Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1186

“That’s right, what happened to you in the Nangong clan?” Han Tianyang asked Samuelafter hesitating for a long while.

Although Han Tianyang knew everything about Samuel in the U.S., he knew nothing about it when he was in the Nangong family. He knew that excessive care was only to dig out Samuel’s privacy, but he was really curious about it.

Han Tianyang was one of the few families in the world who knew how powerful the Nangong family was. Han Tianyang couldn’t help but wonder what had happened between Samuel and the top families and what kind of ending it would have been.

In those days, after he married Nangong Qianqiu, he became a pawn of the Nangong family. But in fact, Han Tianyang didn’t know what the Nangong family wanted to do. For decades, this doubt was the one that Han Tianyang had always wanted to solve. Now only Samuel could help him solve it.

“Grandpa, I never thought that Nangong Qianqiu had such a background,” Samuel said with a sigh. In his eyes, Nangong Qianqiu’s strength was after his grandpa disappeared. Before that, Nangong Qianqiu was an unknown existence. No one could imagine that behind Nangong Qianqiu, there was a Nangong family with such amazing power.

More importantly, others could not tell that Nangong Qianqiu was born into such a wealthy family.

Samuel sighed that the Nangong family was powerful and so was Han Tianyang. Only such a hidden top family could be called a real family. The financial resources of the Nangong family could stir up a storm with their own strength. This power was very terrifying and amazing. It was also because of this that Han Tianyang had to marry Nangong Qianqiu in those days.

It could be said that when Han Tianyang faced this matter, he had no choice at all.

“If it weren’t for the Nangong family, I wouldn’t have achieved such a status in Swallow City. People all say that I, Han Tianyang, was hibernating in Swallow City and started from scratch, but all this is the Nangong family’s conspiracy. And I, at most, am just an ant to be played by others,” Han Tianyang said.

In Samuel’s heart, Han Tianyang’s hero image would not change because of anything. This was because Han Tianyang’s reason for becoming a hero in his heart was not because Han Tianyang had helped the Hannigan family establish a foothold in Swallow City. Instead, it was because he had given Samuel’s protection, allowing Samuel to have sufficient sense of security.

“Grandpa, the opportunity was given by the Nangong family, but the Hannigan family made it to this point because of your ability. We can’t deny your achievements because of the Nangong family,” Samuel said.

Han Tianyang shook his head helplessly. It did not matter if Samuel really thought so or if Samuel wanted to comfort himself. But Han Tianyang knew very well that he was nothing withoutthe Nangong family.

“This is the story I told you before. The Nangong family controls many financial groups in the world, and my Hannigan family has always been a tool for the Nangong family. As for what they want to do, I still don’t know.” Han Tianyang sighed. It was very uncomfortable to be controlled without resisting. Moreover, for decades, he didn’t know what the Nangong family wanted to do.

“The request of the Nangong family is very simple. Nangong Boling wants to bring the Nangong family to that level,” Samuel said.

Han Tianyang was not surprised by this answer. With the status of the Nangong clan in the secular world, there was nothing worthy of the Nangong Boling’s pursuit. Only by entering that level could he gain the interest of the Nangong Boling.

“Looks like you’re now the greatest hope for Nangong Boling,” said Han Tianyang with a smile. After all, Samuel was going to be the disciple of Elder Yi. This was a unique privilege in the world, and Nangong Boling probably wouldn’t dare to threaten him any further.

“That’s right. Nangong Boling once wanted me to change my surname to ‘Nangong’ because he wanted me to enter Tianqi in the name of ‘Nangong ‘.” Samuel said.

Han Tianyang’s expression froze, but he quickly calmed down and said, “For you, this is a good thing. If you really want to change your surname, Grandpa won’t blame you.”

Samuel was happy to hear that.

It was Nangong Boling’s request to change his surname, but Samuel rejected it very decisively. He had always been surnamed Hannigan. Even if he was a ghost, he had to be surnamed Hannigan. Samuel would never change his surname.

And now, Nangong Boling no longer had any requirements for this. He could even change the Nangong family’s surname to Hannigan as long Samuel was willing.

“Don’t laugh. Although you are qualified to enter the Tianqi Realm, the Nangong family can provide you with great help. Their financial resources are unparalleled in the world. If you change your surname, all resources of the Nangong family will be allocated by you. This benefit is unimaginable,” Han Tianyang said.

Yan Jun nodded in approval. Although Tianqi and the Nangong family were not on the same level, this was definitely not a reason to ignore the power of the Nangong family. In the secular world, the Nangong family could easily stir up a storm. This kind of amazing background was what Samuel needed. After all, those people in Tianqi Realm had to eat and earn money to support their lives.

With money in hand, Samuel’s position in the Apocalypse realm would undoubtedly be even more important.

“Samuel. If you can make good use of the Nangong family, you will have a higher position in Tianqi. Don’t underestimate the power of the Nangong family.” Yan Jun reminded.

“Grandfathers, I did not underestimate the Nangong family. Even a hundred Hannigan family can’t match them. How can I underestimate them?” Samuel said with a smile.

“Then what are you laughing at?”

“Then what are you laughing at?”

The two of them asked at the same time. They were full of doubts and confusion about Samuel’s smile, because it seemed to have some disdain.

“Nangong Boling asked me to change my surname. That was his initial request. After I rejected him, he changed his mind,” Samuel said.

“What’s his attitude?” Han Tianyang couldn’t wait to ask.

“Ahem.” Samuel pretended to clear his throat and said, “Nangong Boling hopes that I can become the master of the Nangong family. Besides, he doesn’t need me to change my surname. As long as I want to, he can let the whole Nangong family change their surname to Hannigan.”

Hearing this, Han Tianyang and Yan Jun were both stunned.

He would make the entire Nangong family change their surname to Hannigan!

If anyone else mentioned it, Han Tianyang would only treat it as a joke.

What kind of person was the Nangong family? And what kind of big shot was Nangong Boling?

How could he change the Nangong family’s surname?

But the person who said that was Samuel. It was impossible for him to make fun of this kind of thing.

Looking at the two men’s chins falling to the ground, Samuel could not control the smile on his face. He reminded them, “Grandpas, you’ve lost your temper. Your chins are falling to the ground.”

Hearing this, the two quickly shut their mouths. After all, they were an elder to Samuel. How could they pretend to be ignorant in front of him?

“Samuel, you didn’t say anything funny, did you? Did Nangong Boling really say that?” Han Tianyang felt his throat dry. Although he was also a big shot of his time, there was still a huge gap between him and Nangong Boling. He couldn’t imagine someone like Nangong Boling could say something like that.

“Don’t take advantage of us for fun.” Said Yan Jun.

“How would I dare to have fun with my two grandfathers? Nangong Boling did say that, and he even said that if I didn’t have time to see him, he could visit personally. If you really don’t believe me, I’ll inform Nangong Boling and let him come to Cloud City. It’s a good opportunity for him to attend Han Nian’s banquet,” Samuel said.

Han Tianyang walked up to Samuel excitedly. He couldn’t suppress the excitement on his face. He put his hands on Samuel’s shoulder and said, “Good, good, good. The children and grandchildren of Hannigan family are really outstanding. Samuel, I can only see your achievements. In the future, the Hannigan family will definitely become famous because of you.”

“Samuel. If Nangong Qianqiu were alive, only then would she know what the true form of an emperor is,” Yan Jun said.

Samuel knew that it was because of this nonsense that Nangong Qianqiu changed her attitude towards him. However, Nangong Qianqiu was already dead. Whether it was an emperor’s statue or not was not important to him. All he needed to do was to have enough ability to protect Yvonne and Han Nian.

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