Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1189

Samuel had bought Hillside Villa in order to give Yvonne a better morning jogging environment. However, after his pregnancy, Yvonne had left the morning jogging behind. Of course, she could not be blamed for her laziness. It was just that the reality of the situation did not allow her to do so.

As a mother, Yvonne needed to be distracted by too many things, so she had no time to deal with this matter.

It was six o’clock in the morning. There was no need to ring the bell. Samuel woke up. This was a habit that had been developed over many years.

Looking at Yvonne, who was sleeping soundly, Samuel carefully put on his clothes and left the villa.

The air quality of the villa area on Cloudridge was still the best in the whole of Cloud City. Moreover, due to the fact Samuel lived here, the price of the villa area had already doubled. Moreover, there was a price but no sales. This was because many people hoped to spend a lot of money to become Samuel’s neighbor. However, how could the person who lived here give up the original advantage he had because of money?

Along the mountain path, Samuel had traveled with Yvonne many times. Now that he had returned to his hometown, many memories came back to him. Samuel did not know how long such days could last. He could only try his best to make use of the time he had right now to become a competent husband and father.

Coming to the top of the mountain, the cold wind invaded people’s hearts. The wind blew on their faces as if they were cut by knives.

“Hey!” Samuel thought that he was the only one who would ask for trouble in the winter. He did not expect that there was a person standing on the top of the mountain.

Walking forward, Samuel found that the man was an old man. His long white beard made him look like an immortal. He looked like an old immortal from heaven.

“Sir, aren’t you afraid of the cold in winter?” Samuel said.

The old man smiled and said, “Aren’t you afraid?”

“I’m a young man with a national body. This bit of coldness is nothing. You can’t compare to me,” Samuel said.

The old man stroked his beard and turned to look at Samuel and said, “Do I have to hide at home when I am old?”

Samuel did not expect the old man to be so stubborn. He would definitely not be happy if he said that. He quickly said, “That’s not what I meant. It’s just that you have to do it for the sake of your health. It will be bad if you catch a cold.”

Of course, Samuel wasn’t scared of offending him. He just didn’t want to take this old man seriously.

“My body…” Before he could say anything, the old man couldn’t help sneezing. He could only take back what he wanted to say.

“You have no choice but to lower my head in the face of time. You should hurry down the mountain.” Samuel laughed.

The old man was embarrassed. The wind on the top of the mountain was indeed a little beyond his imagination. However, he had not achieved the purpose of coming to Samuel. He could not just leave like this.


“Sir, it’s too cold. I’d better go down the mountain first.” Samuel turned around and left.

The old man stood still, staring at Samuel’s back as he walked away. Then he came to his senses.

“I was waiting for you early in the morning, but now the young people can’t even stand such a cold wind!” After that, the old man sneezed again, shivered, and quickly pulled up his collar.

When Samuel returned to the villa, He Ting and Jiang Yingying had already gotten up to prepare breakfast. It was not a problem in summer, but it was not necessary for them to get up so early in winter.

“Aunt He, you can get up a little later. It’s winter now, and no one will get up so early for dinner,” Samuel said to He Ting.

He Ting smiled and said, “Get ready early. It’s not a bad thing. It’s cold outside. Come and have some hot porridge.”

Samuel was just about to drink the porridge when the doorbell rang.

At this time, who would come to the house?

Samuel immediately thought of Manfred. Only he would dare to disturb them at such a young age.

However, when Samuel opened the door, Samuel found that the person standing outside was the old man on the top of the mountain.

There were rules for private trespassing in the villa area of Cloudridge. If he was a person who lived here, it was impossible that he did not know about it.

“Sir, what can I do for you?” Samuel asked in confusion.

“You little bastard, you don’t have any patience at all. I haven’t finished speaking yet.” The old man looked like he was cursing.

“What are you trying to say?” Samuel was puzzled. Was the old man deliberately waiting for him on the top of the mountain? If so, he should know his identity. How dare he speak to him in such a tone?

“Can you let me in first? As an old man, I am suffering from a cold. Can you bear to do that?” the old man said.

Samuel did not know whether to laugh or cry. This old man’s temper was really bad. Besides, he was not forced by himself to go to the top of the mountain to be frozen. Why did he make it seem like he was at fault?

“Alright, come in first.” Samuel stepped aside and said.

When the old man entered the house, He Ting happened to be carrying a steaming bowl of porridge. She had prepared it for Samuel, but he didn’t regard himself as an outsider. He walked over and put it in his hand.

He Ting looked at Samuel in confusion.

Samuel shook his head at her, so He Ting didn’t ask any more questions.

“It’s so comfortable.” After taking a bite of porridge, he felt his whole body warm up. The old man seemed to be enjoying it, and then took a second sip.

Samuel really couldn’t figure out what kind of person the old man was since he dared to be so unbridled in Hillside Villa. At present, no matter who saw him in Cloud City, he must be trembling with fear. How could he behave so unscrupulously like him?

After the ola man finished the whole bowl of porridge, Samuel asked, “What do you want to say to me?”

The old man was as unfathomable as before, but his performance made Samuel feel like he was a charlatan. It seemed that he was going to make a fool of himself.

“I’ll give you a chance to change the world. What do you want it to be like?” The old man said.

Sure enough, this old man was not a good person. Samuel’s first instinct told him that he was starting to lie to him. He did not even bother to talk to such a person.

“Sir, let’s see what the world is like first.” After saying that, Samuel walked to the door and opened it.

The old man thought Samuel was going to talk about the view of the world. He went to the door and asked, “What do you think? Tell me.”

“You take a step out first,” Samuel said.

The old man didn’t suspect him at all. He took another step forward, and this step just so happened to be outside the door.

With a bang, the door was closed ruthlessly.

The old man was stunned and said in disbelief, “What the f*ck, the young people now…”

In the villa, He Ting asked Samuel, “Does he live here?”

“He’s just a charlatan,” Samuel said. “If he comes again, we’ll let the security department blast him away.”

He Ting nodded and kept his words in mind.

Outside the door, the wind was bleak. The old man stroked his white beard with a bitter smile on his face. The head of the Four Gates of Tianqi was directly locked outside the door. If his words were to be transmitted back to the Tianqi Realm, those people would laugh their teeth off.

“Fortunately, this matter was not seen by others. This stinky boy, I will get even with you later.” After that, the old man quickly left. As he walked, he complained about the weather.

When Samuel returned to his room, Yvonne had already woken up and was feeding milk to Han Nian. The little girl ate very happily, and her little face was so pink that people couldn’t help but want to kiss her.

After dawn, many cars stopped in succession at the gate of the villa area in Cloudridge. In less than half an hour, the whole road was full of vehicles. Moreover, the crowd of people gathered at the gate of the villa area was like a swarm of ants.

“Samuel’s influence is really too great. These people are all here to please him, aren’t they?”

“That’s right. Who is Samuel? Currently, if he said he is ranked number two in Cloud City, who dares to say he is number one?”

“I thought that he was a good-for-nothing in Cloud City a few years ago. Who would have thought that he was already so powerful today?”

Seeing this situation, several security guards sighed and discussed.

In the past, Samuel’s reputation in Cloud City was so notorious that anyone could despise him. But now, no one could find an opportunity to curry favor with him.

At present, these people were all bosses of restaurants, hotels, and manors. Knowing Samuel was going to hold the banquet, they all wanted to take this opportunity to curry favor with him, so they took the initiative to come to him. After all, the opportunity would not fall from the sky, but they had to fight for it by themselves.

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