Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1199

“Well, Samuel wants Jiang Yingying to go to the company to work,” Yvonne said.

“No problem. Just leave it to me.” Linda patted her chest and promised.

At this time, Yvonne called Samuel to her side and told him that she could get Jiang Yingying to work, so Samuel went to the kitchen.

Seeing that Jiang Yingying and He Ting were busy preparing dinner together, Samuel said, “Yingying, I’m going to let you work at Sue family company. What do you think?”

Jiang Yingying looked at Samuel in confusion. The first thing that came to her mind was an idea. Was it because she had not done well at home that Samuel asked her to go to the company?

“Brother Samuel, is there anything wrong with me?” Jiang Yingying asked.

He Ting was also worried. Had Jiang Yingying made a mistake that caused Samuel’s dissatisfaction?

“How can you do anything wrong? When Aunt He is not around, I have to thank you for taking care of Yvonne. But I think you are still young and shouldn’t be trapped here. If you have the chance, you should see the outside world more often,” Samuel said. He could not predict what he would face in the future, and what Jiang Yingying would encounter when she was with him. So Samuel hoped to let Jiang Yingying enjoy the life that young people should have when there was a chance, instead of being trapped in Hillside Villa every day. It was too unfair for Jiang Yingying to live such a life, except for training and doing housework.

“Brother Samuel, I don’t need to see the outside world. I’ll stay here,” Jiang Yingying said.

As for the matter of Tianqi, Samuel could not disclose it to Jiang Yingying at the moment, and whether he would take Jiang Yingying away or not was still unknown to Samuel now. But if he did not tell her about these things, Jiang Yingying would not know that her freedom now was already a luxury.

“Follow me,” Samuel said.

Jiang Yingying followed Samuel and walked out of the villa.

At dusk, the wind knife on the mountainside cut his face and made him feel a dull pain.

“In the future, I may face a completely different world. If you stay by my side, you are very likely to lose your freedom. That’s why I arranged a job for you in the Sue Group, so that you can enjoy the life you deserve during this period of time. This is definitely not a punishment for you, nor is it because you did something wrong,” Samuel said.

“Brother Samuel, this is a chance for me to repay your kindness. Even if I don’t have freedom, I am willing to do so,” Jiang Yingying said.

“It won’t delay you from paying back your debt of gratitude if you go to work at the Sue family’s company,” Samuel said with a smile.

“But I still need to train. If I go to work at the company, won’t it delay my training?” Jiang Yingying retorted.

“Don’t worry. You work in your own company. Are you afraid of being late and leaving early? I just want you to experience life, not make money to support your family,” Samuel said.

“But I can still experience life here.” Jiang Yingying said stubbornly.

“You don’t even listen to me?” Samuel’s expression became unusually serious, with a hint of anger in it.

Jiang Yingying lowered her head and did not dare to speak.

“I’m only doing this because I don’t want to owe you too much, because there are too many unknown things in the future. If I don’t do this, my conscience won’t be able to go away. Can’t you make my conscience feel a little more comfortable?” Samuel said.

“Brother Samuel, in fact, I can’t choose at all, right?” Jiang Yingying asked weakly.

“Smart.” Samuel smiled. Although it seemed that he forced Jiang Yingying to do this, he believed that Jiang Yingying could experience the company’s life. Hillside Villa was absolutely incomparable. Maybe she would fall in love with the working environment soon.

Of course, after trying it, Jiang Yingying would feel nothing and wanted to go back to Hillside Villa. At that time, Samuel would respect Jiang Yingying’s choice.

“Then I have no choice but to go,” Jiang Yingying said helplessly.

During dinner, Linda brought up the matter of the news again. This matter had already been known by Gina through the mobile phone news, but Han Tianyang and Yan Jun, two old antiques that didn’t play with mobile phones, didn’t know about it.

Hearing this news, Han Tianyang couldn’t help but ask, “Is this person called Albert and Stanford’s name very powerful?”

“Grandpa, Albert and Stanford are two different people.” Linda explained with a smile, “And they are absolute big shots in the field of piano and painting. They are people who stand at the top of the pyramid and stand on the bricks.”

Hearing this explanation, Han Tianyang probably knew the status of these two people. He couldn’t help glancing at Samuel.

It was not strange to have the same name and the same surname, but it was strange that this Han Nian was so powerful.

Samuel smiled and didn’t say anything. If there was no certainty, he wouldn’t say it at the dinner table. However, when Han Tianyang saw his expression, he knew what he should do.

After the meal, Han Tianyang called Samuel to his room.

“The Han Nian in the news is Nian’er, right?” Han Tianyang asked.

In the face of Han Tianyang, who knew about Nangong Boling, Samuel didn’t hide anything and said, “Maybe. Maybe this is a big gift from Nangong Boling to Nian’er.”

Han Tianyang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He said, “This is really a big gift. It directly shocked the world.”

Samuel nodded. Nangong Boling’s action was indeed amazing, but in the eyes of Nangong Boling, according to the Nangong family’s status, it was only a small matter.

“But I’m not sure. After all, I don’t know what Nangong Boling has done. Maybe she just has the same name as me.” Samuel said.

“It’s very likely to happen. Do you have any doubts? Except for him, who else could have done such a thing? Nangong Boling really resorted to all means to please you.” Han Tianyang sighed. He used to be just a pawn of the Nangong family, and even the Nangong family didn’t take him seriously at all.

But now, Samuel’s name was acknowledged by the Hannigan family. Even someone as important as Nangong Boling had no choice but to suck up to him.

“The weight of Tianqi in his heart is something we can’t imagine. And I think he seems to have other purposes,” Samuel said with a frown. Nangong Boling’s desire to bring the Nangong family into Tianqi was too strong, which made him suspect what he wanted to do, not only to raise the status of the Nangong family, but also to the extent that he couldn’t even see a trace of what he wanted.

Han Tianyang nodded his head and agreed with what Samuel had said. After all, people were selfish. Nangong Boling only considered for the Nangong family, so it was not worth paying so much. After all, he could ask the whole Nangong family to change their surname. The price was too high.

“So you have to be careful to deal with such experienced people. If you are not careful, you will fall into the abyss,” Han Tianyang reminded him.

Samuel nodded and said, “Don’t worry, grandpa. I’m not an ant to be played by him.”

“The Hannigan family is really lucky to have such an excellent descendant.” Han Tianyang sighed. If it weren’t for Samuel, the Hannigan family would at most be an aristocratic Hannigan family in Swallow City. Maybe it would have been destroyed by Han Tiansheng long ago.

“Grandpa, this is what I should do. As a member of the Hannigan family, it’s my duty,” Samuel said.

“That’s enough. Go and get some rest. I won’t disturb you and your wedding night,” Han Tianyang said with a smile.

Samuel was not Yvonne. He was not embarrassed by such a topic. After all, they were both adults. Everyone knew what would happen in the bedding of the couple.

“Grandfather, you should rest early too. You have to inspect a few places early tomorrow morning. You must be running around again,” Samuel said.

As for the venue of the Long-day Banquet, after the screening, there were already a few places. However, it was impossible to experience the real situation just by looking at the pictures, so Samuel planned to go and have a look.

Linda had already left. She probably understood that the two of them, who had been separated from each other for a long time, should not be disturbed.

When Samuel and Yvonne returned to their room, he found that Yvonne looked worried, as if she was worrying about something.

“What it is wrong?” Samuel asked.

“Do you think Nian’er will be affected in the future?” Yvonne asked worriedly.

“What kind of affection?” Samuel asked in confusion.

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