Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1158

For Nangong Sun, this was an extremely perfect plan. He had even been proud to think that he had played with Samuel. He did not expect that his perfect plan would turn out to be an idiotic move in Samuel’s eyes, which made him panic for a while.

However, he forced himself to act calm and did not dare to reveal anything in front of Samuel. Otherwise, it was likely that he would die in Samuel’s hands today.

“That’s just one-sided argument. Do you have any evidence? How can you prove that I was the one behind Li Shanfeng? I have nothing to do with him,” Nangong Sun argued.

“Do I need proof to kill you?” Samuel asked faintly.

Nangong Sun’s heart skipped a beat. Samuel’s blatant attempt to kill him had nothing to do with evidence.

At this time, the bodyguard standing in front of Nangong Sun said disdainfully, “If you want to kill him, you have to get through me first. Let’s see if you have the ability.”

Nangong Sun calmed down a little after hearing Samuel’s words. When he was afraid of Samuel, he forgot that there was a killer beside him.

Even if Samuel wanted to kill him, he had to get through a killer first.

“Samuel, you’re just a cripple now. Can you really kill me?” Nangong Sun sneered.

Ma Yu, who was beside Samuel, took a step forward and looked at the bodyguard listlessly. He said, “When did you, a piece of trash, dare to jump up and down in front of me?”

“How dare you talk to me like that? I’ll let you have a taste of what it feels like to break bones all over your body.” After the bodyguard finished speaking, he took the initiative to attack Ma Yu.

Ma Yu was in low spirits, because he didn’t care about this low-class role at all.

“Fighting with a good-for-nothing like you is really a disgrace to my reputation. But since you are so reckless, I will fulfill your wish.” Ma Yu said lightly.

The bodyguard moved very fast, and his strength was amazing. The wind from his fists whistled, but his opponent was a totally different person. In Ma Yu’s eyes, this little trick was like a three-year-old child’s play.

“You dare to be a killer with such a little ability. It seems that the secular killer world has declined.” As soon as Ma Yu finished speaking, he took action later and threw a punch at the bodyguard’s face at a faster speed.

The bodyguard only felt that something flashed in front of him. Before he could react, he was sent flying by a punch and hit the wall with a bang. It seemed that the whole wall was shaking because of it.

“Is this your strength?” Ma Yu sighed. It seemed that he moved slowly, but in fact, in an instant, he had already come in front of the bodyguard.

He kicked the bodyguard in the chest.

The bodyguard opened his eyes wide because of the suffocating. He looked at Ma Yu in disbelief.

He never thought that in front of this person, he was actually unable to resist at all!

“Who… who are you?” The bodyguard looked at Ma Yu in horror and asked.

“You are not qualified to know who I am.” After saying that, Ma Yu kicked the bodyguard in the chest again. This time, he did not hold back at all.

The bodyguard spat out blood and stopped breathing with a desperate look.

Nangong Sun stood in the same place, transfixed. He had spent a lot of money to hire a bodyguard who was known as a top killer. However, he was killed by Ma Yu so easily!

“I was going to let you go, but you’re looking for your own death. You can’t blame me.” Nangong Sun came to his senses when he heard Samuel’s indifferent voice. He realized that he was in a life-or-death situation. If he wanted to live, the only chance he had was to beg Samuel to let him go.

No matter how arrogant they were, in the face of life and death, they were as humble as ants.

Even if Nangong Sun never thought Samuel was qualified to be his opponent and thought that it was all because of luck, at this moment, he had no choice but to kneel down and apologize to Samuel.

In order to save his life, dignity was nothing.

“Samuel, I know I’m in the wrong. Please give me a chance. I will get back to the Nangong family immediately. I can promise you that I will never leave or trouble you for the rest of my life.” Nangong Sun looked flustered and frightened. It was not until this moment that he realized how stupid it was to come to the U.S..

Fight with Samuel?

He thought that he could control the whole situation. In Samuel’s eyes, he was just a joke. No matter how he looked at it, he was no match for Samuel.

It was a pity that Nangong Sun knew too little about himself. He would pay for his stupidity.

“Where’s Li Shanfeng?” Samuel asked.

“North District, there is a factory building in the north district. He is hiding in the basement. Please let me go. Please spare me.” Nangong Sun kowtowed and said.

Samuel glanced at Ma Yu and then left the room.

How could Samuel let him go? In this case, Nangong Sun could kneel down and beg for mercy in order to save his life. But Samuel knew that once he got a chance, he would be a threat again.

Samuel had learned a lot from Lydia. If he had not pampered Lydia too much and been soft-hearted, Han Nian would not have left Yvonne at such a young age.

“If he is an enemy, you have to kill him,” Samuel said indifferently when he walked out of the room.

From the room came Nangong Sun’s unwilling cry, but it was useless. From the moment he left the Nangong family, Nangong Sun’s fate was doomed to die because he would never be Samuel’s opponent.

North District.

In the factory basement, Qi Yiyun was tied up and thrown in a corner. Li Shanfeng was still waiting for Nangong Sun’s instructions. In his opinion, he would definitely get revenge for this. Because of Nangong Sun’s imposing manner, he seemed to have killed Samuel. How could Samuel still have a chance to struggle?

Li Shanfeng drooled as he walked to Qi Yiyun’s side.

“Qi Yiyun, you’re famous for your beauty in Chinese District. I didn’t expect you to be caught by me. After I kill Samuel, I’ll satisfy you and let you experience the real pleasure of being a woman,” Li Shanfeng said with a smile.

“Kill Samuel?” Qi Yiyun sneered and said, “How dare you have such an ridiculous idea?”

“Ridiculous?” Li Shanfeng did not get angry because of Qi Yiyun’s contempt. Instead, he said confidently, “Do you know who my helper is? He doesn’t take Samuel seriously. If it weren’t for his blood ties with him, he would have killed him.”

“I can tell you clearly that if he really has the ability to do it, he doesn’t need to use you at all. He did it just to let you take the responsibility to avoid being accused by Samuel. You are just a scapegoat. What a joke!” Qi Yiyun said disdainfully.

“Take the responsibility?”

Li Shanfeng frowned. The words reminded him, not because of Qi Yiyun’s words that he would be accused by Samuel, but because Nangong Sun was likely to tear down the bridge after crossing the river. After all, he didn’t dare to kill Samuel because he was afraid of being blamed by the elders in his family. But if he did it, Nangong Sun could shirk his responsibility and even kill him in the name of taking revenge for Samuel!

This thought made Li Shanfeng shudder. Although it was just speculation, it was not impossible.

“Are you scared now? I advise you to let me go now. Perhaps there is still a way to live,” said Qi Yiyun.

Li Shanfeng looked serious and said coldly, “Would I be afraid of a good-for-nothing like him? He’s dead. I’m just worried that Nangong Sun will burn the bridge after crossing it. I have to thank you for reminding me. Otherwise, I might have been betrayed by Nangong Sun.”

“You call him a good-for-nothing. You really haven’t seen through yourself. In this world, who is qualified to call him a good-for-nothing?” Qi Yiyun looked at Li Shanfeng with a sneer. How many people had once regarded Samuel as a good-for-nothing? But it turned out that Samuel was always the best among those people.

Li Shanfeng squatted down and held Qi Yiyun’s delicate chin with his right hand. He said with a smile, “It seems that this good-for-nothing has a high position in your mind. Do you like this bad guy?”

After that, Li Shanfeng slapped Qi Yiyun in the face and continued in a cold voice, “Since you like him so much, I’ll let him watch you being trampled by me. I want you to see how useless this good-for-nothing is.”

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