Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1178

Qi Yiyun did not answer. She looked at Samuel with burning eyes. Obviously, what she was concerned about was not who Samuel would give the Chinese District DistrictSamuel’s question and whether he was taking into account her feelings.

However, Samuel did not answer Qi Yiyun’s question directly. Instead, he said, “It’s not a good thing to have too high a position. Of course, I don’t discriminate against your gender, but there are some things that men do better. You don’t have to take too big of a risk.”

At present, all the people in the Chinese District were well-behaved due to Samuel’s deterrence. Even if he pushed the Ma Family to the top of the Ma Family, no one dared to object. However, Samuel would eventually leave this place. After he left, the deterrence would gradually decline, and the Ma Family would definitely encounter a lot of trouble in the future. Whether or not he could fix his position in the first family in the Chinese District depended on Ma Feihao’s ability.

The responsibility and risk of this matter were not small, which was also the reason Samuel did not support the Qi family.

“Every time I was in danger, you came forward to support me. The Chinese District, logically speaking, should be given to you. Even everyone may think so. Do you feel unwilling?” Samuel asked.

From Samuel’s words, Qi Yiyun could feel his concern for her. However, this obscure expression did not satisfy Qi Yiyun. She wanted Samuel to admit it personally.

“Is it so hard to admit that you care about me? Are you doing this for my own good?” Qi Yiyun asked persistently.

After a long silence, Samuel finally opened his mouth and said, “Yes.”

What was a smile as beautiful as a flower?

At this moment, Qi Yiyun’s smile was more beautiful than any other flower in the world, and the happiness on her face flowed out without reservation. She got the answer she wanted, and she knew Samuel had rejected her not because he had no feelings for her, but because he was controlling himself.

Although this would not change the relationship between them, it was already worth it for Qi Yiyun. At least she knew Samuel was not so heartless to her. It was only because of Yvonne’s existence that Samuel had to restrain his feelings.

“Do you know that even if I exchange all the assets of the Qi family for this word, I still think it’s worth it?” Qi Yiyun said with a smile.

“The Qis don’t have much money, do they?” Samuel said lightly.

The happy Qi Yiyun’s expression darkened when she heard that.

The Qi family was a well-known family in Chinese District, and they had a certain amount of wealth. However, Samuel said that they didn’t have much money!

“You have the Nangong family backing you now. Who in the world would dare to compete with you in terms of wealth?” Qi Yiyun said disdainfully.

The financial resources of the Nangong family could almost be regarded as the best in the world. No one could surpass their amazing financial resources. If the Nangong family hadn’t kept a low profile, the upper limit of the financial resources of the richest man in the world would have been refreshed, and no one in the world could surpass it.

“By the way, Auntie He, the driver who sent you here, hasn’t he left yet?” Speaking of the Nangong family, Samuel suddenly thought of this matter.

These days, he was completely immersed in the joy of taking care of children. Even when he slept at night, he held Han Nian in his arms and completely forgot about this matter.

“The car is still there. I think he hasn’t left yet,” He Ting said.

Samuel stood up. Since he did not leave, he must have a reason to stay. However, he just waited quietly, which surprised Samuel.

He walked out of the house and headed for the business car.

The driver in the car was apparently paying attention to the movements of the villa at all times. When Samuel came over, he had already gotten out of the car.

He walked up to Samuel and bent down slightly, expressing his respect for Samuel.

“Is there anything Nangong Boling wanted to say?” Samuel asked.

“The family master asked me to tell you that he will no longer limit your freedom. You can go anywhere you want, and he also hopes that you can take the time to meet him. If you are really inconvenient and have no time to return to the Nangong family, he will come to you personally,” the driver said. Not only did he address Samuel with respect, but his words also seemed to imply that he had lowered Nangong Boling’s status.

This was what Nangong Boling had personally told him. He knew very well what Samuel meant to the Nangong family. Hence, Nangong Boling would never show off his position as the master of the Nangong family in front of Samuel.

Samuel was a little surprised that Nangong Boling not only sent Han Nian back to his side, but also showed such a low posture, which was beyond his imagination.

“He won’t want me to change my surname, will he?” Samuel said faintly. He could guess what Nangong Boling wanted to do. And this matter had already been mentioned when he was in the Nangong family. Nangong Boling hoped that he could lead the Nangong family to that level. He did this to make the Nangong family’s name more famous, and Samuel’s surname was Hannigan.

“The master has already guessed that you would think so, so he deliberately told me to tell you that as long as you are willing to be the master of the Nangong family, he would have no objection even if the whole Nangong family changes its surname to Hannigan,” the driver said.

Although Samuel was a calm man, the impact of his words still changed his facial expression greatly.

Nangong Boling actually wanted to change the whole Nangong family’s surname to Hannigan!

Samuel had never imagined that Nangong Boling would be willing to pay such a high price.

A man’s lifelong pursuit was nothing less than a woman,money, power and status.

The first three were things that Nangong Boling could not be bothered with. Only the status could arouse his desire. Samuel did not understand Nangong Boling’s mentality because he was not in his position.

Nangong Boling’s desire for the level of the Tianqi realm was beyond anyone’s imagination.

Nangong Boling had been working hard for this for nearly two decades. There were countless places under the Nangong family that were similar to the Earth Core. He had planned all of this so that he could enter the Tianqi level.

As Nangong Boling grew older, he had less and less time left. Naturally, there were more things he could give up on.

His family name might be important, but it was not as important as entering the Tianqi realm.

After the surprise, Samuel said with a faint smile, “Hannigan Bolingdoesn’t sound good.”

The driver was not dissatisfied with this. He had been a driver for ten years for Nangong Boling, and he had also developed a certain temperament of arrogance. However, this temper would never be shown in front of Samuel, because he was well aware of Samuel’s position in the heart of Nangong Boling.

“I think it sounds nice,” said the driver.

Samuel couldn’t help but shake his head. He didn’t expect him to say something like that. It seemed that Nangong Boling had taught him how to behave in front of him.

“I will find an opportunity to see him. If you don’t have anything else to do, you can go. It must be very uncomfortable for you to sleep in the car,” Samuel said.

“As long as I can see you, even if I sleep on the roadside, it’s worth it,” said the driver.

“Your flattery skills can be compared with my friend’s,” Samuel said with a smile. The friend in his mouth was Tang Zong. Of course, Tang Zong never thought that his words were flattery. He firmly believed that every word he said was a way to express Samuel’s true strength.

“I will convey your meaning to the family head and look forward to meeting you as soon as possible.” After the driver finished speaking, he bent over and stepped back to the side of the car before opening the door and getting out of the car.

Samuel breathed a sigh of relief. He really didn’t know how to deal with Nangong Boling since he had done so much.

Of course, it was impossible for Samuel to change his surname, but it was ridiculous for him to let all the members of the Nangong family change their surname to Hannigan. However, this matter was not worth his effort yet. After all, he would not see Nangong Boling for a short period of time.

Without the restrictions of Nangong Boling, Samuel regained his freedom. What he wanted to do the most was to hurry back to Cloud City and bring Han Nian back to Yvonne.

But at this moment, a familiar figure came from afar, which made Samuel frown.

“Why did this guy come to the U.S.? Hasn’t Nangong Sun’s death warned him enough?”

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