Noble Husband At the Door Chapter 1203

Fang Zhan used to be one of the top ten masters of the Tianqi Realm, and no one could replace him to this day. From this point, it was enough to prove Fang Zhan’s strength.

More importantly, Fang Zhan had resolutely withdrawn at that time, and even Elder Yi himself failed to persuade him to stay, which showed that Fang Zhan was extremely determined to retire from the world. Therefore, he was invited to come out of the mountain by Lin Tong, which made Elder Yi very surprised. Even he could not figure out what kind of method Lin Tong had used.

Fang Zhan’s strength was definitely not something Samuel could contend with. He could only die in front of Fang Zhan.

“Don’t tell me you can beat the one I can’t beat?” Samuel said flatly.

“Do you think it’s necessary for me to lie to you?” Elder Yi looked at Samuel with a smile.

Samuel had doubts in his heart. Although he did not know who this old man was, there was no need for him to lie to him about such a thing. However, who in Cloud City could pose a threat to him?

His name suddenly appeared in Samuel’s mind.

Lin Tong!

Han Tiansheng and Ma Yu both mentioned this person. Samuel had never met Lin Tong, he knew that he was against him.

If what the old man said was true, then this person must be Lin Tong.

“Old man, who exactly are you?” Samuel questioned. Since he knew Lin Tong, it meant that his identity must not be simple. He might even know Tianqi.

Elder Yi laughed and said nothing. He had not intended to expose his identity in front of Samuel yet. This time, he came to Cloud City to see what kind of person Samuel was. After all, his strength and character were the most important things in taking in disciples.

“You are a member of the Tianqi. Were you sent by Elder Yi to protect me?” Samuel guessed. The reason why he thought so had something to do with Ma Yu, because when Ma Yu appeared at the critical moment, he was sent by Elder Yi. The identity of this old man in front of him was probably the same as Ma Yu.

Elder Yi nodded his head. Since Samuel thought so, it would save him the trouble of making up his identity. More importantly, even if Samuel would know his true identity, Samuel could not blame him. After all, it was Samuel who made the guess. Could he blame it on him if he guessed wrong?

“Why didn’t Elder Yi show up personally?” Samuel asked.

“Who do you think Elder Yi is? Do you think he can come to see you so casually? Boy, don’t think that you can be arrogant just because Elder Yi wants to take you as a disciple.” Elder Yi said faintly.

“Tsk.” Samuel said disdainfully and said, “Do you really think I’m willing to be his disciple? I haven’t agreed yet.”

Elder Yi secretly gritted his teeth. This guy really didn’t know how lucky he was. There were so many people in Tianqi who wanted to be his apprentice, but they didn’t even have the qualifications. This guy actually didn’t care about it at all.

“Why didn’t you agree to such a good thing?” The old man could not help asking.

“Who knows what kind of person that old man is? What if he is a pervert, and if his character is not good enough? What should I do?” Samuel said.


Elder Yi almost couldn’t help but want to teach Samuel a lesson. This kid actually dared to say that he was a pervert.

However, Elder Yi restrained himself. He didn’t want to expose his identity.

He silently loosened his clenched fists, thinking that this guy would eventually fall into his hands one day. At that time, he would come back and torture him reasonably.

“Back to business. If it weren’t for me, you would have been dead,” Elder Yi said.

“Since you are sent by Elder Yi to help me, do you have to make a condition for me?” Samuel asked.

“Of course.” Elder Yi nodded and said, “If you want me to help you, you can’t do without giving me some benefits.”

“Tell me, how much do you want?” Samuel asked indifferently. He was not short of money. As long as the problem could be solved by money, it would not be a problem. After all, he owned not only the property of the Hannigan family but also the assets of the Nangong family. This was a long string of amazing numbers.

Elder Yi clenched his fists again. He really couldn’t figure out what his image was like in Samuel’s mind. How could he want to bribe him with money?

“I don’t want money,” Elder Yi said.

“If you don’t want money, then what do you want?” Samuel asked in confusion.

Elder Yi smiled, and a very strange smile on his face.

When Yvonne saw this smile, she couldn’t help pulling Samuel’s sleeve and whispering, “I don’t think he has good intentions.”

Yvonne tried to cover it up, but Samuel acted more straightforward. He did not lower his volume at all and said directly, “He doesn’t look like a good person. How could he have any good intentions?”

Elder Yi took a deep breath and tried to control his temper.

If this was in the Tianqi realm, anyone who dared to speak to him like this would have long been finished. Only Samuel could be so unbridled in front of him.

“I want to be Han Nian’s godfather,” said Elder Yi.

“No.” Samuel refused without thinking and said, “How can Nian’er be a nominal granddaughter of such a wretched old thing like you?”

Elder Yi was so angry that he stamped his feet on the spot. “What does he mean by a wretched old thing? His image is comparable to that of an immortal. Why is he so obscene?”

“You… you really want to piss me off.” Elder Yi pointed at Samuel and his hands couldn’t help trembling. He was really on the verge of anger.

“Anyway, it doesn’t work. You can change it to something else,” Samuel said.

Elder Yi did this in order to make his relationship with Samuel tighter. He had also secretly observed Han Nian. Although he could not tell Han Nian’s talent, Elder Yi thought that this little girl would not be easy to deal with when she grew up.

“Forget it, just wait to die. Apart from me, no one can save you.” Elder Yi’s temper also rose, and he was unwilling to compromise at all.

At this time, Yvonne began to worry. He said so absolutely. What if someone really did harm to Samuel and needed his help? She couldn’t watch Samuel die in the hands of others.

“Samuel, why don’t we just agree with him? It’s not a bad thing. What if someone really wants to deal with you?” Yvonne said worriedly.

Samuel knew that if the other party was really found by Lin Tong, his skills would definitely not be ordinary. It was very likely that he was not a match. If this old guy did not show up, perhaps Han Nian’s banquet at the Hundred Sun Banquet would be his death anniversary.

But he really didn’t like this old thing. How could he let Han Nian be his nominal granddaughter?

“My disciple… your wife is reasonable. Without my help, you will die. Such a small request, you’d better agree to it as soon as possible,” Elder Yi said with a smile.

“Why do you want to be Nian’er’s godfather?” Samuel asked.

This made it difficult for Elder Yi, because he could not let Samuel know his thoughts. However, Elder Yi’s brain worked fast, and he instantly thought of an explanation. He said to Samuel, “If you become Elder Yi’s disciple in the future, you will definitely be a big shot in Tianqi. Can’t I find a way to curry favor with you?”

“You’re shameless,” Samuel said disdainfully.

“Then are you willing to accept it?” Elder Yi asked with a smile.

His current goal was nothing more than this. It wouldn’t do any harm to Han Nian, so naturally, Samuel would agree. More importantly, considering the situation, Samuel had no other choice. He couldn’t fight back, so he could only place his hope on the old man.

“I have to die if I don’t agree. How can I not agree?” Samuel compromised.

An unrestrained smile spread across Elder Yi’s face. The anger that had been brooding in his heart just now was instantly vented.

“But there’s one thing I need to make clear to you. I need you to confront him face to face. I’ll only take action when you’re in crisis,” Elder Yi said. Fang Zhan’s arrival this time was also an opportunity for Samuel. To become a strong man, one must have an opportunity to fight with the strong. As one of the top ten masters of the Tianqi realm, Fang Zhan, he would definitely let Samuel understand something.

“I’m not that weak to the point of not daring to make a move,” Samuel said lightly.

Elder Yi nodded. This was what he admired about Samuel. After he learned about Samuel, he found that no matter what kind of opponent Samuel met, he would dare to fight with him. It was also because he was not afraid of strong enemies that he wanted to recruit Samuel as a disciple. After all, what he faced in the Tianqi Realm was not something that ordinary people could bear.

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