Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1190

In this group of people, in addition to the local catering industry in Cloud City, there were also the neighboring cities. Therefore, competition was extremely stressful. Some even knew that the opportunity would not fall on their heads, but they still wanted to strive for it. After all, such an opportunity was too rare, and no one wanted to miss it. After all, if they could connect Samuel, they would definitely have a meteoric rise. Who would be willing to give up such a good opportunity?

More than a hundred people were at the gate of the villa area, and many people were coming in succession. Those security guards did not know what to say. Because this was the only scene they had ever seen in their lives. It was estimated that this kind of thing would not happen again, except for what happened before Han Nian’s birth.

In fact, the impact of this matter was not only seen by the naked eye, but also more invisible. For example, the families that had not invested in the catering industry now tried their best to buy resources in order to let their families have the qualification to compete for the banquet. The whole Cloud City and even the surrounding areas were stirred up because of the banquet.

“Do you need me to help you inform President Hannigan?” The security guards saw more and more people. If this went on, it would definitely affect the traffic. If the leaders blamed them, they couldn’t afford it, so they had to find a way to solve it.

However, after hearing this, those bosses shook their heads. They would rather wait here aimlessly than disturb Samuel.

Everyone wanted to leave a good impression on Samuel. If they disturbed him, wouldn’t it be a sin?

This matter soon spread to the Heavenly family. The Heavenly family’s attitude was very clear. They were willing to wait, and then just let them wait. As for whether or not it would hinder traffic, it was a small matter. Even if the people in the villa could not get out, they would not complain. After all, those people were all after Samuel. They did not dare to be dissatisfied with this matter.

“Grandpa, my brother is amazing, isn’t he? He has just come back and has caused such a big commotion.” Tian Ling’er said to Tian Changsheng with a face full of pride.

Tian Changsheng smiled happily and said, “With your brother’s current status, it is reasonable for him to have such treatment. Now, everyone knows that he is the Young Master of the Hannigan family in Swallow City.”

“Humph.” Tian Ling’er scoffed at these words. In her opinion, the current position Samuel was all built by Samuel himself. It had nothing to do with the Hannigan family in Swallow City.

“Don’t deny it. Although I also think that he has made his own efforts, the Hannigan family in Swallow City will eventually give him a lot of points. This is a fact that can’t be denied,” said Tian Changsheng.

Tian Ling’er did not speak but just pursed her lips. Of course, she understood this. But because of this, she felt that it was unfair to Samuel. Why did he have to bear the title “Young Master Hannigan family” on his head? Even without these words, he would still be as powerful as he was today.

“I have to see my daughter. I won’t talk to you anymore,” said Tian Ling’er.

“When did she become your daughter?” Tian Changsheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Tian Ling’er didn’t even have a boyfriend, but she already had a mother’s heart.

“My brother’s daughter, isn’t she my daughter? An old man like you doesn’t know anything.” After finishing her words, Tianling’er left directly.

Tian Changsheng was used to being rebuked by his granddaughter, but this was a kind of fun for him.

At this time, Tian Honghui walked to the side of Tian Chngsheng.

Tian Changsheng squinted his eyes and said lightly, “What do you think? Samuel is much more powerful than you think, isn’t he?”

Tian Honghui’s face was covered in sweat. In the past, he did not show his absolute stance when it came to making decisions. This was because in Tian Honghui’s eyes, Samuel was not that powerful. But now, he had to admit that he had misjudged him.

“Dad, my vision is indeed not comparable to yours,” Tian Honghui said.

“It’s not a matter of vision, but you didn’t accept the fact before, or you didn’t want to accept the fact.” Tian Changsheng said faintly.

Tian Honghui didn’t really agree with these words, but this was just a mental feeling. He didn’t dare say it out loud, or else he would have been lectured by Tian Changsheng again.

“Dad, our family also has catering business. Why don’t we try to get a Hundred-day Banquet?” Tian Honghui said.

“Given the relationship between Tian Ling’er and Samuel, there is no need to add to the fire. It is sufficient to maintain such a condition. If any problems were to occur, it would not be worth it. After all, there is some risk in doing this.” Tian Changsheng spoke. The ending that could only be achieved by swallowing an elephant by a human heart was usually a negative one. Tian Changsheng clearly understood what the Heavenly clan should do now.

It was the best and most stable way to maintain the relationship with Samuel by using Tian Ling’er. In his opinion, it was unnecessary to use any extra means.

“You must remember, no matter what, you can’t play tricks with Samuel.” Tian Changsheng reminded him.

Tian Honghui nodded.

“And you can’t defeat him. Although he is young, his life experience is definitely richer than yours. You can’t make such achievements without relying on the Hannigan family Swallow City,” added Tian Changsheng.

Tian Honghui still didn’t retort, because his heart-wrenching words were extremely clear. If he didn’t have the foundation of the Heavenly Family, and if he didn’t have a country established by Tian Changsheng, how could Tian Honghui have his current status?

At the gate of the villa district at the peak of Cloudridge.

Tian Ling’er was squeezed into the bustling crowd.

“Get out of the way. Get out of the way.”

“Make way. Don’t block my way.”

It was not easy for Tian Ling’er to break out of the crowd. Her hair was messed up. Of course, her behavior made many people dissatisfied, but these dissatisfied voices soon subsided.

“Miss Tian.” Several security guards hurriedly came to protect Tian Ling’er. This was their immediate superior.

Seeing the security guard’s attitude towards Tian Ling’er, the people who were cursing naturally disappeared.

“Who scolded me just now?” Tian Ling’er was so angry that she tied up her hair and looked at the crowd with fierce eyes.

There was dead silence at the scene. At this time, who dared to admit that he was swearing? Wasn’t he looking for death?

“You don’t dare to admit what you’ve done. Are you a man or not?” Tian Ling’er said angrily.

It didn’t matter whether they were men or not, because they still wanted to be humans and didn’t want to be ghosts.

Seeing that no one admitted it, Tian Ling’er instructed the security guards, “Tell these guys to be quiet. Don’t disturb my daughter’s rest.”

The security guards nodded repeatedly. Although the gate was far away from Hillside Villa, and the noise would not affect Hillside Villa, they dared not neglect Tian Ling’er’s order.

The people at the door also consciously quieted down. If Han Nian was disturbed, they couldn’t afford to take the responsibility.

When Tian Ling’er arrived at the villa halfway up the mountain and pressed the doorbell, the door quickly opened.

As a frequent visitor to the hillside villa, Tian Ling’er would come to talk to Yvonne from time to time. Especially after Han Nian was kidnapped, Tian Ling’er even came here twice or thrice a day to divert Yvonne’s attention so that she would not be so worried.

“Aunt He, where is my brother?” Tian Ling’er asked.

“He’s in the room,” He Ting said with a smile.

“Is he with my sister-in-law?” Tian Ling’er continued to ask.

He Ting nodded with a smile.

“It’s getting late. Why doesn’t he get up? Does he have to torture my sister-in-law?” Tian Ling’er said discontentedly.

He Ting didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This little girl said all kinds of things, which was very different from the introverted Jiang Yingying. However, He Ting was envious in her heart. She hoped that Jiang Yingying could be more outgoing, so that she could make more friends.

Tian Ling’er was in front of Samuel. However, she was not afraid of anything. She walked directly to the door of the room. Regardless of whether she would disturb the two people in the room, she knocked on the door.

Samuel opened the door and saw Tian Ling’er. He said helplessly, “What are you doing here so early?”

Tian Ling’er went straight into the room, walked over to Yvonne, and said, “Of course it’s to protect my sister-in-law, so she won’t be bullied by you.”

After that, Tian Ling’er turned to Yvonne and asked, “Sister-in-law, did he bully you last night?”

Yvonne’s face suddenly turned red, because she was not only bullied, but also begging for mercy to Samuel, but he didn’t let her go.

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