Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1156

Nangong Sun was bragging. Not only did he not have the ability to kill Samuel, but he also came to Li Shanfeng’s aid because he was afraid that he would lose his life if he didn’t handle this matter properly. For him, every step forward was a threat to his life. Nangong Boling, who was behind him, didn’t care about his life anymore. Hence, he could only be extremely careful. Only in this way could he survive Samuel’s death.

It was a pity that Li Shanfeng didn’t know that. He was so angry that he wanted revenge. Nangong Sun’s appearance was tantamount to an opportunity falling from the sky. Li Shanfeng felt that if he didn’t seize this opportunity, he would never have a chance to take revenge, and he would never be able to turn the tables.

“What should I do?” Li Shanfeng asked.

Nangong Sun smiled faintly. It seemed that Li Shanfeng still believed him. This was good. If he could use a puppet, his danger would be greatly reduced.

“Qi Yiyun,” Nangong Sun said.

Li Shanfeng frowned and asked, “What do you mean? Does this matter have anything to do with Qi Yiyun?”

“Don’t you know that this woman lives with Samuel? They are on good terms and are the best use for each other. She is Samuel’s weakness. As long as you catch Qi Yiyun, Samuel will be at your disposal.” Nangong Sun had benefited from Han Nian’s affair, so he thought that as long as he caught Qi Yiyun, Samuel would be obedient.

“With my present ability, how can I catch Qi Yiyun? The Qi family secretly provided Qi Yiyun with bodyguards,” Li Shanfeng said.

“I can provide you with killers. These bodyguards are just a pile of paper puppets for killers. You don’t have to worry at all,” Nangong Sun said.

Although Li Shanfeng had promised to work with Nangong Sun to deal with Samuel, he knew that he was just a tool for Nangong Sun. Once he used up all his value, he would be abandoned. Therefore, before that, he had to make a deal with Nangong Sun.

“Will you help me get back the company after the death of Samuel?” Now that the Li’s Group had collapsed, it wouldn’t take long for it to go bankrupt. Therefore, Li Shanfeng had to make plans for his future.

“Don’t worry. As long as Samuel is dead, I can make the Li family the number one family in the Chinese area. The Hannigan family is nothing,” Nangong Sun said disdainfully.

“Who the hell are you?” Li Shanfeng didn’t believe Nangong Sun’s arrogance. After all, the influence of the Hannigan family in Chinese District was very amazing, but he looked as if he didn’t take the Hannigan family seriously at all. Li Shanfeng couldn’t figure out where Nangong Sun’s confidence came from.

“My status is not what you can imagine. In your eyes, the Hannigan family is very powerful, but in my eyes, the Hannigan family is just a group of nobodies. Even Han Tiansheng is just an ant.” Nangong Sun was not bragging. The Hannigan family was indeed not qualified to be compared with the Nangong family, but it was because of the family level. Now Nangong Sun had already stepped out of the family, and even Nangong Boling did not care about his life. Therefore, the power of the Nangong family had actually not much to do with him.

What Nangong Sun didn’t know was that ever since he left the island, this grandson of his was already a dead man in Nangong Boling’s heart.

First of all, Nangong Boling did not think that Nangong Sun was a match for Samuel. Moreover, if Nangong Sun could really find an opportunity to harm Samuel, Nangong Boling would not sit idly by and do nothing. This was because in Nangong Boling’s heart, the best candidate for the position of patriarch was already Samuel. Furthermore, this was something that no one could move.

No one understood how urgent Nangong Boling’s desire to bring his family into the Tianqi realm was. There was no one who could stop Nangong Boling from doing so. Anyone who stood in his way had a dead end! Even his own grandson was no exception.

“As long as I can revitalize the Li family, I’m willing to be your dog.” Li Shanfeng walked up to Nangong Sun. To him, Nangong Sun was like a savior, so he chose to surrender.

Kneeling on the ground, Li Shanfeng, who had a loyal look on his face, abandoned his dignity just for revenge.

Nangong Sun didn’t expect Li Shanfeng to be aware of this. A strong sense of superiority rose in his heart, and he couldn’t bear to laugh out loud.

“Samuel, if you had the same consciousness, you wouldn’t have had to die. But you chose to go against me. You asked for it.”

Samuel left Yan Yu in the company and returned home. For him, who was not able to move, without Qi Yiyun’s care, he was still not used to it in many ways. After all, in this case, many simple and easy trivial things became difficult for him.

Fortunately, Samuel had been through hardships since he was a child, so difficulties were not a big deal for him. On the contrary, he liked to face difficulties because only difficulties could make him grow up.

Over the next few days, Samuel’s days were dull.

Ma Feihao still came to please Samuel every day. It was a headache for Samuel to deal with the grievances between him and Shu Yang.

For him, Ma Feihao was still of great value. After all, his uncle was from the Tianqi Realm, Samuel did not dare to provoke him.

As for Shu Yang, Samuel had already promised to give him a chance to take revenge. For someone who was not used to going back on his words, Samuel did not abandon this idea. Hence, the current situation made him unsure of the decision he should make.

On the one hand, he did not dare to offend him. On the other hand, he did not want to break his promise.

One day, when Samuel was about to go out, Qi Donglin ran to him in a panic. He seemed to be out of breath, as if something big had happened.

“What is it?” Samuel said.

Qi Donglin took a few deep breaths and said, “Yiyun was kidnapped.”

“Kidnapped? How could this be?” Samuel said in a deep voice. Although he had already decided to distance himself from Qi Yiyun, he would not sit idly by when something like this happened. Furthermore, he had an intuition that Qi Yiyun’s accident must have something to do with him.

Qi Donglin shook his head and said, “I don’t know either. They just called to inform me.”

“Since you came to me the first time, you must think it has something to do with me, right?” Samuel said.

Qi Donglin did think so. Otherwise, how could Qi Yiyun be kidnapped for no reason?

But he didn’t dare to say it directly. After all, the deterrence brought by Samuel was too strong. How could Qi Donglin dare to question and blame a man who could even force Han Tiansheng to retreat?

Seeing Qi Donglin remain silent, Samuel knew that he was afraid of him. He said, “Don’t worry. I will bring Qi Yiyun back safe and sound.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Qi Donglin thanked him again and again.

“I’m the one who got her into trouble. I don’t need your thanks. What else did the other party say?” Samuel said .

“No, he didn’t say anything,” Qi Donglin said.

“Wait. If there’s any news, let me know immediately.” Since the other party had kidnapped Qi Yiyun, he must have a plan. The reason why he didn’t reveal his purpose in the first place might be to save time for Qi Donglin to inform him.

“Okay,” said Qi Donglin.

Samuel had planned to meet Ma Yu. Now that Qi Yiyun was in trouble, he had to meet Ma Yu.

Under the circumstances, it was absolutely impossible for Samuel to save Qi Yiyun. He could only hope that Ma Yu could help him.

In front of the Hannigan family’s villa, no matter whether it was raining or sunbathing, Ma Yu would always lie on the coffin cover and never leave.

Han Tiansheng had already returned to Chinese District. Compared with his performance before he returned to Chinese District, his performance was not much different. Ma Yu could guess that this trip to Chinese District did not bring him much benefit. This old guy finally had a helpless taste. This was the cause-and-effect cycle. He used to deal with others, but now he would end up like this.

When Samuel came to him, Ma Yu sat up. Ma Yu had no choice when facing Samuel, who didn’t want to be Elder Yi’s disciple. He even did not want to believe that Samuel was telling the truth.

The other party was Elder Yi, and there were countless people who wanted to become his disciple. However, Samuel refused. How was this possible?

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