Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1180

Yellow-hair’s attitude was very bad, but Samuel was not an unreasonable person. Although there was a reason for the child’s noise, Han Nian’s crying did have a certain effect on their rest.

Therefore, Samuel was not angry. Instead, he said apologetically, “I’m sorry. I’ve tried my best to coax her. Maybe she’s afraid of taking the plane.”

Yellow-hair saw Samuel’s attitude and thought that he was a pushover. He became more arrogant and said, “This is the first-class cabin. I spent so much money because I hope I can have a good rest on the way. If you can’t let her quiet down, don’t blame me for being rude.”

“Alright, alright. I will think of a way. I’m really sorry,” Samuel said. He patted Han Nian lightly, hoping that he could use this method to ease her crying.

After yellow-hair returned to his seat, he said to his girlfriend next to him, “Well, I’ve taught him a lesson. You take a rest first. If he continues to make trouble, I’ll teach him a lesson.”

The girl next to him was dyed pink and her thick makeup was even more exaggerated than the one she was putting on during a grand show. She said impatiently, “If it disturbs my rest again, you can give them some money and have them lower their cabins.”

“No problem. Money is a small thing, but it can’t affect your rest,” Yellow Hair said with a smile.

Samuel tried his best to calm Han Nian down. She might have been too tired from crying, so she fell asleep.

Samuel breathed a sigh of relief. He realized that it was not easy to take care of a child. It was more difficult than living in the Earth Core during such a short period of time.

They had been on a two-day journey. When he was changing Han Nian’s diaper, he had caused Han Nian’s discomfort. It was normal for a child to cry at a time like this.

Samuel’s movements were slow and he was afraid of causing too much noise for other passengers, so he gave Han Nian to He Ting. She was more skilled and could complete it in a short period of time.

Samuel took this opportunity to make a trip to the bathroom.

However, Han Nian’s crying aroused the young man’s dissatisfaction.

“Cry, cry, cry. You only know how to cry. Why don’t you go to hell?” The girl gnashed her teeth and said, looking as if she could not bear it anymore.

When Yellow Hair heard that, he stood up and said, “Leave it to me. I’ll have them get out of here right away.”

He Ting put Han Nian in her seat and bent down to change diapers for her. But at this moment, someone suddenly kicked her. If she hadn’t reacted fast enough, she would have put her hands on Han Nian. Such strength was unimaginable for a little baby.

“What are you doing?” He Ting turned her head and said angrily when she saw the yellow-haired man.

“What am I doing?” The yellow-haired man was particularly arrogant. He probably thought that He Ting was easy to be bullied, so he didn’t leave any room for her. He said, “Do you want me to help you make her quiet down? I can make this little guy sleep in the middle of the night with one punch.”

“She’s just a child. Is there a need to be so calculative?” He Ting said.

“She has disturbed my girlfriend. So what if she is a baby?Do you know who I am?” Yellow Hair said disdainfully.

He Ting was an old-fashioned person. She didn’t understand the exaggeration of young people nowadays at all. In her eyes, the yellow hair was like a lunatic with feathers all over his head.

“I advise you not to cause trouble. This flight is to Cloud City,” He Ting kindly reminded him.

Cloud City was Samuel’s territory. If he provoked Samuel, the yellow-haired man would not come to a good end.

However, when He Ting kindly reminded him, he was looked down upon by the yellow-hair.

“Are you trying to scare me? Do you think I’m that easy to bully? I’ll give you three seconds, or else I’ll help you myself,” Yellow Hair said.

It was impossible for Han Nian to quieten down in three seconds.

He Ting didn’t know what the yellow-haired man wanted to do, so she stood in front of Han Nian to protect her.

“Don’t mess around. If you hurt her, I’m afraid you’ll lose your life,” said He Ting.

Yellow-hair was young and aggressive, but when he heard this, he was even more furious. This middle-aged woman in trash clothes looked like she came from the countryside, and he didn’t know how she sat in the first class cabin.

“Really? I’d like to see how powerful you are. You’re trying to scare me. You don’t know my position in Cloud City, do you?” After saying that, Yellow Hair directly reached out and grabbed He Ting’s hair, trying to pull her away.

He Ting felt a sharp pain in her scalp, but her hands clutching the armrest of the chair showed no sign of letting go. She would rather hurt herself than let the yellow-hair hurt Han Nian.

At this time, the air stewardess came over. Seeing that Yellow Hair started to hit people, she hurriedly advised, “Sir, please go back to your position and don’t do such dangerous things.”

Yellow Hair glared at the air stewardess and rebuked her angrily, “Don’t f*cking meddle in other people’s business. Believe it or not, I’ll make you lose your job. Get out of here.”

The flight attendant knew that all the guests who could sit in the first class cabin were not small characters. Moreover, Yellow Hair, who was dressed in brand clothes, was obviously a very rich person in his family. Usually, rich people had some social status. If he used some underhanded means, it would not be strange for her to throw away her job.

“What’s the matter? Let’s get off the plane and talk about it. If the police are alarmed, it will be more troublesome.” The stewardess reminded him kindly.

Apparently, the yellow-haired man didn’t accept her kindness. He was used to being domineering. If he didn’t teach He Ting a lesson, he would be humiliated.

“I didn’t make myself clear enough, did I? I told you to get lost,” the yellow-haired man looked at the stewardess sinisterly and said.

At this time, He Ting said, “Young man, I advise you to stop immediately, or it will be too late for you to stop.”

When Samuel came out of the bathroom, he would never let him go.

She was the apple of Samuel’s eye. No one dared to hurt her. Wasn’t it like playing with their lives?

“Old woman, where did you get the courage to threaten me? Even if I arrived in Cloud City, I could easily torture you to death. Scare me? Don’t you see what kind of person you are?” As Yellow Hair spoke, he pulled He Ting’s hair very hard.

He Ting raised her head, but her body didn’t move. She was still protecting Han Nian. It didn’t matter if she was injured. She had to protect Han Nian.

“You are pretty stubborn. I want to see how capable you are.” Yellow Hair almost exerted all of his strength.

He Ting felt that her scalp was about to be torn off.

The flight attendant saw that things were getting more and more intense. At this time, she should go to the police station to solve this problem, but she did not dare to provoke this yellow-haired man. She was afraid that she would lose her job, so she could only go to the toilet, hoping Samuel could calm down this matter after coming out.

Samuel was enjoying the joy of getting wet when suddenly there was a rapid knock on the door.

“Didn’t you see there is someone?” Samuel said helplessly.

“Sir, something has happened. Can you come out as soon as possible?” the stewardess said from outside the door.

Something’s wrong!

The first thing Samuel thought of was Yellow Hair. Could it be that this guy was looking for trouble again?

In less than 10 seconds, Samuel opened the bathroom door. He did not have time to listen to the stewardess’s explanation and went to his seat.

When he saw that the yellow hair was tightly pulling He Ting’s hair, the anger in Samuel’s heart rose instantly.

Previously, his attitude toward Yellow-hair was very harmonious, which was due to the influence caused by Han Nian’s rest. But if the matter rose to the level where he could take action, Samuel would not feel sorry.

Yellow-hair didn’t notice that the crisis was approaching him step by step. He Ting, who had no strength to resist, was like an ant under his control.

“If you don’t let go, I won’t show you any mercy.” After saying this, Yellow-hair kicked He Ting in the waist.

He Ting gasped in pain, but protecting Han Nian’s obsession still made her hold the armrest tightly.

At this moment, the yellow-haired man suddenly felt a hand pinching his throat, and in just a moment, he felt that he could not breathe.

“Let her go.” Samuel’s cold voice came to his ears.

The yellow-hair’s face turned red and he turned to Samuel. He said with all his strength, “F*ck, let me go. You won’t have a good ending if you mess with me.”

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