on our Li family too much.”

After saying that, the noblewoman raised her hand as if she wanted to teach Yan Yu a lesson.

Samuel was sharp-eyed and quick-handed. He stopped the noble woman in mid-air.

Holding the woman’s wrist, Samuel said coldly, “You have to pay the price for being arrogant. Can you afford it?”

The noblewoman got angry at once. How could such a person touch her hand at will?

“Cripple, let go of me, or I’ll chop off your hand,” scolded the noble woman.

Samuel exerted a little force in his hand. The noblewoman’s expression changed drastically from the pain.

“Do you really have this ability? I’m very suspicious.” After saying that, Samuel pulled and pushed her back a few steps, and then she fell to the ground.

The noblewoman had a ferocious expression on her face. She was so angry that she cried out loudly.

Several bodyguards rushed out at the same time.

“Kill him for me,” said the lady as she pointed at Samuel.

“Just these trash?” Samuel stood up with his hands holding the wheelchair. Although he was just standing on one foot, it was enough to deal with these small characters.

When Samuel knocked down all the bodyguards, the lady who had no one to rely on finally felt scared. She looked at Samuel with a pale face.

With Yan Yu’s help, Samuel walked up to the lady and said condescendingly, “Call Li Shanfeng and his father right now and tell them to get back.”

The noblewoman trembled with fear and took out her cell phone.

“No matter who you are, you will not come to a good end if you dare to provoke the Li family. Just wait and see. I will make you die without a whole body.” After calling the father and son, the noblewoman threatened Samuel recklessly.

Samuel smiled coldly and said, “I will let you know the price you have to pay for your arrogance. I hope that when the time comes, you can still be so arrogant.”

In the eyes of the noblewoman, Samuel was a cripple. Although he could fight, he was no match for the Li family.

Other than the Ma and Hannigan family, who else would they be afraid of considering the Li family’s position in the Chinese District?

However, she didn’t know that Ma Feihao had already served Samuel as his henchman. Nobody dared to touch the coffin in the Hannigan family’s villa.

Before the father and son of the Li family came back, Ma Feihao finally arrived.

When the noblewoman saw Ma Feihao lowering his head and bowing in front of Samuel, she widened her eyes in disbelief. At the same time, she had an ominous feeling in her heart.

Ma Feihao, this was Ma Feihao.

How could he be so respectful to this cripple?

At this time, Yan Yu finally believed Samuel’s words. It turned out that Ma Feihao was really just his henchman.

Now thinking of the behavior of her companions last night, they were really idiots. They dared to rob a person who even Ma Feihao needed to please!

“Brother Samuel, what do you need me to do?” asked Ma Feihao.

“There will be a match on the track today. Ask those people to prepare for it,” Samuel said.

“A match?”

“Is it so abrupt?”

Ma Feihao could guess that it was definitely not a simple competition. Samuel must have had other arrangements, but he didn’t ask. What he wanted to do was to pass on the message according to Samuel’s instructions, instead of meddling too much. What’s more, Ma Feihao didn’t dare to do that.

After a few phone calls, Ma Feihao said to Samuel, “Brother Samuel, I’ve informed those people. They will go and prepare immediately.”

Samuel nodded and quietly waited for Li Shanfeng and his son to return home.

After hearing Ma Feihao’s addressing, the noblewoman felt that the name Brother Samuel particularly familiar, but she couldn’t remember where she had heard of it.

All of a sudden, the lady’s face turned pale, and she looked at Samuel in horror.

Brother Samuel!

Could it be Samuel, who was in the limelight recently?

He was the one holding the coffin, standing at the door of the Hannigan family’s villa, and he made the whole Chinese District restless.

Up to now, the coffin was still in the villa of the Hannigan family, and no one dared to move it. It was said that even Han Tiansheng had left the Chinese District to avoid it.


Endless despair spread in the lady’s heart.

The Li family had offended someone even the Hannigan family could not afford to offend, and yet she had even dared to claim that he would die without a whole body!

“You are Samuel, and you are Samuel.” The noble lady said to Samuel in horror.

Ma Feihao sneered and said, “A short-sighted woman with long hair. Don’t you know Brother Samuel?”

The lady trembled with fear. She had only heard Samuel’s name and achievements, but she did not have the chance to see his true face. Naturally, she could not have known him. If she had known that he was Samuel, how could she have treated him like how she had treated him just now?

At this time, the Li father and son rushed into the villa.

When Li Shanfeng saw the woman sitting on the ground in a daze, he ran to her side and said, “Mom, how are you? What happened?”

The noblewoman shook her head in despair. “What happened?”

The bomb from two years ago was going to explode, and it was caused by Samuel. The Li family had no right to stop it at all!

“Ma Feihao, what are you doing in my house?” Li Shanfeng asked Ma Feihao with a fierce face. He saw Ma Feihao at first sight, so he didn’t notice Samuel at all. He subconsciously thought Ma Feihao was looking for trouble at home.

Although there was a certain gap between the Li family and the Ma family, now that he had been bullied, Li Shanfeng would never give in.

“Li Shanfeng, don’t you know who you’ve messed with?” Ma Feiyue said with a sneer.

Only then did Li Shanfeng’s eyes widen several times over when he saw Samuel.

He had seen Samuel’s magnificent feat that day. Naturally, he was familiar with Samuel’s appearance. But why would he be here?

“Samuel, we don’t have a grudge against you. Why do you come to our house to make trouble?” Li Shanfeng’s tone softened a lot. He still had the courage to speak loudly to Ma Feihao, but he didn’t dare to when facing Samuel. After all, Samuel was a man who could drive Han Tiansheng out of the Chinese District.

“Look at her, do you still recognize her?” Samuel pointed at Yan Yu and asked.

Looking in the direction pointed out by Samuel, Li Shanfeng frowned when he saw Yan Yu. After all, it had happened two years ago. There were countless women around Li Shanfeng. How could he always keep Yan Yu in his heart?

“I don’t know her,” Li Shanfeng said.

“Since you’ve forgotten, I’ll remind you. Two years ago, her parents died in your father’s drunk driving. Do you remember now?” Samuel said.

Li Shanfeng felt his heart stop beating.

Although this matter had passed for two years and he had even forgotten Yan Yu’s appearance, he would not forget about it himself.

Li Shanfeng’s father’s face also became extremely ugly in an instant. Two years ago, he was not afraid of this little girl, but two years later, this little girl obviously had the support of Samuel, which was not what he was qualified to ignore.

“Two years ago, she and I settled our deal in private,” Li Shanfeng’s father couldn’t help but say.

“Your son went to her with money and asked her to sleep with him before he gave her the money. She didn’t agree, so she didn’t get the money. Instead, she was beaten up by your son,” Samuel said.

Li Shanfeng’s father didn’t know this at all. He always thought that after Yan Yu got the money, this matter was over. He didn’t expect that Li Shanfeng would do such a thing!

“Li Shanfeng, you bastard!” Li Shanfeng’s father walked up to him and gave him a kick. If he had paid the money back then, Samuel would not have come looking for him today. The consequences were all caused by Li Shanfeng. It was obviously impossible for him to repay the money in private.

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