Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1167

Samuel’s sudden change made Qi Yiyun very afraid, especially his eyes. Qi Yiyun felt that Samuel was a completely different person now. He was no longer the Samuel she was familiar with, but more like a devil.

However, Han Tiansheng did not show even the slightest fear because of the change in Samuel. He continued to look at Samuel with a face filled with ridicule. Only when Han Xiao stood in front of him with a solemn expression did Han Tiansheng sense an unusual expression.

“What happened?” Han Tiansheng asked Han Xiao in a low voice.

Samuel’s eyebrows were tightly knitted together. He did not know what was going on, but at this moment, he could feel a powerful threat coming from Samuel’s body. This kind of threat should not exist. After all, in terms of strength, he was definitely able to crush Samuel.

“I don’t know either. Be careful.” Han Xiao reminded Han Tiansheng.

Han Tiansheng shouted that he was not afraid of death and that face was more important than life. But in fact, this old man was not as hot-blooded as he used to be. Perhaps because he had lived a comfortable life for too long, he would still be afraid when his life was really threatened.

Therefore, after hearing Han Xiao’s words, Han Tiansheng quickly took a few steps back.

“Kill him.” Han Tiansheng ordered. Since Han Xiao valued Samuel so much, he would not let Samuel live.

Han Xiao also wanted to get rid of Samuel as soon as possible. The threat Samuel posed was growing stronger. He had the feeling that if this continued, he would be killed by Samuel!

At this moment, Samuel felt as if a ball of fire was burning inside his body, filling his body with uncontrollable power.

At this moment, Han Xiao suddenly launched an attack. He moved forward with lightning speed and launched a heavy blow at Samuel’s chest.

Samuel did not dodge. Instead, Han Xiao’s fist landed squarely on his chest.

According to Han Xiao’s understanding of his own strength, this punch could not only force Samuel back, but it could also make Samuel unable to breathe for a while. However, this was not the case in reality.

Samuel was like an iron wall. He stood where he was and did not move at all. The power reflected off his body almost broke Han Xiao’s wrist.

“How is this possible?” Han Xiao looked at Samuel in shock. This was an impossible matter. How could Samuel receive such a heavy punch without changing his expression?

“Han Xiao, I asked you to kill him. Why are you still holding back?” Han Tiansheng reminded Han Xiao with anger. However, he did not know that Han Xiao had already stored up his strength in this punch. He did not show any mercy.

“Is that all you have?” When Samuel said this words, Han Xiao threw another punch at Samuel’s chest.

This time around, it was still unable to cause any damage to Samuel. He was still as firm and unshakable as an iron wall.

Han Xiao’s eyes were filled with disbelief. How could he become so strong in such a short period of time? This was absolutely impossible.

“You, what the hell are you?” Han Xiao asked in horror.

“You don’t have any strength left?” Samuel asked.

A sense of crisis from his life came to Han Xiao. He subconsciously stepped back, trying to distance himself from Samuel in order to avoid being hurt by Samuel’s counterattack.

However, after Han Xiao had retreated three meters away, Samuel was still standing in front of him.

Cold sweat broke out on Han Xiao’s back.

He was sure that he had retreated a long distance, but Samuel was still standing in front of him. It showed that Samuel followed him, and his speed was no less than his. He was even faster, and he controlled the distance more accurately. If not, how could Samuel make it out of the same distance with him?

“Han Xiao, what exactly are you doing?” Han Tiansheng was completely furious. In his eyes, Samuel was just an ant that could be easily killed by Han Xiao. However, Han Xiao did not harm Samuel even a little. This was something that he could not accept.

Han Xiao was the only one who knew the bitterness in his heart.

Han Xiao was unable to explain Samuel’s sudden increase in strength. However, there was one thing that he was certain of. The current Samuel was definitely not the kind of strength that he had in the last fighting. Han Xiao did not know just how he had become stronger.

“It looks like you will die in my hands.” A strange arc appeared on the corner of Samuel’s mouth. To Han Xiao, this kind of smile was filled with a chill that seeped deep into his bones.


There was a loud noise.

Han Xiao’s body flew out like a cannonball and hit the wall, causing the entire villa to tremble.

Seeing this, Han Tiansheng widened his eyes in disbelief.

How could it be possible!

How could this be?

Han Xiao was sent flying by a punch from Samuel. To Han Xiao, Samuel’s strength was only that of a three-year-old child.

Samuel once again approached Han Xiao like a ghost and stood in front of him.

Even Qi Yiyun, who was outside the situation and could only watch this scene, could not see Samuel’s movements clearly. In the blink of an eye, he had appeared in front of Han Xiao like a ghost.

“How do you wish to die?” Samuel asked Han Xiao with a frosty face.

Han Xiao shook his head, obviously full of unwillingness. How could a person who could be at his control suddenly become so powerful?

“It’s impossible, it’s impossible. Why did you suddenly become so strong?” Han Xiao said, unwilling to give up.

“He shouldn’t have angered me, and he shouldn’t have used Han Nian to provoke me.” To this date, Samuel could not explain why he suddenly possessed that power. However, the current situation was very clear to him. Han Tiansheng had completely angered him, causing the power in his body to erupt like a flood.

Samuel kicked Han Xiao’s chest. Because the whole villa was made of wood, the power of this kick caused Han Xiao’s body to pierce through the wall. Han Xiao spat out a mouthful of blood.

Such a big movement led those spies outside the villa to send the message back to their behind-the-scenes boss as soon as possible.

Everyone thought Samuel was doomed. Faced with a master like Han Xiao and according to the movement in the villa, how could he survive?

“I didn’t expect Samuel to die in such a way. It must be a luxury to be able to keep his body intact.”

“Fact has once again proven that Han Tiansheng is not one to be provoked. Whoever dares to oppose him will not have a good ending.”

“Samuel, now that we think about it, he is a joke. This is a world where heroes are determined by success or failure. The way he delivered the coffin to Han Tiansheng looks imposing, but in the end, he will still die in Han Tiansheng’s hands.”

Who would have thought that Han Xiao would be the person who was gradually reaching the end of his life when these people decided to mock Samuel?

Han Tiansheng was dumbfounded. This was completely different from what he had expected. He had never imagined that Han Xiao would be no match Samuel.

This trash actually became so strong all of a sudden!

“I now understand why Elder Yi took you as his disciple. Your talent must be above that of Lintong,” Han Xiao said with a face full of despair. The matter of Elder Yi taking disciples had been suspected throughout the Tianqi era. No one understood why Elder Yi accepted a secular disciple. But now that Han Xiao had witnessed it with his own eyes, only he understood the thoughts of Elder Yi.

If he was in a normal mood, Samuel would definitely be curious about the meaning of Han Xiao’s words. But now, there was only one thought in his mind, which was to kill Han Xiao and Han Tiansheng. Only in this way could he save the lives of Yvonne and Han Nian.

“Go to hell.” After saying these three words, Samuel punched Han Xiao’s temple.

There was an obvious dent in Han Xiao’s head, which was enough to show how powerful the punch was. Before Han Xiao could close his eyes, he collapsed to the ground.


He died just like that!

Han Tiansheng blankly looked at Han Xiao, who did not move. This warrior helped him to get to the peak position today. Han Tiansheng never thought that Han Xiao would die in this way.

From Han Tiansheng’s point of view, Han Xiao would only be killed by time. This was because his strength was extremely strong and there was almost no match for him in the secular world.

But now…

“You, what are you going to do!” Han Tiansheng said in horror when he saw Samuel coming towards him.

“Only when you die will Yvonne and Han Nian be safe,” Samuel said lightly.

“You, you can’t kill me. Your grandfather won’t allow you to kill me.” Han Tiansheng kept retreating until he reached the corner. There was no way to retreat.

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