Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1168

If a person was afraid of death, he would not say it out loud, but would directly show it out from his behavior.

Han Tiansheng, who said that he was not afraid of death, showed his fear of death at this moment.

Standing in the corner, shivering all over, pale, and no longer arrogant as before.

Han Xiao’s death made Han Tiansheng desperate. He was only afraid when facing Samuel’s anger.

What face? What’s more important than your life?

It was a pity that his words made Samuel burst into laughter.

“You still have the nerve to mention my grandfather. When you forced him to kneel down and leave the United States, did you consider that he was your brother?” Samuel said coldly. Although he could not feel how much humiliation Han Tianyang had suffered, he knew that his grandfather was full of unwillingness from Han Tiansheng’s attitude.

“But no matter what, I am still your elder. How can you kill me? Aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning?” Han Tiansheng had no choice but to say these words. He did not want to use Han Tianyang to beg for mercy for himself, but if he did not do so, he could only wait for death.

Samuel shook his head and looked at Han Tiansheng with regret. He said, “Even if I will be struck by lightning, I will kill you today. I will avenge grandfather’.”

After that, Samuel approached Han Tiansheng step by step.

Han Tiansheng’s eyelids twitched. Every step Samuel took made him feel like he was on the brink of death.

“Don’t, don’t come over, don’t come over,” HanTiansheng said in horror.

Samuel did not stop walking. From the time Han Tiansheng said how to kill Han Nian, his ending was already doomed.

After experiencing what Lydia had done to Han Nian, Samuel would kill anyone who posed a threat to Han Nian without mercy. He would no longer be softhearted, nor would he leave any threat to Han Nian.

“Han Tiansheng, your bones will become the steps under my feet. From now on, I Samuel will be the one who said it in the ChineseDistrict of the U.S.,” Samuel said coldly.

Han Tiansheng finally understood the feelings of his opponents back then. It turned out that this was how it felt to be a stepping stone for others. Other than fear of death, there was also unwillingness. However, this unwillingness was limited by the limitations of one’s ability. There was nothing that one could do but wait for death to arrive.

“No, no, you can’t kill me. I’m your elder, I’m your elder.” Han Tiansheng’s eyes were empty. Obviously, he had been scared and lost his mind.

A superior who was never afraid of death was actually vulnerable when he was really facing death.

In this world, many people claimed that they were not afraid of death, but how many people could still be calm in the face of death?

Han Tiansheng was a good example.

“Grandfather, your grandson has avenged you.” After saying this, Samuel stretched out his right hand, grabbed Han Tiansheng’s throat, and lifted him up into the air.

Han Tiansheng kicked his legs and struggled. His hands kept scratching Samuel’s arms, trying to help himself out of the dilemma in this way.

However, his struggles were of no use to Samuel at the moment.

Qi Yiyun looked at Han Tiansheng’s situation from the side and turned her head away. She did not dare to look at this scene. After all, she was just a woman. In the face of such violent means, she could not accept it calmly.

However, she would never sympathize with Han Tiansheng. This person deserved to die. He did not even let go of a baby. What right did he have to let Samuel let him off?

When Han Tiansheng gradually stopped struggling, Samuel lifted him up in the air for nearly ten minutes.

“Samuel. He’s dead.” Qi Yiyun walked to Samuel and reminded him.

When Samuel heard this, he let go of Han Tiansheng and threw him into the corner.

“How are you? Are you all right?” Qi Yiyun asked worriedly. Just now, Samuel looked like he was possessed, which made her feel a strong sense of unfamiliarity. So she was afraid that Samuel would not return to normal.

“I’m fine.” Samuel said faintly. He knew that the change earlier was because anger had caused the power within his body to cause trouble. If it were not for this, he would have already died in Han Xiao’s hands.

In the past, Samuel had been worried that this power would cause harm to his body. But now, he had no qualms about this. After all, he had relied on this power to complete many impossible things. At least until now, it brought benefits to Samuel. Without it, he would have died many times.

“Are you sure you’re fine?” Qi Yiyun asked worriedly as she looked at Samuel’s slightly red eyes.

“I’m really fine. I’ll take a rest first.” Samuel went back to the living room and sat on the sofa with his eyes closed.

Qi Yiyun sat by the side and did not disturb Samuel. She just watched quietly.

After the villa quieted down, the spies outside were puzzled.

Since Han Tiansheng had already killed Samuel, why didn’t he show up? With his status, he didn’t need to deal with the body. Even if he was found, Han Tiansheng wouldn’t be affected by this matter.

All the aristocratic families began to guess what Han Tiansheng was doing in the villa.

At this moment, Qi Donglin and his wife, Ouyang Fei, were crying.

Although they didn’t have spies near Samuel’s villa, this incident had already caused a huge uproar in the city. Qi Donglin could easily make a phone call and find out what was going on.

Everyone was sure Samuel was dead. How could he survive?

Furthermore, with Han Tiansheng’s means, since Qi Yiyun was by Samuel’s side, he would not let Qi Yiyun off.

“Don’t cry. We will be able to reunite with the family of three soon.” Qi Donglin comforted Ouyang Fei in a special way, because he knew very well that if Han Tiansheng killed Qi Yiyun, he would never let them go. This was Han Tiansheng’s usual way of doing things.

Ouyang Fei felt so distressed that she couldn’t breathe. Although she knew that it was stupid of Qi Yiyun to choose to go to Samuel’s house at this time, she didn’t stop her. At this time, Ouyang Fei’s guilt was greater than heartache.

“Why? Why didn’t I stop her? She’s still so young. How could she die?” Ouyang Fei cried.

Qi Donglin sighed. Given Qi Yiyun’s temper, how could they stop her? And now it was a foregone conclusion, it was useless for them to blame themselves.

“It’s not your fault,” Qi Donglin said, holding Ouyang Fei in his arms.

At the same time, there was another person who was in despair. He wanted to rely on Samuel to avenge his parents.

On the day Samuel sent the coffin, Zhong Ming’s blood was boiling, as if he had seen the hope of revenge for his parents. From that day on, Zhong Ming had been looking forward to the life and death struggle between Samuel and Han Tiansheng. When Han Tiansheng had gone to the Chinese region and everyone had guessed that Han Tiansheng was hiding from difficulties, Zhong Ming’s heart was filled with joy. He had thought that he had finally seen the downfall of Han Tiansheng. He had even thought about how to kill Han Tiansheng after the Hannigan family had been destroyed.

However, all of this happened too quickly. It was like comparing Chinese District to a lake. Samuel had crashed a huge rock into the lake and caused stormy waves. He thought that this wave could destroy Han Tiansheng, but the result was that Samuel was killed by the waves.

“Do I really have no hope of revenge in this life?” Zhong Ming sadly knelt in front of his parents’ memorial tablets and said painfully.

In the Nangong family’s company.

Tang Zong couldn’t have been unaware of such a big thing that had happened in Chinese District. However, he was still doing what he was supposed to do in the office, without the slightest worry on his face.

When Yuan Ling arrived at the office, she noticed the calm expression on Tang Zong’s face. She felt very strange. Even she had heard some news regarding Han Tiansheng’s visit to Samuel’s home. It couldn’t be that Tang Zong didn’t know anything about it.

“President Tang, don’t you know about President Hannigan?” Yuan Ling asked Tang Zong in confusion.

“Do you mean that Han Tiansheng went to Brother Samuel’s house?” Tang Zong said faintly.

Yuan Ling nodded. Samuel was dead. She really couldn’t understand why Tang Zong could be so calm.

“You don’t worry about him, do you? I heard that Han Tiansheng has already killed him,” Yuan Ling said.

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